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Rae du Soleil Self-Titled Album Out Now

Inspiring Indie Sounds

San Francisco-based singer and songwriter Rae du Soleil recently released her self-titled album ‘Rae du Soleil’. The album is a beautiful collection of Indie music with a youthful flair. The project includes 10 unique songs all with their own distinct personality. Rae du Soleil delivers endearing tales through her performances which exude emotion at every turn.

The first song on ‘Rae du Soleil’ is “I Love You Close” , a deep performance with heavy guitar riffs. Rae’s voice on this song is a fascinating combination of Indie, folk and rock sounds. Her vocals are distinct, performing in a way that is not frequently heard which makes her stand out early on.

“How I Feel” is the second cut on the album. The song delivers simplicity with an easy-listening score and a a vivid vocal performance. Rae performs inspiring harmonies as fans are captivated by delicate melodies. “How I Feel” is poetry to the ears. Listeners will linger on to the words of this production with relatable emotions.

The album continues with “Take Me Back”, a soulful track with a bluesy feel. Heavy drums and dramatic chords highlight this performance along with Rae’s mature vocals. “Take Me Back” gets into the feelings with darker ambiance and sultry riffs.

“Inevitable Sh!t” ramps up the energy as the follow on to the previous three performances. Although this particular track is edgier, there is a comfortable contrast with Rae’s warm vocals. Driving guitars and percussion make “Inevitable Sh!t” a catchy song that is memorable in its overall execution.

Another gem that fans will discover on the album, is “New Bones” a thought-provoking performance with very emotional moments. New bones is also a catchy production that fans will consume with affection. Rae continues to showcase her prowess as a performer, singer and songwriter.

“Serenity” changes the tone of the album with a more uplifting feel despite the song’s title. The performance is an enjoyable fusion of soft rock sounds and elements of country. Rae delivers a fast-paced vocal performance while navigating different ranges.

The upbeat feel of “Rae du Soleil’ progresses with “Learning to Be Loved” an inspiring performance delivered by the singer-songwriter. As Rae sings, “our lessons in love, a shot in the dark”, fans will find that “Learning to Be Loved” is a track that will resonate with their own experiences.

The energy on the album starts do slow down on “Forgiveness” a melodic performance that explores the concept of forgiveness of oneself. The song is an empowering one that challenges the status quo by confronting tough choices in a relationship.

Redemption is found on “Another Road”, another inspirational performance that moves listeners. “Another Road” is a beautiful song that grapples with choices, change and courage. Rae inspires fans to take another road as they journey while capturing all that is beautiful along the way as she sings, “a straight map is guaranteed”.

‘Rae du Soleil’ concludes with “The Gallery” a song in which the artist paints her own truth and reality. “The Gallery” is a meaningful performance that touches the soul while conveying originality. The perfect finish to a masterful album, Rae du Soleil does a fantastic job of sending out a genuine message that music fans will appreciate.

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Based in San Francisco, California, Rae du Soleil has been featured on numerous magazines and platforms including Indie Band Guru, Thrive Global, Medium, Music Mecca and many more. Described by Indie Band Guru as, “a ray of empathy for those needing it most”, Rae du Soleil, who performs in English and French, is on a mission to create and connect with fans. Her music is centered on “courage, vulnerability, empathy and empowerment” ( A college student, Rae can be found performing regularly along the Pacific Northwest and has commenced work on a book of poetry. The college Sophomore is involved in several community organizations and projects. Learn more about Rae du Soleil by following the links below.

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