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The Safety Word Neon Palms Album-The Definitive Sonic Escape

‘Neon Palms’ Album from Electronic Duo The Safety Word

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Melbourne, Australia electronic pop duo The Safety Word released their latest album, ‘Neon Palms’ to an eager global audience. The project, which the band has described as “an exciting album of sonic surprises…” is the culmination of a challenging artistic endeavor and journey to creative discovery for Music Producer Simon Quinn. 

Electronic music fans will appreciate the escape from trying times while delving into the sounds of The Safety Word. Nothing short of cinematic, ‘Neon Palms’ consists of 11 epic soundscapes, lush for lofi vibing. Delivering atmospheric waves and dreamy melodies, ‘Neon Palms’ is just as much mind-bending as it is soul-stirring. The collective body of work will certainly appeal to a wide audience of listeners as interwoven within the fibers of the music are a multitude of popular genres. Even with instrumental elements familiar to the discerning ear, ‘Neon Palms’ is remarkably original. The album stands out with flawless distinction. 

Listeners will find that The Safety Word has delivered a highly relatable experience through sounds. Bringing forward the artistic prowess that most often transcends time, The Safety Word speaks to those that dial in with certain confidence as heard through each sonic layer. 

The album opens up with Neon Palms,’ a dramatic and melodic production with resounding waves, powerful synths, and dreamy instrumentals. Although the track has a melancholy vibe, it delivers epic build-ups that somehow provide a bit of warmth and a glimpse of hope. 

The album progresses with a catchy mix of instrumentals on ‘Golden Line’, a heavy production that fuses a mash-up of sounds, including audio bytes, hip hop beats, and funk. ‘Golden Line’ is righteously modern but gives off some throwback nuances. 

The Safety Word showcases a sweeping sea of creativity on ‘Neon Palms’. The collective presents a diverse arrangement of sounds that convey a firm pulse on innovation and postmodern waves. The album morphs throughout its entire performance, offering something different for every type of music listener. From the soulful sounds found on “Four Square” to the thoughtful moments articulated through sharp melodies on “Gravity,” listeners will surely be drawn into a memorable experience. 

One example of the diversity found on ‘Neon Palms’ is evident in the smooth transition between tracks “Limitless” and “Cloud City.” The two productions are strikingly different with contrasting sound factors, but the band arranged the mixes on the album with a seamless transformation worth noting. “Limitless” is a downtempo mix with lingering synths, relaxed melodies, and chill beats. In contrast, “Cloud City” has a lighter vibration with playful themes and pop elements. “Cloud City” is an uplifting track that draws listeners into their very own happy place. 

‘Neon Palms’ sends directly to listeners a series of dynamic tracks that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, beckoning fans new and old for a rewind. “Forgotten Mirage” is one such expression that will linger on like an old-fashioned love song, a timeless piece tangled with expressive synths that entrance the listener. Following “Forgotten Mirage,” listeners will fall into “Floating Through Goodbye”, a gritty production with distorted synths, r&b rhythms, and haunting electronic elements. There is a futuristic feel to “Floating Through Goodbye” that sweeps listeners off into another galaxy, or so it seems. 

‘Neon Palms’ begins a dramatic descent into a more profound realm as it winds down with “Valley of Broken Dreams,” noted as an album favorite on Apple Music. It is no wonder the track ranks high as it gives off a breath of Western ambiance, transporting listeners along a proverbial dusty road. As the perfect pivot to “Random Acts of Kindness,” “Valley of Broken Dreams” concludes. Listeners return to experience soft electronic synths, and the fleeting but vibrant, earthy sounds heard in the earlier titled track “Neon Palms’; listeners are ultimately taken full-circle on this incredible sonic quest. In a surprising twist, “End Show” wraps the album with a chilling impression of contorted synths, dark hip hop beats, and fading waves that eventually dissipate, leaving listeners wondering, what’s next?

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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, The Safety Word are an electronic duo famed for their distinct sound which has been inspired by styles such as dream pop, chillwave and trip-hop. The band is a collaboration between John Rousvanis (vocals/electric guitar) and Simon Quinn (laptop/keys). Music by The Safety Word has been described as “downtempo electronica with a twist of trip-hop and future R&B.” ( ‘Neon Palms’ is the latest album release from the electronic music duo which is now available on streaming platforms. 

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