The APX Capture the Moment A Modern Cross-Over Fusion



If you happen to be in need of a good electronic music fix, then The APX, an Atlanta-based duo is ready to deliver with the release of their recent production “Capture The Moment”.  The multi-faceted song is the quintessential blend of infectious rhythms, playful melodies and lush vocals. Without a doubt you will not want to “let this one pass you by” as the song’s lyrics suggest. “Capture The Moment” is fun, inspiring and refreshingly uplifting.

“Capture The Moment” is robust with highly synthesized electronic elements, funky guitar riffs, rolling drums and intoxicating bass rhythms. The track is a dynamic expression of various electronic genres with a dash of soul. While the songwriting is catchy and uncomplicated, the vocals are executed in a peerless manner. The music consists of complex layers, sweeping transitions and cascading waves of modern sound.

What is most fascinating about The APX? The talented duo fuses together elements of the past with styles of the present to deliver a remarkably flawless performance. There are moments during the song that are reminiscent to 80s freestyle and performers such as Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Starpoint, and many others. “Capture The Moment” is the type of song that crosses generational boundaries and outlasts the ages because it is simply that timeless.

Whether you fancy Synthpop, Funk, Disco, or Deep House grooves, you will fully embrace the sounds of The APX and their latest release “Capture The Moment”. If two worlds were to collide, The APX might fall somewhere between Tiesto and Daft Punk, however the collective has created their own unique sound that won’t soon be duplicated.

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The APX Capture The Moment

Husband and wife duo Dee Rhodes and Erika Rhodes put together an electronic alter-ego project now known as The APX. Though the collaboration is a new undertaking for the pair, neither artist is a stranger to the music industry. The APX went into launch mode following the culmination of a successful private event band known as “The After Party Experience”.

Artist Insights

Before The APX, power couple Dee and Erika Rhodes were leaving their mark on the industry. Erika performed at Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration and opened up for pop icon Mariah Carey. Having shared the stage with greats such as Pat Benatar, Floetry, and Diana Ross, Erika Rhodes is known for having a versatile vocal range and diverse repertoire crossing over several genres ranging from rock to R&B.

Dee is also an established musician that has performed on the popular shows such as ‘Being Mary Jane’ and ‘Single Ladies’. Dee performed for industry legend Stevie Wonder and celebrities such as Vivica Fox and Usher at the young age of 12. Gaining industry experience as a live music promoter in Atlanta, Dee has put his skills to work in booking concert tours for The APX.

The group released “Capture The Moment” initially to “test the waters”. Since the song release in January 2016, the team has expanded on their breadth and zoned in on refining their distinct sound which is a fusion of Nu Disco, Electro Funk and Synthwave. The APX hopes to take a myriad of influences including 80s music and “fuse them into a new era” according to the band. The duo accomplishes this by incorporating a 50/50 split of DJs and producers and live performers much like Chromeo, Capital Cities, and others.

The APX recently remixed several of their live performances to illustrate what fans might expect at a live show. Live performance videos have been a source of success for the creative project, having allowed the group to grow their fan base exponentially while receiving kudos from world-renowned artists such as Teddy Riley, Dave 1 of Chromeo, Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost, Nick Littlemore, Empire of the Sun, Dam Funk, Native Instruments and many others. Dee and Erika describes The APX sound as “creating a galactic funky atmosphere using synths, sax, and vocals”.

The APX is set to release another single titled “Lose Yourself to the Groove” on April 28th, 2017 and the groups debut EP will be released on May 22nd, 2017.


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TheFascinated Entices with Latest Synthpop Release Running Away from Love Irresistible Rhythms Return with TheFascinated Running Away from Love Release


The_Fascinated_Running_Away_from_Love_SingleSinger and Songwriter Beki Colada has joined forces with musical composer and producer lionel Cohen to revive the fresh 80’s synthpop sounds of yesterday with a millennial spin on the latest release of their singe “Running Away from Love”. Each making up one-half of the duo known as TheFascinated, the LA-based artists are garnering quite a buzz across the indie music sphere for their refreshing and hypnotically enticing sound.

If you are missing the likes of the Cars, Eurythmics, and Depeche Mode, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you can cure your 80s synthpop cravings with the newest release “Running Away from Love” from TheFascinated. Once considered part of the new wave that rolled ashore in the late 70s and early 80s, Synthpop has come full circle once again, emerging with more stylized sounds and even permeating itself into the mainstream with. You would be hard-pressed to ignore the infectious polyphonic rhythms and synthesized elements that can be easily heard in songs like “Running Away from Love”.

Mainstream music aficionados may have experienced brief encounters with the nuances of synthpop as performed by artists such as LaRoux and Lady Gaga who gained commercial success however, a journey back to the 80s will surely reveal a stylish symphony of timeless classic that even modern descendants of 80s babies will have stashed away in their iTunes playlist. With a slightly dark edge-contrasted with playful melodies, “Running Away from Love” is poised to inspire its own sound revolution, capturing a few hearts along the way.

Fusing together elements of rock and distinct electronic layers, TheFascinated introduce a savory mix with driving percussion, ethereal ambiance and captivating energy. Beki Colada’s vocals are a youthful blend of playful and flirty as she croons out catchy verses and chorus. Picturesque melodies intertwine with cooling vibes, and infectious syncopation as the instrumentals take listeners off into a dreamy, retro-infused realm.

TheFascinated Running Away from Love Lures The 80s Back

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Two worlds collide, creating the newest wave of sound with TheFascinated. Becki Colada, a native of Australia and lionel Cohen, a French-born New Yorker cite musical influences such as Cyndi Lauper, Missing Persons, Duran Duran and Tears for Fears as go to artists as youngsters. The pair teamed up in 2014 to form TheFascinated. Becki rose to notoriety with her chart-topping band Mavis. Having garnered many awards, the band toured with acts like Kylie Minogue and Green Day. lionel emerged from the underground of the noughties with his popular band The Plastic Fantastics. As a solo artist, lionel has snagged over 1 million plays on streaming music stop Spotify. Having produced over 150 alums, his music compositions have been featured in major film and TV productions. Keep an ear to the streets for the nostalgic sounds of TheFascinated and their latest release “Running Away from Love”, now available for purchase on iTunes.

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