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King Femi Live To Ball

Atlanta artist King Femi just released “Live To Ball”, a new rap record now streaming across the music scope. The track yields a slow-tempo production with carefully crafted bars and a chant-worthy hook. “Live To Ball” is the ultimate kickback soundtrack likely to resonate with younger music fans who love the sounds of late artist Lil Peep and company. Embodying what’s current in music today, King Femi has the makings of a viral artist poised to garner more than a few nods.

“Live To Ball” is a fun listen that could easily stream mainstream radio. While handling the standard recipe for alternative rap, King Femi gives a modern spin and touches a vast audience with the greatest of ease. The artist reaches what is popping and clearly knows how to catch an ear.

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Based in Atlanta, GA, King Femi is a rap artist known for “undulating beats” and “silky vibes”. The artist reaches a wide audience to include Millennials and Gen Z hip hop heads. His latest release “Live To Ball” is a simple track that delivers a fun listening experience, appealing to hardcore hip hop lovers and the chance music fiend as well. “Live To Ball” is currently streaming on all major digital music platforms. Follow the links below to connect with this artist.

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