Fletch Towell Band Come On Now Baby Captures Audiences A Highly-Energetic Rock-Fusion with Infectious Appeal

Fletch Towell Band



Chicago band Fletch Towell Band released ‘Come On Now Baby’ a highly-energetic rock song with funky rhythms and infectious harmonies. The band delivers unblemished instrumentals that capture the audience with bold presence. “Come on Now Baby” is unlike any other performance you’ll ever get to experience as the band has created their own unique hybridization of genres which span the scope of jazz, blues, progressive rock.

‘Come On Now Baby’ is a groundbreaking production with distinct mass appeal. The artistry and instrumentation presented by the four musicians transcend time and will undoubtedly reach vast audience on a global scale without regard to age. While music lovers continue to search for the sounds that they have been longing for in a pop-saturated soundscape, Fletch Towell Band delivers precisely the atmosphere needed to get fans out of their seats and onto the dance floor. “Come on Now Baby” is a party-perfect mix of soulful waves, edgy riffs, and feel-good vibrations.

Not too long ago, the band ventured out of the realm of their usual studio recording sessions and decided to record ‘Come On Now Baby’ live by popular demand. The band headed to the renowned Underground Wonder Bar in Chicago to record the song and they also gifted fans with a BTS look with some video footage. Check out Fletch Towell Band, performing live below.

Watch Fletch Towell Band Perform their single “Come On Now Baby” Live at the Underground Wonder Bar in Chicago.


Get the Inside Scoop on Fletch Towell Band’s latest Project ‘Come On Now Baby”



Fletch Towell Band joined together in 2013 to introduce some new sounds to the masses. The band members which consist of Fletch Towell on keys and vocals, Mark Martinelli on drums, Jim Dodis on guitar and Phil Chester on bass, each bring years of professional music experience to the collaboration. “Come On Now Baby” is just one recently release by the dynamic band; they have a growing catalogue of music that is certain to inspire listeners from all walks of life.

The style that Fletch Towell Band performs has been described as “bluesy progressive rock”. Collectively they have been recognized for their distinct ability to please the crowd with an entertaining stage performance while not only delivery hype tunes, but meaningful ones as well. Discover the Fletch Towell Band at www.fletchtowellband.com.




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Fletch Towell Band Records Come On Now Baby Live at Underground Wonder Bar Chicago

Fletch Towell Band

Fletch Towell Band

If you are needing to be re-energized after a tough week, then Fletch Towell Band has a great, feel-good tune in store for your listening pleasure. The Chicago-based indie band decided to switch things up a bit from their usual studio recordings and by popular demand decided to record their song “Come On Now Baby” Live at the legendary Underground Wonder Bar Chicago, a hub for live music including jazz, blues, funk rock and other genres. Check out the video for Fletch Towell Band “Come on Now Baby” Live, streaming now on YouTube.

WATCH: Fletch Towell Band Recording “Come On Now Baby” Live at Underground Wonder Bar Chicago


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Fletch Towell Band_PromoPhoto_ver 7Fletch Towell Band, based in Chicago got their start in 2013. The band consists of Fletch Towell (keys and vocals), Mark Martinelli (drums), Jim Dodis (guitar), and Phil Chester (bass). Fletch Towell Band is known for their distinct sound which is an entertaining fusion of jazz/rock, pop, soul, and what could be described as bluesy progressive rock. The band is known for delivering phenomenal live shows that incorporate a variety of instrumentals, high-energy, material that fans can relate to. Music Reviewer Kristiina Heptig says, “The Fletch Towell Band’s talent is just too significant to ignore” (fletchtowellband.com). Learn more about Fletch Towell Band by following the links below.




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