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Celeste Buckingham

Celeste Buckingham BARE Album Exposes Raw Talent

Celeste Buckingham

‘BARE’ the newest release by Swiss-American singer and songwriter Celeste Buckingham will leave you with chills. The album which is not the first for the young, but accomplished talent is a righteous show of force.  Celeste delivers a pristine performance and soul-stirring rhythms. She commands attention from the very first track on ‘BARE’ and continues to maintain a strong grip until the last cut fades out. There are simply not enough words to describe the experience of ‘BARE’ and do it justice but we will certainly try. The truth is, you will have to listen for yourself however, we present our finest attempt to capture the essence of ‘BARE’ which has left the girls at G&S going gaga for Celeste Buckingham.

The Music

The first track on the album “Paradise” is an instant hitmaker. Celeste asserts herself as a force to be reckoned with while performing flawless vocals and sweet harmonies. She has plenty of attitude to boot and kicks doors down at the same time. “Paradise” performs as an unapologetic anthem. The song has a distinct message that speaks volumes as the singer-songwriter croons, “this ain’t paradise, it’s as cold as ice though there is magic in your bones, I don’t understand”. Celeste doesn’t back down and the energy on this track is empowering and inspiring. Besides her amazing vocal performance, the instrumentals are equally as possessing.

“Addict”, another song on ‘BARE’ emerges with heavy bass-driven beats and funky synths. “The song presents as a chaotic track which embodies the frenzied lyrical content introduced by Celeste who spits a fury of rap bars. You can feel the emotional roller coaster she is taking fans on with the execution of every single lyric, verse and hook. “Addict” is without a doubt an intoxicating production that makes it cool to be slightly “unhinged”. We are perfectly okay with losing our minds with Celeste who sings, “losing my mind and I kind of like that”. So do we Celeste, so do we. Just when you thought the bar couldn’t get any higher with “Paradise”, “Addict” makes a slam dunk.

Speaking of the highly addicting sounds of Celeste Buckingham, you will want to continue indulging in musical libations on the track “Intoxicated”. The track is incredibly emotional as you can feel the heart and soul pouring out of Celeste’s vocals. The song has an inspiring message that fans will relate to. Digging into the conflict of addiction using gorgeous metaphors, “Intoxicating” is an uncut view into the ethos of a musician, the essence of an artist.

Celeste turns down ever so slightly on “All This” a track that slays with a clean beat and slicing lyrics. Celeste transitions between tight, gritty vocals and soft, lingering melodies. “All This” is another emotive track that exhibits frustrations which are of course relatable to the masses. As Celeste sings, “all this”, listeners can capture the exasperation in her voice. She does a wonderful job creating a contrasting listening experience. Celeste performs in such a manner that fans are able to journey with her, feeling every note from start to finish.

Celeste demonstrates her diversity as a singer-songwriter on “Rose” a guitar-driven song that presents with acoustic nuances. “Rose” is a stunning performance that speaks to the elements of a traditional ballad. Celeste continues to showcase her wide vocal range while giving fans a different, softer perspective. “Rose” has a more somber feel, the track is moving and feels very personal.

“Go Away” another uptempo track on the album returns to the bold vibes heard on the previous tracks. Celeste delivers a dance-worthy performance on “Go Away” while incorporating some reggae-infused vibes. The message on the track is self-assured and authoritative. Both women and men will find the courage and confidence refreshing in this particular track which happens to take a firm stand. Celeste has released a music video for “Go Away” and it is fire. Check out the visual display below.

The Visuals

Watch Celeste Buckingham “Go Away”

The next track that Celeste blesses fans with on ‘BARE’ is “Selfish”. “Selfish” is a reflective track that explores a myriad of introspective moments. The song offers catchy, synth-heavy elements which inspire subtle head-nods. “Selfish” is a slower tempo production which provides the space for Celeste to display her diversity as an artist. “Selfish” is certain to bring out the feels for fans who enjoy a song with meaningful lyrics.

Another moving track on ‘BARE’ is “Immature”, which communicates a direct message while speaks to the challenges of various relationships. Celeste says all of the things that everyday people are thinking without a care. She lures fans in with soft and alluring hooks before snatching them up with the intense “Why are you! Why are you! Why are you!” refrains.

Approaching the album’s close is “Trip” a sultry song that delivers soulful harmonies and exuberant melodies. “Trip” has a distinct R&B flair as carried through Celeste’s passionate vocals. The song is an easy listen and embodies the throwback nuances that mature audiences frequently crave.

‘BARE’ closes out with the heartfelt performance on “Time is Ours”. The song is punctuated by a series of hypnotic piano chords which roll endlessly over the track as Celeste sings a profound tune. “Time is Ours” is an uplifting song that captures the ear with lingering presence and strong emotional appeal.

Celeste Buckingham, on ‘BARE’ has served up a dynamic listening experience for music fans. She delivers a wildly modern sound while delivering her own distinct style. Though her sound is reminiscent to artists such as P!nk and Jessie J, she has truly created a lane of her own. Every single song on the album exudes strong emotion which is noticeably conveyed through Celeste’s vocal prowess. She delivers songwriting content that is relevant and relatable to a wide audience, void of generational boundaries. ‘BARE’ is deep, soulful and infectious but, in retrospect cannot be categorized into a single genre. The tracks on the album range from those that include pop influences to others that encompass hip-hop,  R&B, soul and rock elements.  While ‘BARE’ exposes the best of Celeste Buckingham, our guess is that the album is only an introduction of what is to come.

While Celeste’s musical and performance style is unrivaled, fans who enjoy listening to artists such as Julia Michaels, Sia, Alessia Cara or Zara Larsson will gravitate towards the sounds of Celeste Buckingham.

Listen to Celeste Buckingham ‘BARE’ on Soundcloud.


A Global Force in Music


A dominating force in European music, singer and songwriter Celeste Buckingham claimed her position by the young age of 17. Celeste who is a native of Switzerland rose to prominence after appearing on SuperStar a European program.

The global phenomenon known as Celeste Buckingham released her first full-length album in 2012 titled ‘Don’t Look Back’. The album produced the chart-topping single “Run Run Run” which was later awarded the title of “Best Czech & Slovak Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards. By 2013, Celeste descended upon the US with sights set on her next takeover.

Renowned for her distinctive style and unduplicatable presence, she has garnered attention on a global scale. Celeste’s style has drawn comparisons to performers such as Adele, Etta James, and Joss Stone to name a few. Celeste states, “I never follow a specific genre. The music that I like to write and perform is raw and organic with a lot of soul and even a little bit of jazz” (

Celeste, the artist who considers herself to be a songwriter first, started collaborating with musical director Earl Cohen (Lady gaga, Pharrell, P!nk, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, David Bowie) to kick off her North American album in 2014. Celeste co-wrote all of the songs on the project. She was nominated as “Best New Artist” at Radio Disney Music Awards, a major score for the international artist.

Celeste Buckingham is not just leaving her mark in music however, she also devotes time to philanthropic projects and charitable endeavors. She takes up causes to include supporting children with Autism, speaking out against gender discrimination and working with children’s organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America and Learn more about Celeste Buckingham by visiting the links below.

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