Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders Blood and Bones A Fascinating Blend of Rock Sounds and Intense Vocals

BillyRoberts and RoughRiders

BillyRoberts and RoughRiders

If you are in search of some fresh rock tunes, then look no further than Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders. The band’s most recent release “Blood and Bones” delivers a fascinating alloy of sounds and distinct musicianship. Coming soon on the Album ‘Greenbah’, “Blood and Bones” captivates the listening ear with up-tempo rhythms and electrifying guitar riffs.

While the instrumentation proves to be a powerful force on “Blood and Bones”, Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders deliver an equally remarkable performance on vocals. While engaging in the gritty rock vocals performed on the song, it is impossible to ignore the distinguished songwriting content.

They lyrics on “Blood and Bones” are entertaining, yet convey a highly-relatable sense of frustration. As Billy Roberts croons, “sometimes you make me so damn, mad”, listeners will most certainly feel the exasperation that exudes from the song, while finding the most recognizable moments. The lyrics expressed throughout the song’s play are engulfed within extraordinary metaphors while vexed expressions are juxtaposed with feely waves and energetic chords. Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders gives audiences an incredible performance, one that is undoubtedly worth experiencing.

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Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders is a dynamic band known for covering various genres including:  country, rock, alternate country, hard rock, blues and folk music. In August 2014, the band released their debut album, ‘The Last of the Originals’. Follow the links below for more music from Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders.

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KickBend “Someday” Single Powerful Vocals and Instrumental


KickBendKickBend international vocalist, musicians, and producers, recently released the single “Someday”, a smooth powerful track evoking an emotional love journey solidify by burst of instrumental interludes. The drums, piano, acoustic and bass guitars intensifies the flow of the song. The raspy-country, yet bluesy vocals frame the setting of the story, love will come, but not today.
KickBend begins with the cello that produces a smooth but ebbing account of emotions. Vocalist soulful voice tells the emotional journey of one searching for love. The intensity of the instrumental interludes builds up to the climax, with electric and acoustic guitar, as well as the drums and piano. The cello smoothly brings “Someday” to its closure. This song demonstrates the crest and ebbs along a journey of love. It makes you want to slow dance, sing, moan, cry, yet it leaves one hopeful.

The track is a powerful yet modern rendition depicting that love is nearby and obtainable. KickBend’s “Someday” was mixed and engineered by Larry Millas at World Stage Studios; mastered by Collin Jordan in The Boiler Room in Chicago. KickBend released “Spin” March 2014 which was engineered and mastered by Erick Nelson Yoder at Horse Drawn Productions in Berwyn, IL. In 2012, KickBend produced “Crumbs” and “Taken” (featured Jessica Robinson); produced by Danny Karabaic at DK Media, mixed by Eric Yoder at Horse Drawn Productions. KickBend’s music style encompasses soul, blues, pop, country and definitely folk. It is a style that internationally people are thirsting for.
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Hooyoosay Wrong Kind of People EP Fresh Indie Pop Sounds


3100838If you have grown weary from the sounds of commercial pop music, then Indie is one of the best routes for discovering fresh pressed music. What started as a fun collaboration between friends evolved into a dynamic band known as hooyoosay. The band just released their latest EP, ‘The Wrong Kind of People’, an upbeat alloy of rock, Euro-pop, and country-infused numbers that showcase the band’s eclectic style and flair for the unconventional.

‘The Wrong Kind of People’ takes a satirical approach to music, delivering meaningful lyrical content through the EP’s 4 entertaining songs. Numbers like the title track “The Wrong Kind of People” deliver feel-good vibrations and playful melodies while blending classic rock and doo-wop styles. After an uplifting journey into the world of indie sounds, fans will enjoy “Illusions at Work”, an instrumental arrangement with distinct piano melodies, harmonicas and heartwarming sequences.

Driving rock rhythms bring “The Wrong Kind of Hello” to life while amusing listeners with catchy chords and quirky lyrics. Something about ‘The Wrong Kind of People’ seems very right as the lyrics move and elevate. Fans of country music will fancy the sounds on “The Right Kind of Friend”, another catchy number with festive riffs and down-home charm.

With a name as individual as their sound hooyoosay describes their collaboration as “no credits, no gigs” as the band records songs for the fun of it, making their material available popular digital stops such as iTunes and Amazon. hooyoosay’s work has evolved into an ongoing project. The band’s style encompasses guitar pop, classic rock, r&b, acoustic, indie pop, vintage pop, cover songs, and so much more. Rick Jamm from JamSphere described hooyoosay’s earlier work as being “all grown up, warm, wonderful, and acerbic music”. Learn more about the band by visiting their official website at


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