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bounce it back-mojo mayne

Mojo Mayne Bounce It Back

Party on Deck

Artist Mojo Mayne has just released a club-ready rap track with “Bounce It Back”. Rap fans missing the famous rump shaking sounds of yesterday will quickly lend an ear to the newest sound from Mojo Mayne who unapologetically lets us know what he is looking for. “Bounce It Back” has the potential to be one of the next hot viral dance tracks to spark a challenge or perhaps the next TikTok wave.

Ultimately Mojo Mayne delivers a catchy rap song with fun bounce beats and proper flows. “Bounce It Back” will strike listeners as a certified party song with a lasting flavor and ageless appeal. It’s been a while since most people have discovered a rap record that will make them actually want to dance, but Mojo Mayne seems to have it all figured out.

Check out the latest song from Mojo Mayne “Bounce It Back” on Soundcloud below.

Listen to Mojo Mayne Bounce It Back on Soundcloud

Having signed a distribution deal in 2018 with Bungalo Records/UMGD, Mojo Mayne started charting radio playlists early on. Previously an independent artist, the rapper charted at #10 on the Hip Hop Top 30 and on the Billboard Hot Singles on #12 in 2017. Continuing his rise, the talented artist is currently working on an upcoming album with his band WinkLoveLoss. Follow both Mojo Mayne and WinkLoveLoss on Facebook for the latest. Stop by Spotify to get in tune with Mojo Mayne’s music.

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