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LVSTNIGHT EP Last Night Was Hell

Rapper LVSTNIGHT just dropped his latest EP titled “Last Night Was Hell”. The rated-explicit EP is next in a line of dark and eclectic productions to fire up the music sphere. LVSTNIGHT has a rare sound that cannot be compared to any artist of this time which is a nod to his innovation. Consisting of 8 tracks, “Last Night Was Hell” is worth a listen.

The first track on LVSTNIGHT’s EP is “Hate Me” , a quick introduction punctuated with distorted bass and speedy synths. LVSTNIGHT’s lyrical flow develops and early addiction which is a nice way to welcome listeners into the project’s upcoming tracks.

“Vogue” is an ambient sounding production that is laced in hard-hitting metaphors and uptempo word play. LVSTNIGHT holds nothing back for the imagination as he takes fans on a distinct route through his aspirations without reserve.

The next track on the EP is “10 Hiii” another ethereal-wrapped track with deep pounding bass and dark melodies. “10 Hiii” is the zone where LVSTNIGHT addresses haters directly with reckless abandon and it’s evident that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. “10 Hiii” flexes hard on fans and it’s sure to be a keeper.

“Lock Jaw” is another short interlude that takes a darker path. Beyond the moody feeling essence of this track, “Lock Jaw” is another raw production that holds no bars.

The haunting ambiance continues on the heavy track, “Dead”. Using vivid images spoken through lingering bars, LVSTNIGHT entertains fans with fascinating wordplay peeking in and out of the track. Through the lyrics, listeners get a better understanding of what the artist has gone through to achieve his current success and it is a story worth hearing.

Fans get a deeper glimpse into various perspectives on the track “Yellow Pills” which is a timely track with vocal distortions and darker beats. LVSTNIGHT takes a different approach on this performance in which he blends some singing with rapping for a captivating sounding track.

The EP begins to wind down with “Potion” and “Demons” two additionally strong productions on the project. “Potion” is another modern production with trap conventions. “Last Night Was Hell” is the drug and LVSTNIGHT is the remedy.

“Demons”, the final cut on the EP leave fans with an altered angle. The track exudes darkness with chilling ad libs and hair-raising ambiance. “LVSTNIGHT” plays with graphic details to express his quest which fans will respect.

LVSTNIGHT is a distinct artist that has clearly cut his own slice of the hip-hop cake. “Last Night Was Hell” is a dark production not to be misunderstood. The lyrical content on the EP is rich and shares a powerful tale. Fans will find a few tracks fit for the mainstream but it’s clear that “Last Night Was Hell” is quintessential underground.

Listen to LVSTNIGHT “Last Night Was Hell” on Spotify

LVSTNIGHT is a rap artist known for creating bangers, heavy-hitters and emotional tracks. His latest EP “Last Night Was Hell” is a moody production that tangles with the dark side. Showcasing his lyrical skills, there is no denying that the Montana-based rapper is headed to the top. Look for “Last Night Was Hell” on all of the leading digital music platforms. Follow the artist on IG and Twitter to stay in the loop. Follow the links below for more information about LVSTNIGHT.

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