Celeste Buckingham BARE Album Exposes Raw Talent A Global Force in Music with a Powerful Presence

Celeste Buckingham

Celeste Buckingham

‘BARE’ the newest release by Swiss-American singer and songwriter Celeste Buckingham will leave you with chills. The album which is not the first for the young, but accomplished talent is a righteous show of force.  Celeste delivers a pristine performance and soul-stirring rhythms. She commands attention from the very first track on ‘BARE’ and continues to maintain a strong grip until the last cut fades out. There are simply not enough words to describe the experience of ‘BARE’ and do it justice but we will certainly try. The truth is, you will have to listen for yourself however, we present our finest attempt to capture the essence of ‘BARE’ which has left the girls at G&S going gaga for Celeste Buckingham.

The Music

The first track on the album “Paradise” is an instant hitmaker. Celeste asserts herself as a force to be reckoned with while performing flawless vocals and sweet harmonies. She has plenty of attitude to boot and kicks doors down at the same time. “Paradise” performs as an unapologetic anthem. The song has a distinct message that speaks volumes as the singer-songwriter croons, “this ain’t paradise, it’s as cold as ice though there is magic in your bones, I don’t understand”. Celeste doesn’t back down and the energy on this track is empowering and inspiring. Besides her amazing vocal performance, the instrumentals are equally as possessing.

“Addict”, another song on ‘BARE’ emerges with heavy bass-driven beats and funky synths. “The song presents as a chaotic track which embodies the frenzied lyrical content introduced by Celeste who spits a fury of rap bars. You can feel the emotional roller coaster she is taking fans on with the execution of every single lyric, verse and hook. “Addict” is without a doubt an intoxicating production that makes it cool to be slightly “unhinged”. We are perfectly okay with losing our minds with Celeste who sings, “losing my mind and I kind of like that”. So do we Celeste, so do we. Just when you thought the bar couldn’t get any higher with “Paradise”, “Addict” makes a slam dunk.

Speaking of the highly addicting sounds of Celeste Buckingham, you will want to continue indulging in musical libations on the track “Intoxicated”. The track is incredibly emotional as you can feel the heart and soul pouring out of Celeste’s vocals. The song has an inspiring message that fans will relate to. Digging into the conflict of addiction using gorgeous metaphors, “Intoxicating” is an uncut view into the ethos of a musician, the essence of an artist.

Celeste turns down ever so slightly on “All This” a track that slays with a clean beat and slicing lyrics. Celeste transitions between tight, gritty vocals and soft, lingering melodies. “All This” is another emotive track that exhibits frustrations which are of course relatable to the masses. As Celeste sings, “all this”, listeners can capture the exasperation in her voice. She does a wonderful job creating a contrasting listening experience. Celeste performs in such a manner that fans are able to journey with her, feeling every note from start to finish.

Celeste demonstrates her diversity as a singer-songwriter on “Rose” a guitar-driven song that presents with acoustic nuances. “Rose” is a stunning performance that speaks to the elements of a traditional ballad. Celeste continues to showcase her wide vocal range while giving fans a different, softer perspective. “Rose” has a more somber feel, the track is moving and feels very personal.

“Go Away” another uptempo track on the album returns to the bold vibes heard on the previous tracks. Celeste delivers a dance-worthy performance on “Go Away” while incorporating some reggae-infused vibes. The message on the track is self-assured and authoritative. Both women and men will find the courage and confidence refreshing in this particular track which happens to take a firm stand. Celeste has released a music video for “Go Away” and it is fire. Check out the visual display below.

The Visuals

Watch Celeste Buckingham “Go Away”

The next track that Celeste blesses fans with on ‘BARE’ is “Selfish”. “Selfish” is a reflective track that explores a myriad of introspective moments. The song offers catchy, synth-heavy elements which inspire subtle head-nods. “Selfish” is a slower tempo production which provides the space for Celeste to display her diversity as an artist. “Selfish” is certain to bring out the feels for fans who enjoy a song with meaningful lyrics.

Another moving track on ‘BARE’ is “Immature”, which communicates a direct message while speaks to the challenges of various relationships. Celeste says all of the things that everyday people are thinking without a care. She lures fans in with soft and alluring hooks before snatching them up with the intense “Why are you! Why are you! Why are you!” refrains.

Approaching the album’s close is “Trip” a sultry song that delivers soulful harmonies and exuberant melodies. “Trip” has a distinct R&B flair as carried through Celeste’s passionate vocals. The song is an easy listen and embodies the throwback nuances that mature audiences frequently crave.

‘BARE’ closes out with the heartfelt performance on “Time is Ours”. The song is punctuated by a series of hypnotic piano chords which roll endlessly over the track as Celeste sings a profound tune. “Time is Ours” is an uplifting song that captures the ear with lingering presence and strong emotional appeal.

Celeste Buckingham, on ‘BARE’ has served up a dynamic listening experience for music fans. She delivers a wildly modern sound while delivering her own distinct style. Though her sound is reminiscent to artists such as P!nk and Jessie J, she has truly created a lane of her own. Every single song on the album exudes strong emotion which is noticeably conveyed through Celeste’s vocal prowess. She delivers songwriting content that is relevant and relatable to a wide audience, void of generational boundaries. ‘BARE’ is deep, soulful and infectious but, in retrospect cannot be categorized into a single genre. The tracks on the album range from those that include pop influences to others that encompass hip-hop,  R&B, soul and rock elements.  While ‘BARE’ exposes the best of Celeste Buckingham, our guess is that the album is only an introduction of what is to come.

While Celeste’s musical and performance style is unrivaled, fans who enjoy listening to artists such as Julia Michaels, Sia, Alessia Cara or Zara Larsson will gravitate towards the sounds of Celeste Buckingham.

Listen to Celeste Buckingham ‘BARE’ on Soundcloud.


A Global Force in Music


A dominating force in European music, singer and songwriter Celeste Buckingham claimed her position by the young age of 17. Celeste who is a native of Switzerland rose to prominence after appearing on SuperStar a European program.

The global phenomenon known as Celeste Buckingham released her first full-length album in 2012 titled ‘Don’t Look Back’. The album produced the chart-topping single “Run Run Run” which was later awarded the title of “Best Czech & Slovak Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards. By 2013, Celeste descended upon the US with sights set on her next takeover.

Renowned for her distinctive style and unduplicatable presence, she has garnered attention on a global scale. Celeste’s style has drawn comparisons to performers such as Adele, Etta James, and Joss Stone to name a few. Celeste states, “I never follow a specific genre. The music that I like to write and perform is raw and organic with a lot of soul and even a little bit of jazz” (celestebuckingham.com).

Celeste, the artist who considers herself to be a songwriter first, started collaborating with musical director Earl Cohen (Lady gaga, Pharrell, P!nk, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, David Bowie) to kick off her North American album in 2014. Celeste co-wrote all of the songs on the project. She was nominated as “Best New Artist” at Radio Disney Music Awards, a major score for the international artist.

Celeste Buckingham is not just leaving her mark in music however, she also devotes time to philanthropic projects and charitable endeavors. She takes up causes to include supporting children with Autism, speaking out against gender discrimination and working with children’s organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America and CARE.org. Learn more about Celeste Buckingham by visiting the links below.

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Official Music Video for Jake Ward Not Too Far to Reach

Jake Ward

Jake Ward

We recently did a review on the latest music release from musician Jake Ward “Not Too Far To Reach”. The Official Music Video for the song is now out. “Not Too Far To Reach” is Jake’s most recent hit on Texas regional radio. Check out the video below.

Watch Jake Ward Perform Not Too Far To Reach



Jake Ward is Country Music performer based in Corpus Christi, TX. He is known for blending classic country and contemporary rock genres to create his unique sound. Read our Full-Review on “Not Too Far to Reach”. Learn more about Jake Ward Music, by following the links below.

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Nom Everyday Moment EP Escape with Soothing Instrumentals



Musician and producer Nom Tunes just released ‘Everyday Moment’ a new EP that emanates soothing vibes for music fans.  In the hectic mix of day to day life, it is so refreshing to escape the frenzy and reset the mind with some chilled out music. ‘Everyday Moment’ is the necessary remedy for a stressful day, week, month or year. In fact, we cannot think of a better way to kick off 2018 than relaxing to the soul-searching sounds of Nom Tunes.

‘Everyday Moment’ is an outstanding production that encompasses gorgeously layered textures of sound including melodic instrumentals and moving rhythms. Nom Tunes offers music fans of diverse backgrounds a wonderful perspective on music while displaying skillful techniques and addicting style.

The first track on the EP is “Beneath the Rain” a soul-driven production with expressive piano melodies. The production showcases a myriad of influences including R&B and jazz styles which are layered to utter perfection. “Beneath the Rain” is without a doubt an inspiring performance that will certainly garner the attention of music lovers.

“Breeze” is another slow-tempo instrumental on ‘Everyday Moment’. The track is deep and also contains attractive melodies. Lingering chords flow along this production which also happens to have a slightly gritty texture to it.

‘Everyday Moment’ does up the ante by offering a vast dynamic crest of sounds to include the track ‘New Day’. The production lives up to its name expressing a picturesque sonic experience through bright and lively instrumentals. The ideal song, to open up the new year, ‘New Day’ delivers positive vibrations and hopeful energy.

Another buoyant track on the EP is “No Worries” an uplifting mix of electronic elements and instrumentals which dance with animation across the entire tune. “No Worries” is a feel good song with profound ambiance. Nom Tunes displays a vast scope of innovation which is conveyed through each cut on the EP.

While “New Day” and “No Worries” are vivacious productions, the mix “Peaceful Night” provides a more subtle perspective. The melodious track is delivered at a higher pitch but still delivers certain calming effects not often heard in the music of today.

Nom Tunes finishes off ‘Everyday Moment’ with “Take It Easy”, a dynamic track with a warm feel. “Take It Easy” delivers infectious bass along with suave melodies. This is a really laid-back instrumental with a cool vibe that permeates until infinity. “Take It Easy” solidifies the residual effects of the entire EP which will leave listeners feeling invigorated.

Nom Everyday Moment EP on Spotify

‘Everyday Moment’ is an experience that everyone should indulge in regardless of their music preference. Nom Tunes gives music lovers an excuse to escape the weight while inspiring the soul add rejuvenating the mind.  

Listen to Nom ‘Everyday Moment’ EP



Nom Tunes is a musical composer and producer. ‘Everyday Moment’ is the latest release from the artist who also produces music for video games. Connect with Nom Tunes by following the links below.

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Jake Ward Not Too Far To Reach Revealing the Heart and Soul of Country

Jake Ward

Jake Ward

Jake Ward who has been dubbed Texas’ #1 Best Kept Secret recently released “Not Too Far To Reach”, a melodic country song with infectious harmonies. Jake delivers a noteworthy performance that rivals even the biggest names in Country music. “Not Too Far to Reach” tells a genuine story that is worth listening to. Fans new and old will appreciate the vocal and instrumental elements which bring the song to life.

Both the vocal performance and instrumentals on “Not Too Far To Reach” offer the quintessential country music experience. The song carries a mellow tune but, all of its organic conventions help to create a phenomenal sound stage by which to enjoy the story from Jake’s point of view.

Like most country music songs, “Not Too Far To Reach” exudes Western ambiance and Americana spirit. As Jake croons about a woman who places the stars within his reach, he provides such a detailed picture through exquisite songwriting that fans will be able to run away with their own imaginations.

It is lovely to hear such a tender-hearted song in which a man is unafraid to share endearing thoughts about a woman. Jake creates a nice contrast between a gritty cowboy and a man who simply is in awe of his girl, telling a story that many can relate to even if they choose to keep such feelings buried within. “Not Too Far to Reach” is deep, soulful and sincere.

Jake Ward gives an outstanding vocal performance. He sounds youthful yet seasoned and captures listeners with a flawless showcase of talent. Jake’s vocals are warm, inviting, and he hits every single note with remarkable range and precision. The musicianship on the track is unblemished and the production on the release of the song is exemplary. Listeners will treasure the crisp sound that is conveyed through the performance and final render.

“Not Too Far To Reach” is an exceptional country music song that will strike a chord with fans. While guys will appreciate the stony male perspective, women will certainly swoon over Jake’s fluid vocals. “Not Too Far To Reach” opens the book to a magnificent love story while staying true to the roots of Country music.

Corpus Christi-based country musician Jake Ward is known for his unique style which fuses together both classic country and modern rock. Jake is no stranger to music and began performing live at the age of 7, playing at church. As he grew older he participated in local musicals in his hometown of Corpus Christi. By 2014, Jake was introduced as a country artist for the first time at Joe Taylor’s festival.  The musician played his debut single “Hit the Road” which quickly reached the Top 30 charts on local radio stations and later reached the Top 100 on Texas radio the same year.

After the success of his debut and subsequent singles, “Take My Hand”, “Lonely Street” and “Restless”, Jake and his band released their first album titled “Love Don’t Live Here” in 2015. The album consisted of 10 original songs and was recognized for Jake’s distinct vocals and the band’s signature sound.

Citing influences such as Elvis, the Beach Boys, the Eagles, Johnny Cash and George Strait, Jake along with his band has been making rounds throughout Texas performing alongside popular names in the industry such as Aaron Watson, Chris Young, Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, Cody Johnson, Kevin Fowler and many more (jakwardmusic.com). “Not Too Far To Reach”, which was released on October 13, 2017  is the most recent EP by Jake Ward. Learn more about Jake Ward by following the links below.

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Haute Rod Rod EP ‘The Complication A Beautiful Tragedy Cautionary Tales from The Streets

Haute Rod


Haute Rod

Baltimore artist Haute Rod released his EP titled ‘The Complication A Beautiful Tragedy’ towards the end of 2017. The project consists of 11 distinct tracks which embody the ethos of Haute Rod who is recognized for his raw lyrical content. The latest single from ‘The Complication A Beautiful Tragedy’ is “Rod”, a soul-driven track with a personal approach, infectious cadence and vivid metaphors.

“Rod” encompasses all of the elements of a street banger while exuding the essence of a thick underground groove. Suave rhythms accentuate this track in which Haute Rod introduces descriptive storytelling and candid snapshots of his life through lyrics. “Rod” is the quintessential answer to haters far and wide as Haute Rod lyrically slays naysayers as he says “this is the last time I visit here”. The artist gives an unapologetic performance that is 100% original and decidedly uncut.

‘The Complication A Beautiful Tragedy’ was released in October 2017, but we will get you up to speed with an overview of some of our favorite tracks on the release.

If you haven’t heard “Black Bar” ft. Sheila D., it’s time to wake up from your slumber, as this is not a track to sleep on. Haute Rod delivers another captivating performance with catchy bars and raw energy. “Black Bar” Is complemented by rap vocals courtesy of Sheila D. This is a rugged track with an assured message.

Haute Rod joins forces with songstress Rose Breyae on “Let You Know” an atypical hip-hop/R&B fusion that ventures away from the pop-flavor that listeners have grown so familiar with. “Let You Know” takes it back and is reminiscent to the pioneering sounds and daring music collaborations of the late 90s.

‘The Complication A Beautiful Tragedy’ is heavy on street narratives while dealing with topics that are often viewed as taboo to people who may be locked in their own gilded reality. Haute Rod  presents a series of visuals through his body of work which will undoubtedly resound with hushed voices of many an individual. “Fallen Soldier” ft. Greenspan” is just one example of how Haute Rod conveys such messages.

The nostalgic elixir known as ‘The Complication A Beautiful Tragedy’ continues it’s coalescence of the not so distant past and the discordant present with “No Dayz Off”, a sonically distorted production with deep bass grooves and haunting melodies. Haute Rod uses drugs as a metaphor to deliver a powerful message.

Taking the competitive nature of the beast to the next level, “Elevate” ft. Legeion revisits some of the content heard on “Black Bar” while countering the societal constructs of blackness with real depictions, peeling back layers of black excellence with each subsequent bar.

The lyrical savagery on the EP continues with “FTW” in which Haute Rod makes the actual universe his bitch. Haute Rod goes there on “FTW” landing a direct hit on the music industry and various facets of society, leaving only remnants behind in what could only be considered a natural calamity.

Haute Rod hits the proverbial wall on ‘Strapped Mentally”; this is a track that many people can relate to. This production is a powerful track with a solid message. Unrefined and filled with fury, the production speaks to a myriad of frustrations that push individuals close to the edge while still offering a glimpse of hope. It is evident that Haute Rod is ready to battle some serious demons but he has mustered enough within to reach out to potentially stricken fans.

‘The Complication A Beautiful Tragedy’ starts to wrap up with “The Past” featuring Kyle Henley, a synth-focused production with catching instrumentals and a memorable hook. “The Past” is a sincere track that is incredibly relatable and forthcoming. Guys and girls will love this optimistic take on broken hearts.

The ultimate finish to the momentous occasion in which Haute Rod has gifted fans with is “Walking Through The Fire”,  another toss back to eons past. “Walking Through The Fire” delivers succinct lyrical content and subtle dark grooves. The track is an emotional one that is both provocative and inspiring.  Once again, Haute Rod deals with issues that many people may not want to grapple since the truth sometimes hurts but he does so with ease.

The very first track on the EP is “Condo Dreams” ft. Phllftyboiiurg, an underground hip-hop track with a poetic delivery and retro melodies. Haute Rod delivers gritty lyrics which are woven with a throwback R&B-style hook. Check out the music video for “Condo Dreams” ft. Phllftyboiiurg on YouTube.


Watch Haute Rod-Condo Dreams ft. Phllftyboiiurg (Official Video)



Jerrod Williams who goes by the moniker Haute Rod (pronounced “hotrod”) is a Baltimore native with a knack for the original. He grew up in the infamous Lafayette projects and like many faced the cruel reality of poverty. Although Haute Rod enjoyed sports as a kid, he soon found the streets where he became embedded within the underbelly of Baltimore. Becoming a young father just out of high school only fueled his desire to make paper. As a result, Haute Rod existed in world where the greatest escape was through music.

Haute Rod places his life into music, including the good, bad, ugly, and most painful experiences. He is known for delivering honest music, writing with conviction and sharing not only stories of motivation but cautionary tales developed to deter others from a similar fate. If you enjoy the sounds of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco and Logic you will love the sounds of Haute Rod. Learn more about Haute Rod by following the links below.

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Miss Chay Bella AKA Rap Princess Do It Anyway A Rebellious hip-hop track


Chay Bella

The latest release “Do It Anyway” by Miss Chay Bella, also known as Rap Princess is an infectious hip-hop track with subtle R&B nuances. From the first verse, it is evident that Miss Chay Bella is the one in control. Her performance consists of headstrong determination and assertiveness as she sings, “I don’t care what you want, I don’t care what you say, I don’t care how you act, Imma do it anyway”.

“Do It Anyway” is a fusion of hip-hop bars and R&B vocals both delivered by Miss Chay Bella who has a smooth voice that is appealing to the ear. Her vocals and the lyrical content of the track contrast each other but do so in a complementary manner. Anyone looking for another female rap anthem, will enjoy the sounds of Miss Chay Bella especially because the earlier days of acts such as Lil’ Kim and Eve seem so far between the most current hip-hop icons. The fact is, we need more females representing in hip-hop and Rap Princess is doing just that.

Miss Chay Bella AKA RapPrincess-Do It Anyway

It will quickly become obvious why Miss Chay Bella has been dubbed the Rap Princess. She delivers plenty of femininity, but she is no slouch when it comes to grit. Her cadence is legitimate and her prowess as a lyricist is evident. We cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.

Chay Bella

Miss Chay Bella is no stranger to music. She describes herself as a “songwriter, hip-hop artist, author and performer. Miss Chay Bella combines cool vibes, witty lyrics and hypnotizing style into a lane that’s all her own”.  She has been writing music since a youth and her unique style consists of various influences from the different places where she has lived including New York, VA and ATL. She is not only a lyricist but a poet as well according to a recent interview featured on “How to Be a Rap Princess-”My Style of Music”. Learn more about Miss Chay Bella AKA the Rap Princess by following the links below.

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Artdayn, the “Singing Uber Driver” Inspiring Performer Releases Debut Single “The Fall”

Artdayn-The Fall

Artdayn-The Fall

Daynel Artiles who goes by the moniker Artdayn is gaining notoriety for an unexpected path to stardom. After joining the the military, leaving and later heading off to school, Daynel picked up a job working as an Uber driver. While working he discovered a way to do something he loves while touching lives, singing while driving. As a result, Daynel has been affectionately named the “Singing Uber Driver”. Daynel has been featured on FollowDee, The Miami Hurricane, The Ringer, and a documentary by Marwan Al Enezi titled ‘Singing Uber Driver’ which can be viewed on YouTube.

Artdayn recently released a song titled “The Fall” which is currently available on all digital streaming services. On the popular streaming music site Soundcloud, “The Fall” has garnered over 6,500 plays. The track is a unique, synth-driven production with a moderate tempo and noticeable electronic and metal elements. Artdayn gives a stellar vocal performance on the track which also happens to have a very distinct indie vibe.

“The Fall” expresses powerful lyrics and a catchy chorus that is memorable and worth a nod. Artdayn proves himself to be a multifaceted artist with a strong knack for blending various genres into a solid performance. In addition to the overall warm feel of “The Fall”, Artdayn demonstrates a vast vocal range which can be experienced throughout the various sequences on the track. Artdayn’s style on the single has been likened to artists such as The Weeknd, another household name among music-loving millennials. If you love synthpop, pop, freestyle and electronic music and R&B, you will enjoy the sounds of Artdayn.

Listen to Artdayn Perform “The Fall” on Soundcloud

Last year Daynel was featured on Miami’s channel 7 news in a segment called ‘Road to Fame’ where the artist discussed his background. Watch the video below to hear Daynel’s remarkable story.

Check out Daynel WVSN News 7 Road to Fame

24-year old Artdayn is known as the “Singing Uber Driver”. The upcoming singer and rapper has been writing, composing and making music for a year and a half. Artdayn covers the music spectrum performing genres such as Pop, Rock, R&B and Rap to name a few. Learn more about rising artist Artdayn by following the links below.

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Silos Camp Music Inspires from South of the World Band Releases Four New Multifaceted Tracks

Silos Camp Music

Silos Camp Music

Santiago, Chile-based band Silos Camp recently released four remarkable music tracks which speak to the band members’ experience and musical prowess from a modern perspective. Listeners who are privileged enough to experience the sounds of Silos Camp will be truly in awe of the band’s ability to capture a variety of styles and convey them to the masses with the greatest level of professionalism. Silos Camp makes enjoying music easy, but on the other side of the playlist is evidence of meticulous artistry and intricacies that cannot be duplicated.

Though the band is relatively new, their latest track releases indicate a lengthy relationship with music and vast breadth of influences. While Silos Camp may just be rising to prominence as a new collaboration, it is certain the band will become a household name. Not only have the members developed names for themselves individually around their homebase in Chile, but it is also indisputable that the band will leave a global footprint in music that will transcend time and geographic borders.

As we examine four tracks from Silos Camp, we reveal just a few of the distinct elements that are likely to echo among fans both new and old. It is not often that a single band can provide such a wide range of sounds in just short time, however Silos Camp does exactly that.

The first track that we had the opportunity to listen to is “Le petit train bleu”. Silos Camp’s performance delivers distinct folk sounds on this particular song.  The song title which translates to “the little blue train” in French sheds light on the band’s global reach. The track offers listeners a diverse range of refreshing melodies and adoring harmonies. The song catchy and will resonate with fans of country and rock.

The following song, “Your Fate” is certain to be a fan favorite with its driving essence and retro nuances. “Your Fate” is a beautifully composed arrangement which consists of elegant chords, subtle percussion and soothing vocals. Silos Camp gives an epic performance, creating a luscious soundscape. The production is rich in emotive guitar riffs and moving bass.

Another track that strikes a chord is titled “The Perfect Way”. The song is reminiscent to the Beatles as it delivers a myriad of stylistic elements while fusing together classic and modern influences. Silos Camp however, have create their own lane through a contemporary lens. “The Perfect Way” is accented by an infectious score which is both dynamic and remarkable. The guitar-driven track also encompasses distinct piano chords and even at times edgy bass. Songwriting on “The Perfect Way” is poetic and powerful much like the previous cuts while also creating an experience that listeners can relate to with ease.

Finally, “Feel Dusk” offers a slightly different vibe with a rougher edge. Though the song provides its share of subtleties in terms of tempo, the shredding chords in the arrangement are unmistakable, as is the distinct clave rhythm which can be heard faintly in the background. “Feel Dusk” is a sultry sounding song with a rebellious rock flair. The song is arranged flawlessly as with the previous tracks and in addition, it delivers a rather cinematic feel. “Feel Dusk” was by far our favorite song, check out the band’s music video for the song below…

Check out the music video for Silo Camp “Feel Dusk” on YouTube.

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Silo Camp is evidently on the cutting-edge with their unique sound and impressive performance. Music fans will revel in the hybridization of styles and influences which range from rock to folk, country and alternative and beyond. Fans can expect to delve into unforgettable performances while engaging with multiple layers of instrumentation and formidable musicianship.

Silos Camp Band

Based in Santiago, Chile, Silos Camp was formed in early 2017 and consists of members Diego Cárdenas (guitar, vocals, keyboards), and Gustavo Calderón (percussion and bass). The duo played together in the bast as part of different bands in Chile. Silos Camp works out of their own home studio to produce their own music with the assistance of studio sessionist friends, creative designers and filmmakers. Learn more about Silos Camp by following the links below.

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Rhett Repko And I Told Her So (from the EP Thnx For The Ride”) the Quintessential Listening Experience.

Rhett Repko

Rhett Repko

The latest music release by Rhett Repko “And I Told Her So” from his EP “Thnx For The Ride” is certain to reverberate with music fans who enjoy the deeply-rooted sounds of retro rock and the current, eclectic vibes found in today’s modern hybrids. “And I Told Her So” is the quintessential listening experience for music lovers who appreciate the conventions of rock and the mass appeal of alternative music.

“And I Told Her So” is an upbeat track with a cutting-edge. The song’s elements are crafted to perfection and executed with a blemish-free performance by Rhett and his band. Fans can expect a highly-polished production that exudes righteous instrumentals, a remarkable guitar performance and flawless rock vocals. Rhett also weaves into the song a distinguishable amount of soul which is evident from the initial chord throughout subsequent riffs.

From a songwriting perspective, Rhett’s latest release offers candid lyrical content that is undoubtedly relatable. The energy conveyed through the lyrics is uplifting, carefree and unapologetic. Moreover, the track radiates youthfulness and vitality. “And I Told Her So” is fearless and unchained, wild and subtle at the same time. Check out Rhett Repko perform “And I Told Her So” live below.

Watch Rhett Repko Perform “And I Told Her So” Live

Musician Rhett Repko discovered his passion for music as early as 15 years old, when he started taking guitar lessons. Having gained inspiration from popular bands such as the Beatles, Rhett turned to songwriting where music producers such as George Martin and Butch Vig further flamed the burning ember of Rhett’s move into producing.

Rhett attended UMBC where he studied under Alan Wonneberger eventually earning his BA in Music. Later, forming his own band, Rhett began producing his own records which consisted of a unique fusion of past and present.

Fast forward to 2017 and Rhett Repko has landed licensing agreements with popular television networks such as MTV and Netflix. Rhett was also recognized recently by the International Song of The Year Songwriting Contest where he was a semi-finalist for the songs “A Little Loving” and “About Last Night”. In 2016, Rhett reached the Top 20 as a finalist in the SongBuilder Studios Songwriting Competition for his work “Say Goodbye”.  In addition to this success, the accomplished musician released his self-titled debut EP which proved to be a domestic success story. Rhett’s second EP ‘Thnx For The Ride’ is due for release this fall. The first single released from the EP holds the same title. Learn more about Rhett Repko music by following the links below.

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Anton Cullen “Heaven On Earth” Exudes Life, Light and Epic Soundscapes

Heaven On Earth

Heaven On Earth

Dublin-based music producer Anton Cullen recently released the single “Heaven On Earth” from his latest EP ‘Breaking Through’. If you are looking for some uplifting music to set a positive tone, then Anton Cullen will without a doubt deliver. “Heaven on Earth” provides an instant wave of optimism with its remarkable introduction and bright energy.

Often times, electronic music presents us with rather dark vibes and gritty productions however, “Heaven On Earth” is a wonderful departure from the usual. The track is rich with luscious instrumentals and vibrant melodies. Anton Cullen exudes life and light on the production which is guaranteed inspire the soul and stimulate the mind.

Anton introduces delightful layers and captivating synths while serving up a catchy beat. An epic build-up provides a breathtaking soundscape that transports listeners into the farthest reaches of their imagination. Through music, Anton paints a scenic canvas that shimmers with thoughtful moments and powerful symbols. Experience the sounds of Anton Cullen, check out the video from “Heaven On Earth” below.

Watch Anton Cullen “Heaven On Earth”


Anton Cullen

Dublin, Ireland native Anton Cullen is known for his diverse and eclectic musical background. The music producer is known about the local scene and performs many different roles in the world of music, a keyboardist and pianist just to name a few. Anton is recognized for his distinct blend of EDM echoes and influences which comprise of rock, classical and also techno. He is known for delivering fierce beats and lush melodies.

“Heaven On Earth” is just one of three singles released this year from his EP ‘Breaking Through’. The EP is available for your listening pleasure at your favorite digital music stores including Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Deezer and CD Baby. Be sure to purchase a copy and in the meantime follow the links below to learn about Dublin’s most driven and talented music producer Anton Cullen.

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