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Titus G. Productions A Clockwork Red ([TRAP]PED in the 90s) Timeless Treasures Revisited

TitusG TrappedThe sounds of the 90s often rouse up moments of nostalgia for music lovers who adored the distinct nuances that defined one of the most instrumental eras of all time. Capturing all of those moments into another inspirational collective, Titus G. Productions has released ‘A Clockwork Red ([TRAP]PED in the 90s)’. The release is one that will provide mood music while exploring intricate instrumentals and eclectic electronic layers.

A Clockwork Red is a virtual timepiece that utilizes creativity in a technologically advanced space to express various angles of influence. Titus G. Productions, a multi-dimensional force in music never ceases to reach beyond unwritten boundaries to deliver innovative creations for global consumption. The record revisits the timeless and treasured sounds of an era where individuality reigned and conformity was non-existent. Delving into what makes this track more than just an easy listen, will reveal a series of complexities that can be appreciated by those with a true affinity for music.

Titus’ production creates a multi-faceted journey through upbeat instrumentals and atmospheric waves, changing tempos, and varied pitches. Contrasting moods and differing emotions are evident through the execution of the number which, provides fascinating ambiance and quirky sequences. Hollowed out chords hunt the mix while distinct tonal changes alter the listening environment. Ambient waves abound as cinematic soundscapes illustrate a picturesque instrumental musing.

Half way through A Clockwork Red, time advances into a darker experience, accented by dubstep-infused elements and dramatic melodies. A robust composition that encompasses early reflections and modern prowess, the track proves to be a cutting-edge balance between massive appeal and distinctively individual.

Listen to Titus G. A Clockwork Red ([TRAP]PED] in the 90s)

Since 2004, Titus G. Productions has been creating great music for the world. The American producer’s work covers the scope of alternative, acoustic, ambient, chamber music, electronica, hip hop, new age, orchestral, piano, pop, R&B, soul, and soundscapes. Listen to more original music from Titus G. Productions on his Official Website.

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