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About Me


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Every since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed in color. In my experience, life is a series of seasons adorned with some fond memories and others not so much. Creativity and imagination have led me along a unique path of which I am most grateful to have experienced. Fitting in is not an option, I believe that at the end of the day it is about having the courage to stand out, to use your voice and your gifts to make the world as beautiful as you want it to be.

“Glitter and Stilettos” represents those who are not afraid to shine, it pays homage to those individuals that rise above the norm to soar despite non-believers. “Glitter and Stilettos” demonstrates style, sophistication and the freedom to be original. On this independent music, fashion, and lifestyle blog, you will get a glimpse into the sights, sounds, and fashions that make the world spin in a whole new direction.

Here we will discover the brightest stars while revealing the unconventional, the rule-breakers, the misfits who simply don’t care who is watching. Here is where you will meet ground-breaking creators who are doing “it” for love, surviving because of the need, and driven because of the passion.

In this realm, music connects the farthest reaches of the earth, culture inspires, and fashion is an ice-breaker. Tucked away from mundane, Glitter and Stilettos is helping the most quiet of voices be heard, the newest of brands emerge, and the most beautiful of talents be seen.






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