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Worldwide Groove Corporation New Release Until I Have You

wwgcElectro powerhouse duo Worldwide Groove Corporation is taking breaths away one note at a time with the release of their latest song “Until I Have You”. If you have fallen asleep to the tune of mundane pop tracks boasting the usual hip hop bass-lines, then you must awaken to the sounds of WGC. Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift, each one-half of the Nashville-based music sensation is poised for global domination with their captivating original sounds.

“Until I Have You” is a song that immediately garners attention as it opens with expressive synths and a dark, sultry rhythm. Soulful vocals are soon to follow as Ellen delivers a distinguished performance with stunning range. Thunderous instrumentals roar in the background as the percussion kicks out an infectious series of beats. Gritty guitars electrify the track with an edgy-rock feel as emotional lyrics tell a powerful story, “I cannot rest until I have you”, the chorus resounds.

The fusion of avant garde compositions, an epic theatrical feel, and dark ambiance make “Until I Have You” an unforgettable listening experience that appeals to a vast audience. Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift demonstrate exquisite musicianship while delivering a polished electronic sound. The song is wildly original and extremely modern, leaping outside the boundaries of popular music with striking innovation. “Until I Have You” places you in the scene of a 007 film much like Adele’s  2012 “Skyfall”.

Listen to the sounds of World Wide Groove Corporation on their latest release “Until I Have You”.

Ellen Tift and Kurt Goebel, the duo that makes up Worldwide Groove Corporation met while attending the University of Miami, both pursuing Master of Music degrees in Writing and Production. Collaborating on several compositions and music productions, their work has been featured on national TV, advertising campaigns and on the popular shows Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill just to name a few. Artists such as Third Day and Plumb have featured Word Wide Corporation’s arrangements as well as many other industry names across the world. The pair who cites influences such as Sia, Beck, Coldplay, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Jackson, Journey, Icona Pop, Bruce Hornsby, David Foster, Bryan Adams, and many others, topped Sirius XM chill station charts with the release of their instrumental “Smoke & Mirrors”.

Individually, the talented musicians have also garnered acclaim for their award-winning productions with national and international acts. Ellen, an accomplished singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer was recognized by the 8th Billboard Song Contest for her original big band song “Anyway” where took home 3rd place. She joined CMT’s show “Score” as a songwriter in 2004 and in 2010 executive produced the benefit CD compilation ‘For Nashville: For Haiti’.

Kurt Goebel got an early start in music at the age of 6. At just 14, he began performing live with a local band in Illinois. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Music degree, and composing for a gaming company, Kurt ventured to Nashville where he became a full-time composer and producer. International brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Samsung, Toyota, and Olay have utilized Kurt’s compositions for their famous advertising campaigns.

Ellen and Kurt declared 2014 as the “Year of the Groove”. The team announced their undertaking of releasing one new release per moth for an entire year. From singles to Eps, the releases vary in tempo and complexities but stay true to the highly-texturized style and sultry rhythms that have made Worldwide Groove Corporation famous today. Learn more about WGC by visiting their official website at

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