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Best Makeup for Selfies: Revlon PhotoReady and AirBrush Effect

Revlon_Photo_Ready_Glitter_and_StilettosI am still a little bit weird about #seflies and kind of think they are a huge waste of time and somewhat narcissistic. TBH I really don’t get the point of filling up an entire feed on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with selfie pics, they get kind of boring after a while and make people appear really conceited but, I digress. It seems that selfies are just not going to go away, especially if there are even songs written about them. Anywho, all this selfie stuff got me wondering…how do celebrities and makeup gurus get their Instagram photos looking so darn perfect? They seem to have the perfect glow, flawless skin, and perfect complexion. It is fascinating because when you are walking into Starbucks, riding on the bus, or shopping in the mall, most girls do not look like the picture of  perfection. So what’s the deal? Besides the many filters available to blur out imperfections, I wondered what makeup girls are using to ensure that their selfies are always on #fleek?

I scooped up some Revlon PhotoReady Powder and PhotoReady AirBrush Effect to put these two products to the test. The Revlon PhotoReady Powder is supposed to make your skin look #perfect by removing shine and smoothing the skin tone for an even appearance. There are three different shades available: Fair/Light, Light/Medium, and Medium/Deep. I am not sure if these are enough options to cover the diverse assortment of hues that women across the world have but hey! who knows?

I also grabbed some Revlon PhotoReady AirBrush Effect Liquid Makeup. This product is supposed to offer light-filtering capabilities while blurring imperfections for a luminous and flawless finish. AirBrush Effect is available in 12 different shades. Check back for our full review with pics on both of these products as we put them to the #Selfie Test!

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