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J.W. Schuller “Caterpillars” from Album No Mud in Joyville


Indie folk melodies abound on “Caterpillars”, the most recent music release by musician J.W. Schuller. “Caterpillars” is an invigorating splash of fast-paced guitar chords and jazzy horns. The song contains many of the familiar elements of folk, Americana, and rock, but emerges as its own unique personality.

J.W. Schuller gives an imaginative performance on “Caterpillars” where fans are engrossed in a wide-range of layers which are illustrated vocally by intricate songwriting. The song lyrics are truly exhilarating and often playful. There is a distinct youthful energy conveyed through clever metaphors found within the verses and chorus. J.W. Schuller brings to life a stunning canvas through sound.

“Caterpillars” is an uplifting song that inspires hope and arouses the spirit, as J.W. sings “we could be butterflies”. The song tells a fascinating story while entertaining fans with feel-good rhythms though somber moments are palpable throughout the song. J.W. “Caterpillars” could easily be the soundtrack to a quirky teen indie film or dramedy (think Juno or Lady Bird).  The song is a coming of age story that is rich in details which are easy to relate to.

J.W. Schuller’s artform is comparable to none although the musician cites influences such as Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams just to name a few. Music lovers who may not have forayed into the sounds of indie folk will be pleased to get acquainted with J.W. Schuller.

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Indie folk rock musician J.W. Schuller discovered music at the age of 12 after picking up his older sister’s six-string guitar. After realizing his passion for the craft, J.W. started playing with various indie rock bands including U Joint. The Minnesota-based musician by way of Boulder, CO later picked up the acoustic guitar and volunteered at nursing homes entertaining seniors. J.W. performed for this unique audience for about 5 years before undertaking other endeavors.

Currently, the artist who said that seniors were “great listeners and surprisingly good hecklers” (, plays alongside his nephew Jens Larsen who performs backing vocals and drums. “Caterpillars” is the second release from the musician’s upcoming album ‘No Mud in Joyville’ scheduled to be released January 5, 2018 Learn more about J.W. Schuller music by following the links below.


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