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Oh Well Insomnia

Chicago-based EDM collective, Oh Well recently released ‘Insomnia’, an EP. ‘Insomnia’ is an artistic work that delivers powerful songwriting content and emotional waves. The EP not only provides listeners with fascinating instrumentals, but it also has a theatrical appeal. Oh Well brings a sound that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

“Life is Better Online” is the first track on Oh Well’s ‘Insomnia’. The performance takes control of listeners with ambient phrases from start to finish. From light melodies to dark dubs, the track has a very emotional feel. “There is no reason to unplug, when life is better online” is one of many thought-provoking lyrics performed on the song. Listeners can certainly feel the strength of this track. Oh Well makes it clear that there is more to EDM than intoxicating instrumentals, within the music lies a relatable message.”

The second cut on ‘Insomnia’ is the entertaining “Blindfolds Off”. The anticipation will be high as this track opens with soundbites from U.S. President Donald Trump. The song combines so many fantastic elements including epic synths and dark distortions. “Blindfolds Off” is a unique performance unto itself; the song reaches into the mind with deliberate songwriting. Peeling back the layers on the song is quite entertaining as there are just so many to explore as you hear Trump say “sorry!” throughout the entire performance. Fans cannot help but to take pleasure in the modern references and unique use of sound effects employed to make “Blindfolds Off” an original listen.

The EP title track “Insomnia” is a groovy track with an enjoyable listening experience for fans to absorb. “Insomnia” has a rare upbeat feel when compared to the lyrical content. The performance, which sends chills up and down the psyche is certainly a win for Oh Well and a highlight on the EP. What fans will enjoy are the festive beats, aggy energy and funky vibes.

‘Insomnia’ closes out with “Moving On”, another artistic production that showcases Oh Well’s prowess. Performing at a slower tempo, the energy on “Moving On” takes a more laidback approach as the track incorporated dramatic synths, distorted elements and haunting digital effects. A lengthly breath with pure instrumentals and piano melodies give way to a series of inspiring lyrics…”I’m moving on, I’m giving up, I’m doing everything you’re not”. Oh Well delivers a strong finish on a righteous project that is worth adding to your playlist.

The latest EP by Oh Well is a fun listen with an original sound. Every song on ‘Insomnia” delivers a unique vibe and relevant message. Not only will fans enjoy rocking out to the tracks on the project, but they might just fast rewind with a little more perspective. We are wide awake on Oh Well’s ‘Insomnia’ as this is the type of project that you won’t want to sleep on. Listen to Oh Well ‘Insomnia’, now streaming on Spotify.

Listen to Oh Well Insomnia on Spotify

‘Insomnia’ is the latest EP release from Oh Well, a Chicago-based artistic endeavor recognized as a one-piece progressive EDM project. The content embedded within the creative expression on the EP deals with none other than insomnia. Accompanying the release is a visual work in the form of video that explores “frustration and anxiety” associated with trying to sleep. ‘Insomnia’ is currently streaming on all of the major digital music platforms to include: Spotify and Apple Music to name a few. Follow the links below and connect with Oh Well on IG to stay up to date on the latest music releases.

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