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LaMenga “Need Love” Single An International Anthem with Soul

NEED_LOVE_Single_CoverInternational singer, songwriter, and producer LaMenga recently released her single ‘NEED LOVE’, a silky-smooth jam with soulful harmonies and funky dance rhythms. The pop, funk, and soul-infused track pushes you to the edge of the dance floor as LaMenga’s powerful R&B vocals take hold. It is no wonder, LaMenga, through her extensive career has circled the globe creating remarkable hits and defining moments as a pioneering artist.

‘NEED LOVE’ is a new classic that breathes timeless appeal, a symphony to the ear, and music for the soul.  LaMenga’s number is reminiscent to those performed by groups such as En Vogue and Brownstone with a modern esprit. The track places you directly in the audience as the crowd roars for the ravishing sounds that have since been hard to discover. LaMenga delivers upbeat, refreshing lyrical content that is fun and energetic. This is a feel good song that as the songstress belts, “brings the house down”.  LaMenga brings the party to life, uplifts spirits and has something positive to say; the world is listening. In regards to her latest anthem, LaMenga says, “I write and perform songs about strength in tough times, inspiration for those that need it and journeys through life”. The international star goes on to say, “with the release of ‘NEED LOVE’, I hope every listener will be inspired to imagine love without boundaries!”

Listen to LaMenga ‘NEED LOVE’, streaming on Soundcloud

LaMenga Kafi is an international powerhouse and award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and publisher. Launching into the music industry, LaMenga got her start with a notable performance at the historic Apollo Theatre in New York; LaMenga was managed by Jack Ponti (former manager of Bon Jovi). She went on to ink deals with world-renowned labels Interscope and Warner Bros. Under the guidance of Ponti, LaMenga went on to write songs for artists such as Anastacia, Blackstreet, Boys II Men, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Teddy Riley, 702, Temptations, BOA, No Angels, and many others. Her work in voice, production, and songwriting has garnered over 15 million sales across the globe. LaMenga has also been the voice behind marketing and advertising campaigns for popular brands such as V8, Pringles, Slimfast, Dark & Lovely, and Crystal Light just to name a few.

LaMenga recently released ‘NEED LOVE’, her latest single which has covered international ground in countries such as Australia, Germany, Sweden, UK, Canada, Japan and the United States. The release was produced by LaMenga and Eran Tabib and has been remixed by DJs around the world. ‘NEED LOVE’ can now be purchased through your favorite digital music outlets Spotify, iTunes, Rhapsody, Beatport, Google Play and over 200 retailers worldwide. Check out more music, news, film projects and more by visiting LaMenga on her Official Website

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