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marquette king-this side

Marquette King Music Release This Side

New Year-New Club Banger

Pro football player Marquette King has blessed his fans with the release of “This Side” featuring Annabelle. The track which is produced to seamless execution features classic bass beats and dance melodies. “This Side” encompasses all of the makings of a party record complete with syncopated synths, bottles popping and an infectious hook. Artist Annabelle lends some female rap bars to the track to give the production some dimension.

Marquette King reminds us that haters can keep it moving left as his side is the best side. “This Side” is a relevant song that delivers pop appeal while serving a fusion of R&B vocals and rap lyricism. The production creates the perfect harmony for fans needing to refresh their mindset. Music lovers who enjoy the styles of artists such as Flo-Rida will love Marquette King’s “This Side”.

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Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Marquette King has dubbed himself a “pop-hop” artist. Performing a fusion of pop and hip-hop music, Marquette’s foray into music took a fascinating turn. Having launched a career in professional sports as an NFL punter for the Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos, it was time off during an injury that moved Marquette to explore his passion for making music. In 2019, the athlete and artist released regular “hot tracks” throughout the year. He has decided to kick off 2020 with “This Side”. Fans can expect an upcoming release on the horizon titled “Past You”. Keep up with Marquette King’s music by following the links below.

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