Lynne Taylor Donovan, “Sugar Lake” Contemporary Country/Pop Track

Lynne Taylor Donvan

Lynne Taylor Donvan“Sugar Lake” is a contemporary country pop track that easily unites with the dynamic vocals of Lynne Taylor Donavan.  The upbeat and flowing vocals surges through with the bluesy and jazzy guitar and fiddle. The fresh lyrics catches the complex patterns that are so easily expressed by Lynne.  The rhythmic instrumentation and lively vocals interweave and brings forth a brand new country pop flavor.

Lynne’s passionate storytelling style flows with soaring crests and ebbs that is pleasing and endearing to the listener’s ear.  It is the type of track that reverberates in your head and heart, leaving you breathless and consumed. The awesome fiddle infused guitar compliments Lynne’s intricate voice range.  This musical journey is infused with passion and distinct layers of   modern interpretive instrumentation, leaving you fulfilled and transformed.

Based in Canada, Lynne Taylor Donovan is an established international artistic contemporary country singer. She conveys her music in a pure organic form yet with profound musical range and passion; having a definite modern twist with worldwide-appeal.  At the tender age of 16, she had the opportunity to host her own television show in Vancouver, ‘The Lynne Donovan Show’. This marked the beginning of her musical journey which has crossed oceans and continents, making her an international and recognized talented artist.

Lynne, a creative and innovative artist continues to enrich the music scene with fresh, country, pop infused music that appeals to desirous ears. Stay connected to Lynne Taylor Donovan through her Official Website

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Kenny Fame – Soul of a Man (Volume 1) Eclectic Jazz-Rock Infusion


Soul0Kenny Fame international singer, songwriter, poet has a rock, jazzy yet urban mix album ‘Soul of a Man’. The track ‘Ain’t No Biggie’ is a combination reggae and soul, yet with a contemporary blues twist. ‘Broken Valentine’ instrumental reverberates and accentuates lyrics of a broken heart. The lyrics captures a love connection that is one-sided event. The song ‘On the Subway’ the singer captures daily events and personalities encountered on a subway ride. As he watches the riders, his curiosity heightens by envisioning the life’s journey of these riders. ‘She’s a Runner’ a combination of rock, contemporary acoustic guitar that blends with distinctive lyrics depicting lover that refuses to commit. On the track, ‘We Came to Play’ its jazzy rock infused beat stirs the depth of the innermost soul. Definitely easy listening with poignant instrumental selection that easily wraps around your heart, soul, and mindset. An album that encompasses varied genres to entice your inner being.
Listen to Kenny Fame Ain’t No Biggie

Fame is originally from Brooklyn but currently resides in London, UK. His career took off in 2010, after winning a poetry contest at the 10th Annual Black Writers Conference. In 2014, track ‘Artist on the Verge” was selected at the New Music Seminar and he was named Indie Bands Guru. Currently, Fame is a participant in ‘Hard Rock’ competition. Kenny Fame has written for artist Rihanna to One Direction. He has had five #1 songs featured on the Internet Radio. Check Kenny out on his Official Website.

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L’illon Warrior Angel Instrumental – Love Frequency Fresh Pop Music Ecstasy


LOVEFREQUENCY1International singer, songwriter, L’illon recently released ‘Love Frequency” from the Warrior Angel albumL’illon’s Warrior Angel album debuts as the 1st Lucid Pop genre to the public.  ‘Love Frequency” song ‘I Wonder” has a fast-paced tempo that calls your inner being to explode with dynamic energy.  L’illon’s ‘Love Story’ is hot, vibrant, rhythmic, and loving song; which is an inspiration to any listener’s heart. ‘Navigate Me Home’ is an arrangement that both soothes and ignites life, loving, and living. Indeed, ‘Smile Once More’ an   instrumental interlude will make you smile and sway with a loving aura of energy. ‘Untouchable’ has a romantic piano tune that dominates the spirit and quickly draws you into the essence of the song. The compilation of each track embraces a connection to life, living, peace, and love; listeners will be intrigued by the intricate melodies, beats and tempos.  One will come away wanting more of lucid pop flavor.

‘Love Frequency’ is an explicit example of high quality, fresh style of lucid pop.  Washington, D.C. was the birthplace of lucid pop and L’illon is the trailblazer that is giving the public a plethora of this intricate sensual style of music.  Combining a mixture of genres across the decades has birth a dynamic and all-encompassing genre; waiting for the public to take in and flow with. Imagine the syncopation of sounds that will help you reach a harmony and ecstasy of healing, peace, and love through the instrumental sound. Check out additional music, news, and projects by visiting L’illon on her Official Website.

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KickBend “Someday” Single Powerful Vocals and Instrumental


KickBendKickBend international vocalist, musicians, and producers, recently released the single “Someday”, a smooth powerful track evoking an emotional love journey solidify by burst of instrumental interludes. The drums, piano, acoustic and bass guitars intensifies the flow of the song. The raspy-country, yet bluesy vocals frame the setting of the story, love will come, but not today.
KickBend begins with the cello that produces a smooth but ebbing account of emotions. Vocalist soulful voice tells the emotional journey of one searching for love. The intensity of the instrumental interludes builds up to the climax, with electric and acoustic guitar, as well as the drums and piano. The cello smoothly brings “Someday” to its closure. This song demonstrates the crest and ebbs along a journey of love. It makes you want to slow dance, sing, moan, cry, yet it leaves one hopeful.

The track is a powerful yet modern rendition depicting that love is nearby and obtainable. KickBend’s “Someday” was mixed and engineered by Larry Millas at World Stage Studios; mastered by Collin Jordan in The Boiler Room in Chicago. KickBend released “Spin” March 2014 which was engineered and mastered by Erick Nelson Yoder at Horse Drawn Productions in Berwyn, IL. In 2012, KickBend produced “Crumbs” and “Taken” (featured Jessica Robinson); produced by Danny Karabaic at DK Media, mixed by Eric Yoder at Horse Drawn Productions. KickBend’s music style encompasses soul, blues, pop, country and definitely folk. It is a style that internationally people are thirsting for.
Listen to Kick Bend Someday, now streaming on Soundcloud.

Check out more music from KickBend on their Official Website

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Marcelle Noelle The Witching Hour Tantalizes with Soulful Edgy Sounds


MarchanNoelleMARCHAN NOELLE, singer, guitarist, songwriter, recently debuted her album THE WITICHING HOUR (ACOUSTICS), combining blues and acoustic rock sound.  Her soulful but edgy sound tantalizes the ear, leaving you wanting more. Her unique and refreshing sounds enraptures the beat of your heart.

THE WITCHING HOUR is a smooth, sultry rhapsody, easily igniting depth of soul-filled emotions.  The track is a kaleidoscope of blues, indie, and rock that quickly draws in the listener.  THE WITCHING HOUR acoustics evokes the heart- beat, reflecting on each subtle stage of love.  It encompasses passion, hunger, and drive in the vocal and acoustic deliver of Marchan Noelle.  Surely, one will be taken to a passionate haven as they engage in the rhythmic lyrics.

Listen to Marchan Noelle The Witching Hour, Streaming on Soundcloud.

MARCHAN NOELLE is an accomplished singer, guitarist, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She recently released her album THE WITCHING HOUR (ACOUSTIC) at The California Coast Road Trip Tour parallel with 100,000 Poets for Change, fundraised for charitable organizations. The 100,000 Poets for Change blog has chronicled MARCHAN NOELLE’S prolific performances and YouTube videos show many of her performances during the tour. The track from her album Mystery Man was selected featured on the Women of Substance Radio Podcast. In February, it was named 5 in the Top Indie Songs. MARCHAN NOELLE currently performs weekly at the prestigious University City Walk Hollywood. She recently established 2nd Generation, Hippie, LLC. Keep up with her music, news, and business projects by visiting her Marchan Noelle on her Official Website at

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Xavier Toscano “Never Want To Leave” Music Video Unstoppable Energy


xaviertoscanoXavier Toscano is an energetic international gifted singer composer, song-writer who bridges a multi-genre based sound. Xavier has performed in Europe and throughout the United States and is featured on 17 college radio stations, Music Industry Network stations. May 2015, “Never Wanna Leave” was featured on the Keeping Up with the Kardashian. Xavier’s repertoire of talent includes acting in local theater, commercials for top companies, Sony PlayStation, NASCAR, and the list goes on. His energetic upbeat performances powerfully draws his audience in.  Interwoven in Xavier’s track are bands of pop, rock, R & B, definitely disco with an urban rap flair. It is no surprise that he appeals to a multi-generational audience at so many levels. His energy level is contagious and captivating; so unforgettable which leaves an imprint on your heart and soul.

“Never Wanna Leave” track playfully resonates in your head drawing you in to hear it, sing it, and move with it.  Definitely a track to add to your favorite top ten playlist, one that will keep you dancing and moving.  Xavier has written a fresh popping dance beat with a hint of old school disco 21st century style. This track will be heard from college campuses to dance floor clubs. It delivers unstoppable energy with an awesome set of lyrics.

Watch Xavier Toscano Perform Never Want to Leave

Xavier is an artist with CBM Records, LLC . Check out more music and projects at his Official Website at

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Hooyoosay Wrong Kind of People EP Fresh Indie Pop Sounds


3100838If you have grown weary from the sounds of commercial pop music, then Indie is one of the best routes for discovering fresh pressed music. What started as a fun collaboration between friends evolved into a dynamic band known as hooyoosay. The band just released their latest EP, ‘The Wrong Kind of People’, an upbeat alloy of rock, Euro-pop, and country-infused numbers that showcase the band’s eclectic style and flair for the unconventional.

‘The Wrong Kind of People’ takes a satirical approach to music, delivering meaningful lyrical content through the EP’s 4 entertaining songs. Numbers like the title track “The Wrong Kind of People” deliver feel-good vibrations and playful melodies while blending classic rock and doo-wop styles. After an uplifting journey into the world of indie sounds, fans will enjoy “Illusions at Work”, an instrumental arrangement with distinct piano melodies, harmonicas and heartwarming sequences.

Driving rock rhythms bring “The Wrong Kind of Hello” to life while amusing listeners with catchy chords and quirky lyrics. Something about ‘The Wrong Kind of People’ seems very right as the lyrics move and elevate. Fans of country music will fancy the sounds on “The Right Kind of Friend”, another catchy number with festive riffs and down-home charm.

With a name as individual as their sound hooyoosay describes their collaboration as “no credits, no gigs” as the band records songs for the fun of it, making their material available popular digital stops such as iTunes and Amazon. hooyoosay’s work has evolved into an ongoing project. The band’s style encompasses guitar pop, classic rock, r&b, acoustic, indie pop, vintage pop, cover songs, and so much more. Rick Jamm from JamSphere described hooyoosay’s earlier work as being “all grown up, warm, wonderful, and acerbic music”. Learn more about the band by visiting their official website at


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Alex Alexander She’s a Dynamite Lights Up the Music Scene


AlexAlexanderMove over One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer and make way for Alex Alexander, a Swedish pop-rock, electronic sensation that is making international waves across the industry. Alex’s latest release fresh off the cut is “She’s a Dynamite”, a single that is sure to have all the girls swooning and screaming his name. Alex Alexander has delivered a quintessential pop hit with all of the makings of a timeless summer anthem.

With stunning looks and vocal chords to boot, Alex gives a powerful performance with phenomenal octaves and radiant energy. Driving pop-rock rhythms push “She’s a Dynamite” into overdrive as synth-infused beats could not be more appropriate for this generation’s dance-crazed music lovers.  Alex delivers adorable lyrics, sure to make any gal’s heart melt while a catchy chorus demands to be chanted.

“She’s a Dynamite” has all of the makings of an international chart topper and Top40 dominator. A clean production presents appropriate elements ripe for the season while the lyrical content is a refreshing burst of carefree energy. The single is an entertaining listen with plenty of dance appeal that touches a wide audience. “She’s a Dynamite” is the perfect soundtrack for a sizzling hot summer, a fun night out, or a custom playlist for that special girl.

Having traveled the world as a solo artist and guitarist since the age of 19, Swedish music sensation Alex Alexander, was described by Guitar Experience as being “one of the best young guitarist right now!”. The award-winning artist has performed all over the world in places such as Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Alex who is affectionately known by some in the industry as “AA”, has been featured on Sveriges National Radio P3 and P4, he has appeared as an actor in film and television productions, and has been featured as model on billboard campaigns.

Alex Alexander not only ranked #6 on Grammy-nominated Al Walser’s Weekly Top 20 Countdown but he was voted as one of the Top 50 Hottest Guys in Scandinavian Pop Music in 2015. “She’s Dynamite,” Alex’s first single is available in over 600 stores worldwide including iTunes and Spotify. Learn more about Alex Alexander by visiting his Official Website at


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Ando Gro ‘Palace Rainbow’ Single Moving Folk Song with Timeless Edge


HALF_LIFE_FULLSIZEAndo Gro is an international charismatic singer, songwriter, band leader recently released his single “Palace Rainbow”, a fresh folk style track with an enriched filled vocal message accompanied by moving guitar and instrumental intensity. Ando’s emotional message easily draws the listener in with the easy, yet intense layers that flow within the track. It projects and easy connection for the listener with life’s ebbs and flows captured through vocalist visualization and presentation of this track.

“Palace Rainbow” is a classy, but edgy layered folk track that has timeless multi-generational appeal. Ando Gro is a Denver, Colorado based singer, songwriter that has a dynamic international appeal. His career has evolved over a two decade span, including touring and sharing the stage with Acoustic Hookah, Fat Mama (featuring group members of Further), and Jerry Jones. He has worked with the well-renowned producer Bell Thomas (George Clinton, Haze Miller) He has written and collaborated with a host of Nashville established and novice artists. His vast talent, knowledge, both professional and personal experiences have inspired his journey to his forthcoming album ‘Half Life’, scheduled to be released August 27th, 2015. Every listener will find a connection, a groove, a message at some level throughout the track.

Listen to Ando Gro Palace Rainbows Streaming on Soundcloud

Having played music since the young age of 12, Ando has had an extensive journey with the creative. After facing several challenges and being uprooted due to massive flooding that destroyed his home and displaced his family, music became an instrument by which Ando was ale to cope and find respite. About his upcoming release Half Life Ando says, “all of this loss created the atmosphere and content for the album”. Keep an ear out for Ando Gro’s upcoming CD Release Half Life due out August 27th, 2015. Learn more about Ando Gro Music by visiting his official website at

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Titus G. Productions A Clockwork Red ([TRAP]PED in the 90s) Timeless Treasures Revisited

TitusG Trapped

TitusG TrappedThe sounds of the 90s often rouse up moments of nostalgia for music lovers who adored the distinct nuances that defined one of the most instrumental eras of all time. Capturing all of those moments into another inspirational collective, Titus G. Productions has released ‘A Clockwork Red ([TRAP]PED in the 90s)’. The release is one that will provide mood music while exploring intricate instrumentals and eclectic electronic layers.

A Clockwork Red is a virtual timepiece that utilizes creativity in a technologically advanced space to express various angles of influence. Titus G. Productions, a multi-dimensional force in music never ceases to reach beyond unwritten boundaries to deliver innovative creations for global consumption. The record revisits the timeless and treasured sounds of an era where individuality reigned and conformity was non-existent. Delving into what makes this track more than just an easy listen, will reveal a series of complexities that can be appreciated by those with a true affinity for music.

Titus’ production creates a multi-faceted journey through upbeat instrumentals and atmospheric waves, changing tempos, and varied pitches. Contrasting moods and differing emotions are evident through the execution of the number which, provides fascinating ambiance and quirky sequences. Hollowed out chords hunt the mix while distinct tonal changes alter the listening environment. Ambient waves abound as cinematic soundscapes illustrate a picturesque instrumental musing.

Half way through A Clockwork Red, time advances into a darker experience, accented by dubstep-infused elements and dramatic melodies. A robust composition that encompasses early reflections and modern prowess, the track proves to be a cutting-edge balance between massive appeal and distinctively individual.

Listen to Titus G. A Clockwork Red ([TRAP]PED] in the 90s)

Since 2004, Titus G. Productions has been creating great music for the world. The American producer’s work covers the scope of alternative, acoustic, ambient, chamber music, electronica, hip hop, new age, orchestral, piano, pop, R&B, soul, and soundscapes. Listen to more original music from Titus G. Productions on his Official Website.

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