Fletch Towell Band Records Come On Now Baby Live at Underground Wonder Bar Chicago

Fletch Towell Band

Fletch Towell Band

If you are needing to be re-energized after a tough week, then Fletch Towell Band has a great, feel-good tune in store for your listening pleasure. The Chicago-based indie band decided to switch things up a bit from their usual studio recordings and by popular demand decided to record their song “Come On Now Baby” Live at the legendary Underground Wonder Bar Chicago, a hub for live music including jazz, blues, funk rock and other genres. Check out the video for Fletch Towell Band “Come on Now Baby” Live, streaming now on YouTube.

WATCH: Fletch Towell Band Recording “Come On Now Baby” Live at Underground Wonder Bar Chicago


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Fletch Towell Band_PromoPhoto_ver 7Fletch Towell Band, based in Chicago got their start in 2013. The band consists of Fletch Towell (keys and vocals), Mark Martinelli (drums), Jim Dodis (guitar), and Phil Chester (bass). Fletch Towell Band is known for their distinct sound which is an entertaining fusion of jazz/rock, pop, soul, and what could be described as bluesy progressive rock. The band is known for delivering phenomenal live shows that incorporate a variety of instrumentals, high-energy, material that fans can relate to. Music Reviewer Kristiina Heptig says, “The Fletch Towell Band’s talent is just too significant to ignore” (fletchtowellband.com). Learn more about Fletch Towell Band by following the links below.




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Jon Yoon Ukulele Songwriter Releases Official Lyric Video for Song I Wanna Meet Bill Nye A Lively Production with a Powerful Message




Things in the world seem more out of control than usual lately and it is always refreshing to hear an uplifting song to brighten the spirit. Ukulele Singer and Songwriter Jon Yoon has a pleasant surprise for music fans looking for some lighthearted energy. His latest release “I Wanna Meet Bill Nye” is the perfect remedy for curing the lemons that life tosses our way. Pharrell Williams inspired people with “Happy” in 2013, and most recently Justin Timberlake got people up and dancing in 2016 with “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from the Trolls movie; now, Jon Yoon is making fans smile and bringing awareness to STEM with one of the most unique and beautiful sounding instruments in the world, his Oscar Schmidt Willie K tenor ukulele.

Jon Yoon

Jon Yoon, who is based in Seattle wrote the song about Bill Nye a popular figure in science that almost everyone recognizes regardless of their age especially due to his famous television program Bill Nye the Science Guy. The song, which is played on Jon’s Ukulele is bright, full of positive vibes and undoubtedly fun to listen to. Jon Yoon’s presence on stage has been compared to Bill Nye’s and we must say the song is certainly entertaining. Jon recorded a lyric video to go along with his song and it is already gaining traction on YouTube since its release in March. Check out the video below.

Watch Jon Yoon (I Wanna Meet) Bill Nye Streaming Now on YouTube

What is really awesome about the song “I Wanna Meet Bill Nye” is that it really inspires adults and children alike. It is no secret that math and science are two of the subjects that students often have trouble grasping however, they are absolutely necessary when it comes to advancing our breadth of knowledge and making valuable contributions to innovations now and in the future. It is rather moving to see an adult using his platform to make a difference. In reference to the video’s depiction of a student doodling and the idea that a girl love science and wishes to meet Bill Nye, Jon states, “I chose a girl as the one wanting to meet Bill because I felt that it would be cool to have a girl represented and it would be a tip of the hat to all the girls who are interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).” Way to go Jon!

Jon Yoon enlisted the help of a good friend Amanda Drewniak from Ardor Creative Media to handle digital animation on the video along with Ken Christensen of Kenjamin Art & Design. David Patrick Miner from Chartreuse Muffin Studio produced the song.

Jon-YoonJon Yoon’s music can be described as Ukulele Acoustic Pop. He is a multi-instrumentalist and began taking piano lessons as a youth and continued throughout his academic career into college. Jon is originally from Chicago but calls Seattle home. Jon’s music is rooted in a wide range of genres that extend from artists such as Jason Mraz to Bill Withers plus many others. He has performed with a roster of talented artists as well as the Seattle Rock Orchestra. Jon’s performances consist of both original songs and popular covers and he is said “to make a big musical impact with a tiny instrument” (jonyoonmusic.com). Having had the opportunity to listen to Jon’s other material in the past (Check out our 2014 review of Jon’s EP ‘Purple Roses, Coffee Beans, and All Things in Between), the team at G&S would most definitely agree.

“I Wanna Meet Bill Nye” was released on March 1st, 2017 and is currently available in all digital music stores including iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp and Spotify.

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HighRoller DP and LV Jon Release ‘Joint Effort’ Mixtape

Joint Effort

Joint Effort

Michigan-based rap collaboration HighRoller DP and LV Jon have teamed up to deliver a rowdy selection of hip-hop tracks on the latest release of their mixtape ‘Joint Effort’. The production is an intriguing listen where every single track has at least one thing in common, ganja. Almost in time to celebrate 420, well depending on where it is legal and worth celebrating, ‘Joint Effort’ is likely an ideal addition to utilize as the soundtrack for your next sesh.

“STFU” the initial song on the Mixtape is a salty track with an angst feel and vexed personality. The track has a mellow laid back feel which contrasts with the edgy lyrics which are delivered in a catchy cadence. The hook, which of course includes a popular shortened slang as per the title is memorable yet simple and gets the point across.

The next track on this mischievous collection is HighRollers, fashioned after the main title of the mixtape. The lyrical flow on this track is clean while the beat is equally as squared away. “HighRollers” is a laid-back listen for fans that are just looking for some chill tunes as they get tangled up in the devil’s lettuce so to speak.

The unbothered energy on HighRoller maintains a steady frequency on “Different”. As the artists discover a way to discuss what appears to be one of their favorite hoppy, they utilize a series of salacious metaphors and cheeky lyrics to deliver an unapologetic performance.

‘Joint Effort’ checks in at “2:30AM” with a track that has an epic introduction that is reminiscent to 90’s west cost rap. Over the top of a deep-reverberating beat with intricate instrumentals, a detailed story is told with a relatively dark energy. The track offers a distinct vibe from the earlier spins on the mixtape though the lyrical content is relatively the same.

The tempo slows down a bit on the track “Phone” which is clearly a track that many different people will relate to. Considering the path of the initial tracks on the project, “Phone” is a surprising twist. The track is still undoubtedly raw, NSFW, and pushing the boundaries with little inhibitions as the character struggles to “find his way home”.

“Let’s Roll” turns down a notch instrumentally, however lyrically it is still on the turn up as clearly DP and LV Jon have their hands full maintaining this smoked out lifestyle their mixtape pays tribute to. Much like the earlier tracks, the track is unrepentant and righteously loyal to the haze.

‘Joint Effort’ is a massive project with narrow scope in regards to content. Though the artists do not stray away from the singular topic at hand, each song delivers its own unique personality. The rap collaboration offers a strong performance that demonstrates distinct lyrical capabilities, the ability to spit entertaining bars and professional production quality in terms of music. The energy of the mixtape remains relatively chill which happens to correspond well with the overall messages delivered across every track. Listeners will appreciate the unrefined appeal of the artists which hold little back while proceeding along with reckless abandon.

Check out ‘Joint Effort’ now streaming on Soundcloud.

One cut on the production that takes the energy up a notch is “You Can’t Get That”. This track has some post-modern production with a deep, gritty feel.  The lyrical delivery on the track is sound with catching bars and an impressionable hook. The flows deliver a solid cadence while the track delivers an addictive, underground feel with a layer of mass appeal.

Another dirty track that rap fans will enjoy on Joint Effort is “Bossy”, an upbeat production with a risqué demeanor. “Bossy” has an energetic party vibe that will likely resonate with the youthful, carefree spirit of today’s young people free from responsibilities and daily pressures of adulating.

Darker vibrations emerge on “Nose Bleed”, a production that is designed with a complex lyrical composition and recognizable references to pop culture terms. The track has an infectious rhythm and unforgettable series of bars. “Nose Bleed” is a wild, reckless ride through lyrical metaphors and vivid imagery.

Rounding out Joint Effort is “Two Puffs”, an ode to professional bluntism if there is a such thing. The cut tells an urban-infused rags to riches story about marijuana and its progressive effects suggesting money is somehow related to its quality. Listeners can expect more uncut lyrics and on this particular track some uncomplicated instrumentals.

Winding things down, “Sunni” is a lively production with some playful melodies juxtaposed with stony lyrics. “Sunni” delivers a slightly sentimental feel despite its brash lyrical content. Overall the track has a pleasant feel but the words conveyed are without a doubt savage by all accounts.

Joint Effort concludes with “Get Some” another distinct production with a noticeable Midwest feel. Wrapping things up with additional raucous, HighRoller and LV Jon assert their position with righteous indignation with a series of dramatic ironies and intoxicating instrumentals. Get more deets on ‘Joint Effort’ and the duo behind the madness, check out the links below.

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Indie Artist Samira Releases ‘Home’ from EP Samira & The Wind A laid-back vibe with a message that resonates.




Brooklyn-based indie artist Samira recently released her latest song ‘Home’ from her 1st album ‘Samira & The Wind’. Music fans should take note, if you haven’t been blessed with the opportunity to hear Samira’s music, you are certainly in for a pleasant surprise. To be honest, we haven’t been this excited about discovering an artist since Natalie Imbruglia was “Torn”, Eminem borrowed Dido’s ‘Thank You’ for his record ‘Stan’, and Adele gave us ‘Someone Like You’. While we still mourn the 90s and hold on tightly to the few artists of today that deliver legitimate talent versus a pop product packaged for the masses, Samira is a welcome change and breath of fresh air.

‘Home’ is a song that brings perfection to the listener from fade-in to fade-out both instrumentally and vocally. The musical score for the track has a very laid-back energy, delicate melodies and raw folk feel. Instrumentals slowly build from what initially appears to be an uncomplicated set of scales to a more complex series of harmonious chords that are interwoven beautifully with Samira’s delightful vocals. The balance between the music and their vocals are appropriate where one does not over power the other but instead both create a harmonious frequency.

samira-indie-music-homeSamira as a vocalist, delivers a very polished performance. Her voice is soft, soothing and distinct in quality. She demonstrates a wide range of chords and approaches the song with personality and style. Samira has a youthful sound but offers a sophisticated style that is well beyond her years. The depth of her vocal skills are very much reminiscent to early Joss Stone and Adele though Samira sings in a higher pitch.

‘Home’ introduces thought-provoking lyrical content which is most unusual to find today in the mainstream. Meaningful songs are few and far between as music continues to morph into various forms, as new genres emerge and fuse together to create a hybridization of sounds that were once more recognizable. Samira illustrates a story through intricate songwriting that will speak to individuals who are on another level, those people who have no issues expressing feelings including those that are actually sad. In a world where everything is as perfect as the next selfie, a listening experience like ‘Home’ is a reawakening of sorts.

If you are in search of some emotional tracks that give you the feels, then Samira’s latest music release is likely to hit very close to home, no pun intended. We appreciated the opportunity to experience true musicianship and clever artistry, and feel you should take the opportunity to do exactly the same. Listen to Samira’s latest release ‘Home’.


samira-homeOriginally from Los Angeles, Samira now calls Brooklyn, NY home. Samira got her start when she was asked to demo a song for singer then rising artist Lorde by her step-father who is a composer for film, TV, and commercials. Samira’s vocals were included on The Hunger Games Catching Fire film track “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. You can also hear Samria’s voice on the new trailer for Resident Evil 7 VR game. In addition to lending her vocals for these world-famous projects, Samira co-wrote and performed on “Cateura-Vamos a Soñar” which was featured in the documentary film ‘Landfill Harmonic’. In 2016, the song was a lead contender for the Oscars. Samira performs with her own band Samira and The Wind but also has performed alongside Landfill Harmonic Trinity Church, with folk singer Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul, and Mary). ‘Home’ is the newest release from her recent album “Samira & The Wind”.

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Rap Artist Sharpey Releases So Sexy ft. SN1 Pablo A Salacious Party Cross-over



If you are looking to turn up, then the latest release by UK rap artist Sharpey “So Sexy” ft. SN1 Pablo is serving up some fresh-cut vibes with a throwback spin. “So Sexy” has all of the modern conventions of a mainstream cross-over hit. The track delivers pop-infused melodies that are reminiscent to Ryan Leslie’s production on Cassie’s 2006 “Me & U” while invoking a familiar energy found on the more recent collaboration between Chris Brown and Tyga on “Ayo” and giving off a little urban grime as heard on tracks by Georgia-based hip hop group Migos.

“So Sexy” is likely to appeal to a youthful audience that appreciates getting lit versus delving into a cavernous realm of lyrical content. If anything, modern popular music has taught us that a catchy beat and uncomplicated lyrics are often the best recipe to reach the masses and liven up the scene when life gets a little bit too heavy. Sharpey’s song is distinctly a party track highly-suited for the club, urban and top40 air play.

Make it Rain…

Overall, “So Sexy” is an upbeat song with playful lyrics discussing the archetypal rapper lifestyle of hitting up the studio, hanging out at strip clubs getting lap dances, downing drinks, passing shots and promiscuity. Strippers and poll dancers around the globe will appreciate the affectionate musing as Sharpey croons, “She is so sexy, I’m like look where them legs be…If I’m coming to your house, I’m not leaving til next week”.

As for the rest of basic chicks and good girls not cool enough to have songs written about them, they might be left in an unexpected thirst-trap, aspiring to take the stage and swing it for daddy in exchange for the jet-set life and their own radio-friendly odes to glam. Until then, they should positively add this track to their personal playlist as it is the perfect start to kick off girls’ night out while taking selfies in their newest $20 bodycon dresses. After all, who doesn’t love a song that inspires yet another drunken night on the dance floor with random guys that still live at home?!  Hello! A girl’s gotta live no doubt, so why not live vicariously through Sharpey’s latest track.

Listen to the entire song “So Sexy” performed by Sharpey ft. SN1 Pablo on Soundcloud

Sharpey RapperSharpey got his start in music at the young age of 13 as a producer. After the untimely passing of his Nana he found a much needed respite upon discovering his passion. Having received positive feedback from the public, Sharpey decided to take his writing and producing to the next level, connecting with others in a relatable way.

Still, at the young age of 26, Sharpey’s career as an artist has advanced as his style has matured. As a result, the UK artist has continued to put out new music and tour for fans. In addition to his studio endeavors, Sharpey is filming for Generation Rap, a TV show due to release in the summer of 2017 where he travels to various studios in the UK.

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The Gangsta Rabbi Steve Lieberman Releases Little Kosher Girl An Unapologetic Calamity of Love and Punk

Steve Lieberman

Steve Lieberman

“Little Kosher Girl” the newest release by Steve Lieberman also known as The Gangsta Rabbi or the King of Jewish Punk will take listeners on a mind-bending trip.

The hard-driving punk performance on “Little Kosher Girl” is saturated with furious guitar riffs and spirited percussion. Underscored by distorted instrumentals, Gangsta Rabbi’s vocals complement the highly-intensified production. The song which offers plenty of salacious lyrics is cast with a rebellious character that utilizes a variety of metaphorical phrases to express his love for what he calls “kosher girl”.

The Gangsta Rabbi does an excellent job of creating a juxtaposition between sanity love gone mad in an unconventional display of artistry. Fans of rock, alternative and punk styles of music will appreciate the unapologetic personality conveyed on the track as well as the humorous references to several signatures of pop-culture. Be not mistaken however, as “Little Kosher Girl” is not headed down the mainstream. The song has a slightly dark and virtual underground feel with a bit of grime. The Gangsta Rabbi gives a tongue-in-cheek exhibition of hardcore music that leaves little to the imagination as it boldly bears all.

Fans can anticipate taking a wildly unforgettable ride with “Little Kosher Girl”. The song ups the ante on modern punk sounds and pushes them way into overdrive. The Gangsta Rabbi delivers sounds that you have likely not heard before and might be somewhat unable to process with just one play. This is the type of song that you will want to play over and over again to extract various layers of sound and emotion for a greater appreciation. In all, “Little Kosher Girl” is an unfailing production that never tires, while continuing to present a metamorphosis of perspectives.

If you enjoy the sounds of bands such as the Ramones or the Misfits, you will dig the sounds of The Gangsta Rabbi.

Check out The Gangsta Rabbi “Little Kosher Girl” on YouTube

Listen to The Gangsta Rabbi perform “Little Kosher Girl”, now streaming on Sound Cloud


The Gangsta RabbiSteve Lieberman is a multi-instrumentalist, punk musician singer, songwriter, and producer. Based in New York, Steve has been dubbed the King of Jewish Punk and his moniker The Gangsta Rabbi. As an artist his musical repertoire spans across several genres and he is known for playing all of his own instruments. The Gangsta Rabbi has performed on stage with bands such as Weezer, Andrew WK, Glass Jaw, Ryan Dunn, and the Misfits to name a few.

As a pioneering musician in Jewish Punk, Steve signed on with JDub Records, a Jewish independent record label in 2009. He moonlit as a musician at night while working as a comptroller by day. Steve Lieberman sold over 110,000 records and had his music played on numerous rock radio stations around the country. Steve has been engaged in a long battle with an aggressive form cancer and much of his music content deals with the illness and its impact on his life however, it has not stopped him from reigning supreme as punk royalty. Steve Lieberman has carved his own niche into music history as noted by his extensive catalog of studio albums, live performances, and cassette tapes and massive media coverage over the decades.


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Luanne Hunt Shares Heartfelt Performance on Latest Song Release “Texas Tears” Traditional Country Music with True American Spirit

Luanne Hunt

Luanne Hunt

The latest single by country/folk star Luanne Hunt “Texas Tears” is a heartfelt performance drenched in American spirit. As Luanne performs “Texas Tears” she illustrates an emotionally heartbreaking story with colorful metaphors and striking intricacies. While her lovely voice paints a relatively blue canvas, one cannot ignore the slightly upbeat tune of the musical score which consists of soulful riffs and and classic country instrumentals. Background vocals on the track contribute greatly to an old-country feel with a twist of blues.

Luanne Hunt gives an energetic performance for country music fans while encompassing all of the conventions that make it one of the world’s most adored genres. Even though “Texas Tears” conveys a traditional feel, it will most certainly capture a modern audience as the song has its own unique appeal. As Luanne sings, “Since the day you left for Dallas, I’ve been crying Texas Tears”, listeners will surely relate to the feelings and message delivered on the track.

Watch Luanne Hunt “Texas Tears” on YouTube

“Texas Tears” provides a memorable listening experience that music lovers will most certainly embrace. Taking in the sounds of Luanne’s smooth vocal performance and examining the depth of her story-telling creates a meaningful encounter that will leave a lasting impression. If you enjoy the sounds of artists such as Patsy Cline, Reba McEntire, and Tammy Wynette, you will love the sounds of Luanne Hunt.

Listen to Luanne Hunt “Texas Tears” Streaming on Soundcloud


Luanne Hunt Country StarLuanne Hunt is an award-winning singer and songwriter with an extensive list of accomplishments during her 20-year career. She has achieved multiple Number 1 Hits on indie country music charts around the globe. Luanne’s song “Christmas Without You” only increased her notoriety as the single topped charts and led to the song being named one of the Top 25 Christmas Songs of All Time in the Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest daily news source. The song also reached the “Best of 2015 Female Country Holiday Songs” across the US in publications such as the Autostraddle and Truckers News.

Studio musicians who have worked alongside Luanne Hunt include players for the Righteous Brothers, Kenny Loggins and others. Regarding her astronomical success and an independent artist, Hunt states: “It’s a huge challenge to find success in the ‘big leagues’ as an indie artist, so these honors were quote a validation for all the work I’ve put into my craft”.

In addition to other chart-topping projects such as her 2007 CD ‘Breaking Through’ and 2010 ‘Solace in The Wind”, Luanne’s work can be found in peak spots on the European Country Music Association Charts, US music charts and Indie World Country Charts. “Solace in The Wind” also found itself on a Grammy ballot in 2009 for the categories of Best Country Song and Best Female Country Performance.

Luanne Hunt has been described by Independent Music Spotlight Critic Brett David Stewart as being “one of the best singer/songwriters in the indie scene right now”.

The musician got her start in music around the 1990s, finding instant success with her single “I Don’t Bother Counting”. The song received air-play on the early KIK FM a country station from the OC California as well as other radio stations in the Southwest.  Hunt’s music can be heard across the world, on AM, FM stations, satellite radio, and internet streams all over. Her latest release “Texas Tears” has already charted at #1 on European music charts.

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Suburban Vermin Channels the Force Seattle-based Indie Punk Band Delivers Sonic and Visual Experience

Suburban Vermin Back and White Group Photo

Suburban Vermin Back and White Group Photo

Seattle-based indie punk rock band Suburban Vermin is channeling the force in their upcoming release “The Awakening”. Due out for Pre-Release on May 4th, 2017, the track is one of many which belong to a 4-part commemorative EP entitled ‘TV Head Nation’ developed to celebrate the band’s 10-year history. “The Awakening” is an energized rock song with driving rhythms and pure intensity. Sharing a fun story about a trip to watch the Star Wars film, the song is filled with some sad irony, however it is almost hard to capture because the energy of the the performance never falters and remains in constant overdrive. Still, “The Awakening” is a solid production that is worth adding to your punked-out playlist.

Suburban Vermin Group Photo


One of the performances that Suburban Vermin introduces fans to on ‘TV Head Nation’ is “Bleed for Me” an edgy production with aggressive guitar action and an intense sequence of powerful drum beats. A gritty vocal performance adds a righteous dose of raw energy to the overall score while expressing pensive songwriting.

Suburban Vermin maintain a serious level of intensity on ‘TV Head Nation’ with the performance “Lola”, which opens up with a sequence of lingering guitars and hard-hitting percussion. The song has a distinct head-nodding vibe. “Lola” illustrates graphic imagery and elements of twisted love through the use of descriptive metaphors. “Lola” is borders on the line of chilling and amusing as lyrics such as “she says it isn’t love, if there isn’t blood” and “she cuts into me like a serrated blade” which is moderately disturbing for any lusty lover but if you are among the kinky variety, this song’s for you.

There is more to explore when it comes to Suburban Vermin and the band permeates many artistic layers that extend beyond solely creating great music. They have created for fans, a complete visual experience to include ‘The Comic’ an engaging graphic collection which includes an adventurous story about a fight against an evil figurehead named King TV Head who happens to terrorize unconventional folk.

Suburban Vermin LogoSuburban Vermin who have been revered for their distinct punk artistry have been together for a decade. In honor of their longevity, the band is set to release a 4-part EP entitled “TV Head Nation” along with a comic book. The Seattle band has been likened to other well-known bands such as The Ramones, The Clash, the Buzzcocks and musicians such as Kurt Cobain.  The band has performed all over the Northwest and has opened up for groups such as Amber Pacific, Guttermouth, The Members, Left Alone, Hunter Valentine, and Authority Zero. In 2016, Suburban Vermin performed at Hempfest.

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Purplehed Deeper Than the Seas: A Powerful Wave of Inspiration A Distinctly Relatable Show of Artistic Prowess

Purplehed Deeper than The Seas


Purplehed Deeper than The Seas

The latest music release “Deeper Than the Seas” by Mumbai artist Purplehed is an inspiring romantic ballad and righteous ode to unconditional love. “Deeper Than the Seas”, quickly reveals an artistic interpretation of highly-relatable experiences that will most certainly resonate with many individuals from all walks of life, people of all ages. The song sends out a powerful message while being intertwined with beautiful melodies and enthralling harmonies.

“Deeper Than the Seas” moves listeners with an epic score consisting of emotive piano chords, a deep and emotional bass line and cinematic waves of instrumental elements. The song cascades upon the mind and spirit as warm vocals encompass distinct sincerity. Production on the track is without flaw, and every single layer of sound is mastered to utter perfection. It is almost hard to believe that Purplehed is an independent artist because the production is ever so polished; a rare find among the many aspiring artists showcasing their talents across the globe.

Purplehed brings out a laidback energy that transports listeners into a place of peace and serenity. “Deeper Than the Seas” transcends stylistic boundaries while exhibiting its own unique nuances. In essence, it is a “feel good” track that is robust with vigor and enlightenment. If you have an appreciation for refreshing sounds that represent a delectable fusion of fun, purpose and positivity, then you will truly adore the vibes of Purplehed and his latest musical endeavor.

We infrequently get to experience true expressions of music that are strikingly clear and most importantly those with an actual message capable of human nature in one way or another. Purplehed introduces this dynamic concept and so much more while delivering a cross-over style production that exudes the characteristics of popular music genres and various retroactive elements. If you fancy the sounds of groups such as One Republic and Coldplay, you will be most pleased with the sounds of Purplehed. Though he is based in Mumbai, India Purplehed truly has a recognizable global appeal that extends beyond regional boundaries and stretches into what can simply be considered great music for the masses.

Unlike many other independent artists, Purplehed not only appeals to the sound factor but the visual as well. We were pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity to take in the Official Lyric Video for “Deeper Than the Seas” which is now streaming on media powerhouse YouTube. The music video immediately captures the attention of viewers because it is produced and executed with the utmost professionalism. Evidence suggests that painstaking efforts were taken to deliver an unblemished visual interpretation of the sound and lyrics found in “Deeper Than the Seas”. The loving scenarios depicted by the co-stars are both realistic and novel at the same time. For many, the combination of media will strike some serious chords within the mind and heart as well as inspire reminiscent moments of reflection. Seeing is believing of course, so you’ll have to check out the visuals yourself.

Watch the Official Lyric Video for Purplehed “Deeper Than the Seas” below.

Purplehed YouTube Video

Purplehed, based in Mumbai, India is an independent artist with a key goal in mind…to produce music for a worldwide audience. Purplehed is no stranger to the music scene with a growing legion of fans across the world. The first singles released by the artist include “Feel the Passion” and “Burn Like the Sun”.

Purplehed will be releasing an official music video for “Deeper Than the Seas” which is currently underway. Working alongside Purplehed is an independent artist who also runs an Independent Record Label “Purplehed Records”. Co-founder of indie label who is also a contemporary dancer Anurag, finds that incorporating the aspect of dance into original song lends to the uniqueness of the music experience while capturing a wide demographic and further expounding on the role of independent artist.

Experience the fusion of music, sight, sound and dance in an earlier performance by Purplehed in “Burn Like the Sun”.

Learn more about Purplehed and shop for your favorite sounds by checking out the links below.

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Taylor Grey Single “Never Woulda Letcha” Delivers Fresh Pop Vibes Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist Poised to Change the Pop Game in 2017 with Space Case Album, Coming this Spring.

Taylor Grey

Taylor Grey


Pop fans are in for some fresh new vibes from singer, songwriter and musician Taylor Grey who recently released the first single “Never Woulda Letcha” from her debut studio album Space Case. The Northern California native draws pop music lovers in with her smooth vocals and dynamic energy. “Never Woulda Letcha” is a distinctly infectious tune wrapped in lighthearted melodies and festive dance rhythms. The song opens up with delicate acoustic chords and quickly morphs into a playful series of loveable vocals not heard since Selena Gomez chucked up the deuces to the Disney Channel and hit the Top40.

“Never Woulda Letcha” is shamelessly girly, unapologetically empowering and as carefree as any modern young woman might be in 2017. Joining a legion of strong female vocalists and songwriters taking the music industry by storm, Taylor Grey is carving out her own style. If you enjoy the styles of singers and songwriters such as Julia Michaels, Daya and Alessia Cara, you will totally dig the sounds of Taylor Grey.

Watch Taylor Grey “Never Woulda Letcha”

“NEVER WOULDA LETCHA is about that friend you have a secret crush on. You’ve known each other forever, you’ve always been “just friends,” but you always wanted something more. The feeling of this song is something I believe most people can relate to. Personally, I always love listening to music that reflects my emotions, so hopefully this song can be that for someone. And a fun song to dance too, as well!”Taylor Grey


Taylor Grey Revealed


Taylor Grey Never Woulda Letcha Hailing from Northern California, Taylor Grey is a 19-year old student in her sophomore year at Stanford University. Taylor discovered music at a young age having studied both musical theater and opera. Taylor penned her first song at the young age of 12 and later became a self-taught musician playing the piano and the guitar. The breadth of Taylor’s repertoire extends across various genres and influences in the realms of Classic Rock, Jazz, and 90’s Hip-Hop. Through her journey as a musician, Taylor has uncovered her own distinct sound and style.

No stranger to the studio, Taylor’s debut release was a two-part EP entitled “Mind of Mine I & and II” in 2016. She worked with producers Benjamin Taylor and Bryan Morton on the project and later garnered the attention of Jacob Whitesides after performing on his summer tour “Lovesick”.

Now, Taylor Grey is poised to make 2017 her breakout year. Having teamed up with award winning producer Josh Abraham and collaborating with a host of well-known writers and producers such as Nico Stadi, David Kuncio, Jordan Ware and Isaac Hasson for her first studio album, Taylor is most definitely winning.  Look for Taylor Grey’s highly-anticipated album release Space Case, due out in Spring 2017.


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