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L’illon Warrior Angel Instrumental – Love Frequency Fresh Pop Music Ecstasy

LOVEFREQUENCY1International singer, songwriter, L’illon recently released ‘Love Frequency” from the Warrior Angel albumL’illon’s Warrior Angel album debuts as the 1st Lucid Pop genre to the public.  ‘Love Frequency” song ‘I Wonder” has a fast-paced tempo that calls your inner being to explode with dynamic energy.  L’illon’s ‘Love Story’ is hot, vibrant, rhythmic, and loving song; which is an inspiration to any listener’s heart. ‘Navigate Me Home’ is an arrangement that both soothes and ignites life, loving, and living. Indeed, ‘Smile Once More’ an   instrumental interlude will make you smile and sway with a loving aura of energy. ‘Untouchable’ has a romantic piano tune that dominates the spirit and quickly draws you into the essence of the song. The compilation of each track embraces a connection to life, living, peace, and love; listeners will be intrigued by the intricate melodies, beats and tempos.  One will come away wanting more of lucid pop flavor.

‘Love Frequency’ is an explicit example of high quality, fresh style of lucid pop.  Washington, D.C. was the birthplace of lucid pop and L’illon is the trailblazer that is giving the public a plethora of this intricate sensual style of music.  Combining a mixture of genres across the decades has birth a dynamic and all-encompassing genre; waiting for the public to take in and flow with. Imagine the syncopation of sounds that will help you reach a harmony and ecstasy of healing, peace, and love through the instrumental sound. Check out additional music, news, and projects by visiting L’illon on her Official Website.

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