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Hip Hop Maniac Presents Swampland Chronicles


Hip Hop Maniac is back with a new collaboration featuring an All-star ensemble of artists including Clay Ivory, George Skylar, Andrea Zattiero and Jimmy Ferris. “Swampland Chronicles” is the track and fans are in for a dope listening experience. The mix is a unique hybrid of elements that are entertaining and nostalgic, completely unconventional and righteously addicting.

Trenched Band

DJ Spank Master Boogie is an avant garde artist that is not afraid to color outside of the lines when it comes to producing edgy music. Here is a glimpse of what fans can expect on the track release.

“Swampland Chronicles” is a rare fusion of sounds which are drawn from several different genres. Again, DJ Spank Master Boogie is an original so the sounds heard on the track will be ones that have never been experienced before. The production is a mashup of underground hip-hop, metal music, rock, and soul harmonies. “Swampland Chronicles” exudes the balmy mist of southern Florida and the gritty essence of the dirty South.

Underground hip-hop fans will revel in the throwback vibe of the track while fans of alternative rock music will enjoy the instrumentation performed over the track. “Swampland Chronicles” is an upbeat song that is full of positive energy. The track is sonically enjoyable and instrumentally textured.

Andie Z

Andrea Z lends her vocals on the infectious hook which beckons to be repeated. The verses on the track create a unique visual experience while navigating through the many facets of life in the South. The instrumentals only enhance this experience, creating a scene that is as diverse as the area and its many influences. “Swampland Chronicles” is a story that is relatable, especially for people who are familiar with the nuances of the area which are expressed lyrically.


Listen to the latest track from Hip Hop Maniac “Swampland Chronicles”




Hip Hop Maniac

Omar Jefferson who goes by the moniker Spank Master Boogie is a vinyl enthusiast and self-proclaimed Hip Hop Maniac. The artist who is known for his signature fusion of sounds has been producing hype sounds for the masses and continues to evolve. His latest endeavor “Swampland Chronicles” is just one example of the various faces of Spank Master Boogie and his natural ability to create popular music. As an artist, he is a chameleon, able to morph before your ears and reinvent almost any style of music.  

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