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Global Music Powerhouse A&L Releases 5th Single “Singing My Life Away”


The latest release from world-renowned music group A&L “Singing My Life Away” is an upbeat song with certified feel-good vibrations. The track is one of several singles from their EP ‘Just for Fun’. If you are looking for an enjoyable listening experience, carefree music, and some inspiring lyrics, then A&L is the ultimate answer. Delivering a fantastic fusion of pop, rock, and indie style, “Singing My Life Away” is a refreshing splash of cool waves with a slightly nostalgic feel.

From vocalist Lana Marie’s sassy and energetic vocals on lead to the rock-infused guitar styles from music guru Anthony Casuccio, “Singing My Life Away” performs like a VIP party anthem with massive global appeal. The song has a distinct presence that cannot be felt in today’s music while encompassing a seasoned flair that only the pros can deliver. “Singing My Life Away” is a powerful tune with a strong message and driving instrumentals.

A&L never gets exhausted on the production and keeps the energy at an all time high. Organically uplifting, the song’s music score in combination with an epic vocal performance is able to breathe new life into popular genres that defined music’s pioneering ages. “Singing My Life Away” is however, a song for the ages that transcends time and ignores geographic boundaries.

Fans will enjoy listening to the heartfelt emotion behind every piece of songwriting while embracing the positive nature of the song. A&L’s passion for their craft is evident throughout the entire performance which is most captivating as experienced through what sounds to be a very personal story. Watch and Listen to A&L “Singing My Life Away” now streaming on YouTube.

Watch A&L Singing My Life Away on YouTube

The duo A&L consists of three-time Grammy nominated, 20-year music veteran Anthony Casuccio and award-winning vocalist Lana Marie. Between the two, both have garnered a number of accolades including features in major music publications and chart-topping performances. Anthony was the recipient of RIAA certified gold records for his work in production while Lana Marie’s vocals have been featured on radio and television. AL& has grown into a global force having been featured in a myriad of music industry publications. In addition, the duo has had their music top charts in Europe.

The latest release from A&L, the EP ‘Just for Fun’, the band states, “symbolizes how we started this musical endeavor…just for fun. It is a culmination of our 5 singles and a bonus mix of our song “Singing My Life Away”. Three out of 5 singles from the collection reached the Top 20 on the Euro Indie Music Top 100 Charts. Learn more about A&L by following the links below.

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