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Band We Are Doom Debut EP ‘The D’ is Intensely Modern

We Are DoomWhen you encounter a group musicians who happen to go by the name We Are Doom, what you might expect to witness is a post-apocalyptic cataclysm of sorts. Are you scared yet? If you are a boy band you should be. Even more chilling however, is the fact that the opposite holds true for the Colorado-based band. Upon discovering We Are Doom’s latest EP release titled ‘The D’, you will quickly realize that the sounds being performed are anything but destructive. In fact, ‘The D’ is a modern collection of trendy yet, eclectic songs that seem to restore balance to current music climate.

If you find yourself reminiscing about rock music from the 90s and the early naughties, you will enjoy taking a listen to ‘The D’. Punk fan? Alternative lover? EDM much? No issues there, ‘The D’ has you covered. We Are Doom, who describes their style as indie-electronic-alternative hails from Denver, Colorado and delivers a performance that is just about as scenic as the Centennial State itself. Listeners can expect to be immersed in a myriad of genres carefully crafted and fused together to create an original sound.

While electronic music has experienced quite an upsurge in mainstream music and pop continues to reign as King, alternative fans are often left feeling abandoned as their favorite bands venture to adopt unrecognizable styles. Modern rock acts find success while holding on to the nuances of classic rock, and technology has forged the most unlikely collaborations. While Taylor Swift has been crowned a media maven, 1D bids farewell and the rest of us are wondering why the term “boy band” has yet to be retired if they still aren’t actually playing instruments.

Whatever holds true for today’s feisty music consumer, the fact is that music will continue to converge, morph, and reinvent itself. Musicians that are keenly aware of this are likely to succeed and those that are not will inevitably be lost among the “what ever happened to one-hit wonders”. Staying power requires a timeless classic that is created today and still loved tomorrow. We Are Doom seems to have this figured out; not only does this band croon out some remarkable harmonies, they play instruments as too. Performing 8 original songs for the masses, We Are Doom gives music lovers a delectable taste of what is to come.

The Rundown: We Are Doom ‘The D’

Inside the Tracks

‘The D’ opens up with an upbeat track titled “Ignite”. The synth-driven production performs flawlessly with glossy instrumentals and dance-infused rhythms. The convergence of pop-rock vocals, rich music composition, and free-spirited electronic layers make the track an instant favorite for anyone who enjoys uplifting music.

“Ignite” is followed by “Shooting Star”, a mature mix with a distinct presence. Righteous instrumentals and lush harmonies wash over the production with the greatest of ease. We Are Doom demonstrates their vast soundscape very early in the EP as each track delivers its own energy.

Up next, the band performs “Feels Like Paradise”, a fun number with massive appeal. “Feels Like Paradise” could easily be an club hit as it delivers plenty of energy and a mainstream performance. The song’s flirty lyrics intertwine fabulously with the sultry electronic layers.

Throwback fans of bands such as Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Blink 182 will get a kick out of “Harmonixxx”, an upbeat alternative number with reverberating guitars and intense percussion. We Are Doom channels their inner Nirvana on “G.D.S.” another passionate number with punk conventions, speedy riffs, and powerful vocals.

The EP remains set to high-octane on “Sail Away”, another strong number with rock-infused instrumentals and vivid storytelling. The band then softens the edge with “We’ll Find A Way”, a melodic track with pop vocals and heartfelt lyrics. “We’ll Find A Way” is a lighthearted mix with delicate synths and colorful melodies. Concluding with a resounding production on “Spider Webs”, We Are Doom wraps up the EP with fierce instrumentals and driving rhythms that grip the spirit with youthful exuberance.

In summary, ‘The D’ is the type of release that will either have you heading to the club or diving into a mosh pit. The juxtaposition of throwback alternative elements and modern electronic instrumentals provide a fascinating interpretation of today’s young artists and their experiences in the world around them. ‘The D’ is a highly relatable EP that delivers addicting music that is performed with immaculate precision. Though the band considers themselves to be indie, their production style is anything but. Listeners can anticipate polished numbers that are cut to pure perfection, musical dope for the ear.

Listen to We Are Doom Ignite, Streaming Now on Soundcloud

We Are Doom is comprised of Jerry Vargas (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Wesley Pasillas (Drums), Tony Millan (Bass), and Julio Antillion (Guitar). Combined, the band members have almost 10 years of experience as musicians and were for the most part self-taught multi-instrumentalists. Citing influences such as The Hives, The Strokes, Bloc Party, Muse, the Rolling Stones, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and many others, the band formed and decided to develop their own unique style. We Are Doom is based in Denver, Colorado and performs at several different venues across the state. ‘The D’, the debut EP from We Are Doom was released on August 19th and is currently available for purchase at digital music stores. Learn more about We Are Doom by visiting their official website at

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