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Lynne Taylor Donovan, “Sugar Lake” Contemporary Country/Pop Track

Lynne Taylor Donvan“Sugar Lake” is a contemporary country pop track that easily unites with the dynamic vocals of Lynne Taylor Donavan.  The upbeat and flowing vocals surges through with the bluesy and jazzy guitar and fiddle. The fresh lyrics catches the complex patterns that are so easily expressed by Lynne.  The rhythmic instrumentation and lively vocals interweave and brings forth a brand new country pop flavor.

Lynne’s passionate storytelling style flows with soaring crests and ebbs that is pleasing and endearing to the listener’s ear.  It is the type of track that reverberates in your head and heart, leaving you breathless and consumed. The awesome fiddle infused guitar compliments Lynne’s intricate voice range.  This musical journey is infused with passion and distinct layers of   modern interpretive instrumentation, leaving you fulfilled and transformed.

Based in Canada, Lynne Taylor Donovan is an established international artistic contemporary country singer. She conveys her music in a pure organic form yet with profound musical range and passion; having a definite modern twist with worldwide-appeal.  At the tender age of 16, she had the opportunity to host her own television show in Vancouver, ‘The Lynne Donovan Show’. This marked the beginning of her musical journey which has crossed oceans and continents, making her an international and recognized talented artist.

Lynne, a creative and innovative artist continues to enrich the music scene with fresh, country, pop infused music that appeals to desirous ears. Stay connected to Lynne Taylor Donovan through her Official Website

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