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86 nights Lil Dream

Lil Dream 86 Nights EP

Dark, Gritty & A Little Bit Dreamy

Artist Lil Dream has just released his latest project, an EP titled ‘86 Nights’. The EP is a collection of five lit tracks featuring the latest artistic innovations courtesy of Lil Dream. Conjuring up the most timely stylings of the moment, the D.C.-based rapper is raking up plays on digital apps. ‘86 Nights’ is a vivid form of storytelling at its finest, filled with rich metaphors and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, not for the faint of heart. 

The first cut on the EP is “Wipeout” a bouncy hip hop track where Lil Dream immediately introduces listeners to his spitfire flows and elastic wordplay. “Wipeout” is an upbeat production with an addicting rhythm that is suitable for the club or weekend drifts with the squad. Money, visions of wealth and big dreams are what’s up “Wipeout”.

Lil Dream blesses fans with “Benz Truck” another current production that encompasses the most sought after sounds in hip hop today. Benz Truck is a fantasy turned to reality as the artist entices listeners with catchy metaphors and relatable lyrical content. The track has a gritty edge while delivering some deeper vibes. Lil Dream spits some savage bars on “Benz Truck” while breaking hearts over the money green, sorry ladies!

The ever-melodic and ambient production “Trust” is a slower tempo cut still focused on the thematic elements found on the earlier tracks. The drop has a darker energy than “Wipeout” and “Benz Truck” but listeners can tune into Lil Dream’s past, present and visions for the future on “Trust”. Lil Dream reminds fans that he is back on his bullshit and there is no stopping him from achieving his wildest dreams (no pun intended).

‘86 Nights’ begins to wind down with C.D.G, a pounding rap record that goes heavy on the bass and sharp on the lyrical content. Dropping luxury bands juxtaposed with street anthem styles, C.D.G. is a unique fusion where the high life meets the underground. 

The EP concludes with “Blow Ya Day”, another solid track with catching vibes and playful melodies. Lil Dream delivers a salacious rap performance laced with explicit lyrics and lusty metaphors. Fans with a fetish will love the rated X approach on “Blow Ya Day”.

‘86 Nights’ by Lil Dream is a strong EP with some fascinating moments. The combination of tracks the artist has included with the project showcases a wide range of styles, including the most current sounding production and lyrical prowess which today’s music fans enjoy the most. Lil Dream is clearly a talented rapper who embodies the definition of lit while giving an unfiltered view into his distinct experience. 

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DC-based rapper Lil Dream is ready to set the industry on fire with his latest music release ‘86 Nights’. The artist is widely recognized for his skills as both a lyricist and a music producer. As a notable achievement, the artist undertook the recording, production and mastering of the EP ‘86 Nights’. All eyes are on Lil Dream as he storms the digital music sphere, having gained the support of fans and fellow artists such as Grammy-nominated rap artist GoldLink.

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