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fire me up-gemtarra

Gemtarra Fire Me Up

Alternative Rock Sounds Ignite the Scene

Philadelphia band Gemtarra is igniting the world with the latest release of their single “Fire Me Up” from their upcoming EP “Fired Up”. “Fire Me Up” is a hard-driving performance with uptempo guitar riffs and vigorous energy. Although the band sings, “enough is enough, I’ve had enough” fans however, will absolutely crave for more. 

Delivering powerful rock vocals laced with funky harmonies, “Fire Me Up” is a moving Alternative rock song that sets itself apart from current trends while still touching a modern audience. The song could easily perform as the soundtrack to an epic adventure film as it billows with righteous intensity.

The band captures the best elements of alternative music and rock while showcasing genuine musicianship. The instrumentation on “Fire Me Up” is on a level that today’s music consumers are not necessarily privy to unless they are digging deep into the classic crates of ages past. “Fire Me Up” is a refreshing performance that stirs the atmosphere. Gemtarra pushes the limit while sharing with fans a knack for originality that will transcend time.

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Philly-based band Gemtarra was founded by twin sisters Gina and Tina Cieri. An interesting fact about the collaboration is that the band’s name is a fusion of the Italian terms ‘Gemilli’ meaning twins and ‘Chitarra’ meaning guitar. Since the band’s inception as an original trio called “Prima Donna”, they secured numerous accolades and soard to the top of college radio playlists across the country. With a fresh new name and featuring the sister duo on songwriting and guitars along with Bryan Freddish (bass), Sunny Dee (drums, Megan Glaubitz (lead singer), and Tawana Simons (percussion), the band has reinvented itself and is set to ignite the world with their forthcoming EP ‘Fired Up’. The project was recorded at the renowned Studio 4 in Conshohocken with Phil Nicolo, a Grammy-award-winning Producer and Engineer. “Fire Me Up” and “Jealous Heart”, two of the singles off of the EP are now streaming across all digital music stores. Follow the link below to stay up to date on the sounds of Gemtarra.

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