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Kamryn Marie Under Control EP

A Party that Never Ends

Recording artist Kamryn Marie just released her new EP ‘Under Control’. Karmryn brings the party to life with intoxicating tracks that keep fans moving and feeling uplifted. The songstress performs smooth vocals, with youthful vibrance and inspiring presence.

The first track on the EP which consists of 6 songs is “Somebody with a Broken Heart” an upbeat pop performance featuring NIGHTBREAKERS. The track is a fast-paced production with sweet vocals and a festive musical score despite its feely songwriting content.

Rock ambiance abounds on “One More Hi” a cutting-edge track with a fusion of electronic elements and classic stylings. “One More Hi” is a high-energy song in which Kamryn commands listeners with a stunning vocal performance. Funky guitar riffs and catchy synths will make this song a fan favorite. Kamryn is looking ahead and so are we.

Kamryn slows down the tempo half-way through the EP on the track, “Goodbye for Now”. This production delivers soft vocals, unique electronic distortions and soulful vibrations. Kamryn gives a dreamy performance which encompasses powerful songwriting and moving lyrics.

Fans will embrace the bold attitude on display on ‘Under Control’. “Taking Chances” a coming of age song is a pop lovers dream with beautiful harmonies and poetic musings. Driving beats and stretchy synths make this song stick close to the mind. “Taking Chances” is hip, timely but also meaningful.

The melodic song “Behave” is another infectious tune that is sure to remain with listeners who get the feels for a good EDM/pop fusion. Kamryn’s vocals are without flaw as performed on the previous songs. “Behave” is an empowering song that…takes control.

‘Under Control’ churns down with “P.D.F.” an explicit track that gets straight to the point, with no strings attached. Kamryn lets fans know why she’s arrived to the party and exactly what she expects to leave with. “P.D.F” is an ode to our 20s and we are all for it, and I oop!

Kamryn Marie is here to party and ‘Under Control’ does exactly that. The EP is a dope collection of EDM music with some rock and country nuances and a splash of R&B. Kamryn’s voice is pure pop goodness and the ‘Under Control’ will have listeners under her spell.

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Hailing from D.C., Kamryn Marie is a pop singer and songwriter who captivates her fans with her bright artistry and alluring personality. Delivering authenticity never before seen, her work consists of a unique fusion between EDM, country flavor and lusty ballads. Kamryn is known for being original and keeping it real which is why fans relate to her music. Kamryn Marie has released a total of 7 singles and one complete album titled ‘As Is’. ‘Under Control’ is Kamryn’s latest endeavor and it is currently streaming on all major digital music platforms. Follow the links below to keep up with Kamryn Marie.

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