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vetnough-tired sounds

Vetnough EP Tired Sounds

Dark and Hypnotic Indie Sounds

Tampa-based Indie Rock band Vetnough has just released their latest EP, ‘Tired Sounds”. In contrast to the EP’s title, Vetnough’s newest undertakings are anything but sleepy. In fact, fans have awoken to the sounds of the trio who are on the heels of their first album and a tour less than a year ago. ‘Tired Sounds’ is a monumental follow-up to a busy year and ideal introduction to 2020. Consisting of 5 glossy productions, Vetnough instantly captures listeners with their deeply, dark and captivating ambiance.

The first track on ‘Tired Sounds’ is “The Witches”, a stylish production with a looming vibe in juxtaposition with light melodies and speedy riffs. The song has an infectious sound that sticks with the listener as lead vocalist Julia Powell gives a powerful performance in symphony with the cascading rhythms performed by the band. “The Witches” is a strong start of what is to come and fans will only look for more.

“Shrine”, the second cut on the EP delivers a similar ambiance for fans who embrace the shadowy sounds discovered on “The Witches”. Listeners will enjoy the fusion of rock and electronic sounds performed on “Shrine”. Vetnough appears to be a collective master of reinvention, creating something new at every turn.

The next performance on ‘Tired Sounds’ is “Saint Elsewhere”, another distinct performance that the band has chosen to gift fans with. “Saint Elsewhere” is a chilling production with a ravishing musical score. Driving percussion, reverberating instrumentals, haunting melodies and emotive vocals drive “Saint Elsewhere” home. With songwriting that touches the mind, fans will find yet another work that they will relate to on an organic scale.

One song on the EP that does have a rather nostalgic vibe is “Stale”, Vetnough delivers complex layers of sound which cannot be replicated. “Stale” performs with breathtaking highs and painful lows. Through the instrumentation, the performance cuts deep into the psyche. The track is heavy as discovered within the songwriting, but listeners will still grab on to some moments of liberation.

‘Tired Sounds’ concludes on a high note with “The Ants” an upbeat performance with an addictive rhythm and mysterious melodies. The song is an edgy interpretation that seems to embody not only frustration, but a victorious reckoning to behold.

Vetnough has delivered an unblemished performance fit for the turn of the century. From driving drums to spirited melodies and enchanting vocals, the energy on the ‘Tired Sounds’ will certainly awaken the mind if not leave you with a few chills. We love how Vetnough reintroduces indie music at its core and you will too.

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Based in Tampa, Florida, Vetnough consists of Julia Powell (guitar/vocals), Carlos Reyes (keyboards) and Christina Piasecki (drums). The three-piece indie band is known for their distinct sound which the band has continued to craft since their debut album release ‘Conversations’. ‘Tired Sounds’, the band’s latest EP comes after a gulf coast tour the trio embarked on in 2019 following the release of ‘Conversations’. Known for their fusion of 80’s style synths, punchy drums and cryptic vocals, the band has drawn comparisons to the likes of Portishead, Mazzy Star and Alt-j to name a few. Since the band’s inception in 2018, they have received accolades from across the indie music scene. ‘Tired Sounds’ is available on all major digital music platforms. Learn more about the band and connect with Vetnough by following the links below

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