curly hairWant to keep your hair ultimately moisturized? Learn proper ways to hydrate your locks!

Proper hydration is the main prerequisite of healthy and beautiful hair. Keeping your hair hydrated sometimes becomes quite challenging, but women have learned how to overcome this challenge:


  1. Reduce washing frequency

Excessively frequent washing is a threat to the moisture balance of your hair. Over-washing deprives your locks of precious natural oils and essential moisture, so you should slow down. Experts at Prestige Beauty Salon recommend washing your hair not more often than every other day.


  1. Moisturizing properties

If you fail to provide your hair with enough moisture, you should definitely renew arsenal of your hair products. Go to the store and look for products with moisturizing properties. They will keep your locks hydrated and eliminate the chance of getting dry.


  1. Don’t ignore conditioner

According to experts at Prestige Beauty Salon, conditioner is the richest source of moisture, that’s why you should never ignore it. Moisturizing properties of this product will help you to keep your locks hydrated and have no worries about moisture level of your hair.


  1. Keep your body hydrated

Hydrated hair starts with a hydrated body. Very few people actually drink enough water and seem to be fine with it. However, you should give your body 2 liters of water every day, and your hair will appreciate it!


  1. Avoid drying ingredients

Not all hair products were created equal, and you should strongly avoid some of them. Alcohol-based products, for example, tend to disrupt proper moisture balance and make your hair feel dry. Wise choices at the store can help you to prevent serious hair problems, so be attentive!


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Nunaat Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System

Nunaat Brazilian Patauá

Nunaat Brazilian PatauáI stopped putting hair relaxer in my hair 3 years ago and also did my big chop just two years ago. My hair, which was shoulder length at the time was very damaged from a number of reasons and I got completely fed up from dealing with it. When I cut my hair shorter than a pixie, I was pretty disappointed about how little styles I could actually do with it. So, after wearing it as short curly-fro for several months I later started keeping it in cornrows and wearing my famous wigs on top. Once my hair reached a desirable length, I was able to put it in a bun and used various creams, gels, and pomades for edge control. My hair held up great for a while but this year I noticed that it became increasingly difficult to deal with.

A few months ago, I was looking for a solution that would make my hair more manageable without having to resort to relaxing my hair. I liked the idea of not applying chemicals (when I did have a relaxer I only had it done maybe twice a year because my hair is relatively soft and quite thin). Since “going natural”, my hair lacked movement, constantly stayed dry, and always looked dull. Applying all sorts of organic oils and butters only caused my face to breakout, weight my hair down, and stained my pillows horribly at night.

While shopping for beauty supplies at a local shop, I came across the Nunaat Brazilian Keratin treatment and gave it a try. After using the system, my hair was in stellar condition for about a month. I could manage to wear it in many different styles and had a good deal of movement.

In the last two months or so, my hair has started to take on a mind of its own. It is back to being completely uncooperative and as a working woman, I simply do not have the time to fight it into submission every day.

Brazilian Patauá (pronounced pa-ta-wah)

I recently had the opportunity to try out a brand new product from Nunaat called the Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System. Now before the naturals get all out of sorts, “going natural” just isn’t for everybody. I tried it, and it didn’t work so I am happy to explore new products. I was a little bit nervous about applying the relaxer but any and all anxieties left once I applied the Brazilian Patauá Oil Revitalizing Shampoo. After a single application, my hair was extremely soft.

I will say that after applying the relaxer, my hair was still very curly and I experienced a fleeting moment of disappointment, but I did like the fact that my curls were looser and they weren’t completely gone. I was just concerned that the relaxer had not done what I wanted it to do. I was wrong, I ran the blow dryer through my hair and it felt lightweight, soft, and it was very shiny.

If you are thinking about going back to a relaxer treatment, I would recommend the Nunaat Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System and here is why:

  • It does not have harsh smell.
  • It is very gentle
  • The complete system leaves the hair amazingly soft and manageable

Here is what you’ll get with the system:

  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System
  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Revitalizing Shampoo-sulfate-free
  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisturizing Conditioner-detangling and moisture-enhancing,
  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Shine Enhancing Thermal Protect Lotion- includes wheat proteins to protect from damage and breakage.
  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Wrap Setting Mousse (I did not use this because I heat-styled my hair with a blow-dryer after the application). This mousse can be used to create many different styles from straight to curly, roller sets, rod sets, or used for dryer sets.

Nunaat, is described as coming from the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. The brand blended together Patauá Oil and Pracaxi Oil to develop the Ultimate Hydrating Moisture Infusion Care System. The system is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, which is no wonder the hair felt so soft after applying it.

The product is designed for a range of hair types to include textured hair that is relaxed or naturalistas looking for natural products (shampoo, conditioner, thermal enhancing protection lotion, and wrap setting mousse).


If you are interested in giving this or any other Nunaat products a try, you can find the brand at your nearest retailer by visiting the company’s website at www.nunaat.com and entering your zip code. You can also purchase products directly at http://nunaatonline.com/

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beautiful summer hair

beautiful summer hairWant your hair to look ultimately gorgeous during this summer season? Follow these easy tips and enjoy natural beauty of your locks.

Maintenance of naturally gorgeous hair is a very difficult job, especially in summer season. Fortunately, we’ve prepared a list of summer tips to keep you going through this time:

  1. Minimize heat tools


There is no need to overload your hair with additional heat. Summer weather is hot enough, so we recommend to keep the use of heated appliances to a minimum.

  1. Infuse with moisture



Risk of losing moisture and suffering from it is extremely high during summertime. Maintain proper moisture balance with the help of a conditioner to keep your locks hydrated.

  1. Apply UV protection



Excessive exposure to direct sun rays can cause undesired sun damage that is not easy to restore. Apply products with UV filters to be safe.

  1. Avoid chlorine damage



Summer means swimming pools with chlorinated water. Swimming cap, conditioner and clarifying shampoo will help you to shield your hair from nasty chemicals.

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nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask Reducing Frizz

nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Hair Mask

nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Hair MaskLast month we decided to experiment with a Brazilian Keratin treatment at home. Earlier this year we went to a local salon and paid about $175 for a treatment that was supposed to last for about 2 months. The treatment was great but paying that much every two months is well, kind of annoying to be honest. I headed over to one of my favorite hair shops in Virginia Beach nBeauty and picked up the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask. I also picked up the Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner for my mini-me and I to try. We are both natural with curly hair.




Check out the before:

nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask



We applied the shampoo and followed up with the nuNAAT Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair Mask. We left the mask on for about 20 minutes while we chatted it up and then rinsed it out. The results were amazing. Both the shampoo and the mask left the hair feeling soft and manageable. After a quick blow-dry and one or two passes with the flat iron, the hair was full of bounce and movement with absolutely no residue.





The after

nuNAAT Brazilian Hair Mask












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