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Artdayn Jenny Single Release


Artdayn channels Michael Jackson in “Jenny” his most recent music release which includes a nostalgic vibe often experienced through artists such as Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. “Jenny” is a fascinating, synth-centered production with intense percussive waves and exuberant melodies. Artdayn once again reinvents himself as an artist while entertaining fans with an energetic performance.

“Jenny” is tough to categorize into a particular genre and it’s sound though, reminiscent to early pop rock, cannot be compared to anything that is currently rendering sound throughout the musicscape. Artdayn distinguishes himself from other artists effectively by creating an original sound and style that is both modern and avant garde.

Artdayn offers fans a great deal of dramatic irony in “Jenny” which is an adoring song that delivers relatable lyrical content. The song includes descriptive verses, intricate storytelling and a fun chorus. Listeners will be able to sense the realism in the track as it will strike a personal chord while having to engage with a body of work that is coming from a very introspective point of view.

“Jenny” exudes retro vibes but it is also incredibly current and the song’s sound and message are timeless in an arena where many artists sound exactly the same. It is always a wonderful experience when you can encounter an artist that breaks away from the norm, one who is not afraid to be original and experiment with a wide range of genres while sharing their own innerworkings. Today, it is nearly impossible for any artist to survive without having the flexibility to morph their sound into different dimensions. Artdayn is clearly leaving his mark and the world eagerly awaits.

Listen to Artdayn Perform “Jenny”


Artdayn is a singer, songwriter and visual artist. He has been writing and composing music for over a year and a half and is quickly gaining notoriety and has been featured in several publications and news stories about his rise to stardom. Artdayn is a multi-talented and diverse artist whose repertoire of performance covers the genres of pop, rock, R&B and rap music.  If you enjoy synth-pop, EDM, rock, and retro pop, you will love the sounds of Artdayn. Look for Artdayn’s music on all of the top digital music stores. Learn more about the artist dubbed as the “Singing Uber Driver” by following the links below.


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