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Artist EsZ (Erron’s Attic) Brings GTA 5 Mayhem to Life on Latest Release ‘Up in The Clouds’

ESZArtist EsZ is brining luring listeners into the mind of a fervent video gamer on his fresh-cut track release “Up in the Clouds”. While bringing the mayhem of GTA 5 to life with complex metaphors, the track seizes the ear with arresting energy. As EsZ lyrically wanders between a fictitious realm and glimpses of reality, one cannot help but be drawn into the fascinating yet perplexing adventure that is to ensue.

For video game noobs just getting their chops wet, “Up in the Clouds” would orchestrate an effective greeting with the award-winning game that continues to soar in popularity. In a rather inventive manner, EsZ enables listeners to get familiar with nuances of game, experience scenes in great detail, and meet the acquaintance of important characters from a first-person point of view. With lyrics like “this is a game but I ain’t playin”, we suspect however, after studying the artist’s earlier work, that there is more to “Up in the Clouds” than meets the eye.

EsZ, who happens to have a gift for words not often seen since the emergence of artists like Kanye West in ’96, is known for creating illustrative observations of the world around him. These observations frequently include the good, the bad and the ugly, all delivered in a gorgeous symphony of clever rhymes and tongue-twisting lyrical patterns. EsZ who says, “The song is about video game addiction and escaping reality”, makes his purpose known through various complexities interwoven throughout the track.

Surreal Adventures on EsZ Up in the Clouds Release

“Up in the Clouds” is an innovative track that builds with frantic intensity. The production mirrors the dark yet dreamy effects of the video game while contrasting imagination and reality. A catchy bass-line and ambient instrumentals haunt the score as EsZ’s performance brings the surreal adventure off-screen and into the mind.

It is no wonder that in just a short time, the track has garnered thousands of plays on streaming music sites. EsZ has a unique way of creating timely content that appeals to a contemporary audience. He does so by connecting with listeners using personal stories and relevant themes. In a time where narcissism runs on overdrive, what glitters must be gold, and when you are only as good as your best selfie, EsZ brings music fans back down to reality as an intuitive artist. Keeping nothing on reserve and giving an unapologetic performance, the New York-based artist tells a story that almost anyone can relate to.  Amidst what initially seems like an ode to shiny cars and rims, big booty strippers, and guns-a-blazin’, there is a twist. EsZ tells us “Up in the Clouds” is, “a metaphor for the rap game..fame”.

Listen to EsZ (Erron’s Attic) “Up in the Clouds”, Now Streaming on Soundcloud.

Based in Brooklyn, hip hop artist EsZ is not only an artist but a force to be reckoned with. He is a one-man creative collective that blends the worlds of art and music into a fascinating experience. The artist who in his interview with Underground Hip Hop Blog cites influences such as Jay-Z, Eminem, Naz, and many others, has a distinct style that resounds with a wide audience. Dig into more music, art, and find out what’s hot off the press for EsZ on his Official Website

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