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Jon Yoon Ukulele Songwriter Releases Official Lyric Video for Song I Wanna Meet Bill Nye



Things in the world seem more out of control than usual lately and it is always refreshing to hear an uplifting song to brighten the spirit. Ukulele Singer and Songwriter Jon Yoon has a pleasant surprise for music fans looking for some lighthearted energy. His latest release “I Wanna Meet Bill Nye” is the perfect remedy for curing the lemons that life tosses our way. Pharrell Williams inspired people with “Happy” in 2013, and most recently Justin Timberlake got people up and dancing in 2016 with “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from the Trolls movie; now, Jon Yoon is making fans smile and bringing awareness to STEM with one of the most unique and beautiful sounding instruments in the world, his Oscar Schmidt Willie K tenor ukulele.

Jon Yoon

Jon Yoon, who is based in Seattle wrote the song about Bill Nye a popular figure in science that almost everyone recognizes regardless of their age especially due to his famous television program Bill Nye the Science Guy. The song, which is played on Jon’s Ukulele is bright, full of positive vibes and undoubtedly fun to listen to. Jon Yoon’s presence on stage has been compared to Bill Nye’s and we must say the song is certainly entertaining. Jon recorded a lyric video to go along with his song and it is already gaining traction on YouTube since its release in March. Check out the video below.

Watch Jon Yoon (I Wanna Meet) Bill Nye Streaming Now on YouTube

What is really awesome about the song “I Wanna Meet Bill Nye” is that it really inspires adults and children alike. It is no secret that math and science are two of the subjects that students often have trouble grasping however, they are absolutely necessary when it comes to advancing our breadth of knowledge and making valuable contributions to innovations now and in the future. It is rather moving to see an adult using his platform to make a difference. In reference to the video’s depiction of a student doodling and the idea that a girl love science and wishes to meet Bill Nye, Jon states, “I chose a girl as the one wanting to meet Bill because I felt that it would be cool to have a girl represented and it would be a tip of the hat to all the girls who are interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).” Way to go Jon!

Jon Yoon enlisted the help of a good friend Amanda Drewniak from Ardor Creative Media to handle digital animation on the video along with Ken Christensen of Kenjamin Art & Design. David Patrick Miner from Chartreuse Muffin Studio produced the song.

Jon-YoonJon Yoon’s music can be described as Ukulele Acoustic Pop. He is a multi-instrumentalist and began taking piano lessons as a youth and continued throughout his academic career into college. Jon is originally from Chicago but calls Seattle home. Jon’s music is rooted in a wide range of genres that extend from artists such as Jason Mraz to Bill Withers plus many others. He has performed with a roster of talented artists as well as the Seattle Rock Orchestra. Jon’s performances consist of both original songs and popular covers and he is said “to make a big musical impact with a tiny instrument” ( Having had the opportunity to listen to Jon’s other material in the past (Check out our 2014 review of Jon’s EP ‘Purple Roses, Coffee Beans, and All Things in Between), the team at G&S would most definitely agree.

“I Wanna Meet Bill Nye” was released on March 1st, 2017 and is currently available in all digital music stores including iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp and Spotify.

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