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Kathy Ingraham Single Cherish Out Now

Must Have Jazz Sounds

Vocalist Kathy Ingraham has just released her latest single, “Cherish”, a jazz performance with sultry lyrics and powerful vocals, certain to take fans back to some of the finest moments in music when substance and raw talent reigned supreme. “Cherish” is a warm breeze and delightful detour from the common, that brings listeners to the roots of Rhythm & Blues. Smooth instrumentals, along with Kathy’s pristine vocals make “Cherish” an enjoyable jazz escape that will resonate with true music lovers.

Kathy Ingraham has a beautiful voice and carries a stellar range which is apparent within just a few measures on “Cherish”. The single is a must have for your jazz music collection. In fact, everyone should have a jazz playlist to simply sit back, relax and decompress with or perhaps without cordials. Either way, Kathy’s voice will without a doubt soothe the mind and relax the soul.

“Cherish” is the perfect jazz song to set the tone with its moody expression and breathless energy. Fans of artists such as Tina Marie, Stephanie Mills and Minnie Riperton will certainly love the sounds of Kathy Ingraham. Check out her latest music release, now streaming on Soundcloud.

Listen to Kathy Ingraham Cherish on Soundcloud

Accomplished singer and songwriter Kathy Ingraham has performed on television and radio commercials for major brands such as McDonald’s Chrysler, ABC Network, Coke, Pepsi and countless others. Since 2014, when Kathy decided to solidify her place as an indie recording artist, she hasn’t broken a single step in her stride. The singer-songwriter has garnered an expansive list of projects to include solo work, singles and a growing roster of collaborations with other music composers and recording artists. “Little Things”, a 1960s retro pop-rock song is another win for Kathy in her soundtrack arsenal as the song is featured in “The Professor” Johnny Depp’s new film. On her latest release, “Cherish”, Kathy teams up with guitarist Elliott Randall (“Reelin In The Years”), jazz icon Pete Levin and on drums, Joel Rosenblatt (Spyro Gyra). Follow the links below to listen to more music by Kathy Ingraham.

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