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YellaCatt The Wild One EP

Daniella White who goes by the moniker YellaCatt has just released ‘The Wild One’ a salacious EP filled with sultry vocals, infectious instrumentals and savage lyrics. ‘The Wild One’ is a much needed girl-power project centered of strength, unapologetic sexuality and taking control.

The first song on ‘The Wild One’ is “Super Power Pussy” a lush mix with lusty lyrics and enticing rhythms. YellaCatt struts across this production with cutting lyrics and easy flows inspiring women with every single word. YellaCatt is giving some Lady Gaga vibes on “Super Power Pussy” and we’re all for it. One of the most powerful messages on the song is “Love yourself, baby be that queen”, this has been noted.

“Wild Horse” is the second track on the EP. YellaCatt delivers more steamy lyrics for fans who will be drawn into her addictive style. The artist has a beautiful voice and showcases unfiltered confidence throughout “Wild Horse”. The song is a revealing one that listeners will relate to. It is clear who is taking the reins, and it is without a doubt YellaCatt.

YellaCatt teams up with Jonny Joon on “Dragoness” a slow-tempo production with an international appeal. The songstress takes listeners on a unique escapade with ambient waves, hollow beats and lingering melodies. “Dragoness” is a moody performance with textured elements that are unmistakable. There is a foreign feel to the track which makes it even more fascinating by the song’s finish.

‘The Wild One’ finishes up with “Lightning Strikes”, a song with a catchy bass line and funky vocals. YellaCatt serves up soulful vocals and bold lyrics. Fans will love the vibe on “Lightning Strikes” as it performs like a dark club hit.

YellaCatt gives an unblemished performance on ‘The Wild One’. The EP offers a variety of sounds throughout its 4 distinct tracks while inspiring fans to get down, dirty and free without a care in the world. ‘The Wild One’ is a project that is smooth to swallow and even easier to digest, a must add to your party playlist. Listen to YellaCatt ‘The Wild One’ EP on Spotify.

Listen to YellaCatt The Wild One EP on Spotify

Daniella White, who goes by the stage name of YellaCatt discovered music as a youngster. Influenced by a myriad of music genres including: rock, blues, electronica and the sounds of India and Persia, she is a multi-talented creative on the rise. Inspired by nature, mythology, the feminine form and also mysticism, YellaCatt embodies pure artistry and expresses her vibrations in various forms. The singer, who is also a visual artist and headpiece designer created “The Plumed Serpent” her own headdress. Adding to her list of capabilities, YellaCatt is recognized as a clairvoyant, reiki master and sound healer. Learn more about YellaCatt by following her on IG and Facebook. Follow the links below to stay connected and receive updates on what’s new from the artist.

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