The APX Capture the Moment A Modern Cross-Over Fusion



If you happen to be in need of a good electronic music fix, then The APX, an Atlanta-based duo is ready to deliver with the release of their recent production “Capture The Moment”.  The multi-faceted song is the quintessential blend of infectious rhythms, playful melodies and lush vocals. Without a doubt you will not want to “let this one pass you by” as the song’s lyrics suggest. “Capture The Moment” is fun, inspiring and refreshingly uplifting.

“Capture The Moment” is robust with highly synthesized electronic elements, funky guitar riffs, rolling drums and intoxicating bass rhythms. The track is a dynamic expression of various electronic genres with a dash of soul. While the songwriting is catchy and uncomplicated, the vocals are executed in a peerless manner. The music consists of complex layers, sweeping transitions and cascading waves of modern sound.

What is most fascinating about The APX? The talented duo fuses together elements of the past with styles of the present to deliver a remarkably flawless performance. There are moments during the song that are reminiscent to 80s freestyle and performers such as Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Starpoint, and many others. “Capture The Moment” is the type of song that crosses generational boundaries and outlasts the ages because it is simply that timeless.

Whether you fancy Synthpop, Funk, Disco, or Deep House grooves, you will fully embrace the sounds of The APX and their latest release “Capture The Moment”. If two worlds were to collide, The APX might fall somewhere between Tiesto and Daft Punk, however the collective has created their own unique sound that won’t soon be duplicated.

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The APX Capture The Moment

Husband and wife duo Dee Rhodes and Erika Rhodes put together an electronic alter-ego project now known as The APX. Though the collaboration is a new undertaking for the pair, neither artist is a stranger to the music industry. The APX went into launch mode following the culmination of a successful private event band known as “The After Party Experience”.

Artist Insights

Before The APX, power couple Dee and Erika Rhodes were leaving their mark on the industry. Erika performed at Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration and opened up for pop icon Mariah Carey. Having shared the stage with greats such as Pat Benatar, Floetry, and Diana Ross, Erika Rhodes is known for having a versatile vocal range and diverse repertoire crossing over several genres ranging from rock to R&B.

Dee is also an established musician that has performed on the popular shows such as ‘Being Mary Jane’ and ‘Single Ladies’. Dee performed for industry legend Stevie Wonder and celebrities such as Vivica Fox and Usher at the young age of 12. Gaining industry experience as a live music promoter in Atlanta, Dee has put his skills to work in booking concert tours for The APX.

The group released “Capture The Moment” initially to “test the waters”. Since the song release in January 2016, the team has expanded on their breadth and zoned in on refining their distinct sound which is a fusion of Nu Disco, Electro Funk and Synthwave. The APX hopes to take a myriad of influences including 80s music and “fuse them into a new era” according to the band. The duo accomplishes this by incorporating a 50/50 split of DJs and producers and live performers much like Chromeo, Capital Cities, and others.

The APX recently remixed several of their live performances to illustrate what fans might expect at a live show. Live performance videos have been a source of success for the creative project, having allowed the group to grow their fan base exponentially while receiving kudos from world-renowned artists such as Teddy Riley, Dave 1 of Chromeo, Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost, Nick Littlemore, Empire of the Sun, Dam Funk, Native Instruments and many others. Dee and Erika describes The APX sound as “creating a galactic funky atmosphere using synths, sax, and vocals”.

The APX is set to release another single titled “Lose Yourself to the Groove” on April 28th, 2017 and the groups debut EP will be released on May 22nd, 2017.


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Samuel Hollow Produced by Vini G: A Refreshing Kaleidoscope of Sound

Samuel and Vini G Hollow

Samuel and Vini G HollowWhen you feel the need to escape the frenzy of life’s daily challenges, music always seems to provide the perfect remedy. Whether you need a mental lift or simply want to enjoy some chill sounds, the latest release “Hollow” by Samuel and Produced by Vini G will without a doubt deliver. “Hollow” which is anything but what the name suggests, is an artistic massage of the mind and plush rejuvenation of the spirit. Vini G and Samuel give a noteworthy performance that literally re-sets the atmosphere with positive vibes and addicting instrumentals.

“Hollow” is an impressive collaboration which fuses Samuel’s velvety vocals with Vini G’s multi-dimensional production. In a show of artistry that is reminiscent to Coldplay, the song carries a pensive tune with a thought-provoking message. Luscious melodies interwoven with ambient waves, and ethereal vibes help to punctuate the hypnotic essence of the mix.

The production is a complex layering of instrumentals and electronic elements. “Hollow” gently emerges with a series of rolling chords, strumming delicately as catchy effects, magnetic synths, and upbeat percussive beats are layered in. The instrumentals continue to build into a colorful and dynamic tapestry of sounds which collide perfectly with the poetic lyricism expressed through out the entire performance.

“The Lies Ain’t Truth if All of Us Bleed” – Samuel [Prod. Vini G], Hollow.

If you take pleasure in the sounds of chill-out music, ambient, or lounge music, you will definitely enjoy the newest electronic music release “Hollow” by Samuel [Prod. Vini G]. Though the production exudes mellow and relaxing vibrations, it is both uplifting and refreshing. Samuel delivers an impeccable vocal performance while Vini G delivers unblemished instrumentals. “Hollow” is a kaleidoscope of sound waves blended with panoramic metaphors and an optimistic message.

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Equanimous – Hummingbird ft. Cyndy Fike New Single Release



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Based in LA, Nate Stein who goes by the name Equanimous is an LA-based DJ, producer and musician. Equanimous is known for his unique fusion of future bass, house, and tribal dance music which creates a “joyous high vibrational atmosphere” ( Having toured with other artists as a live percussionist and instrumentalist he continues to inspire audiences with his hypnotic sounds.

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Dos Floris Upcoming Release ‘The Widowed Earth’, an Extraordinary Electronic Encounter dos floris 'The Widowed Earth' Album: Music with a Message


stampa_Florence1_plain_squareThe upcoming release, ‘The Widowed Earth’ by dos floris is certain to be a profound moment representing women in music. Florence Donovan, the Bologna-based singer and songwriter is a one-woman electronic music powerhouse whose bold performance demonstrates a multi-faceted experience on a personal note. ‘The Widowed Earth’ is much more than a collection of iconic tunes and marvelous musings. The album is in fact, an outstanding expression of creativity and insight, a personal testament to overcoming adversity.

Dos floris offers listeners a seamless performance that is both intuitive and intriguing. The album brings forth a unique style and distinct sophistication that will undoubtedly be embraced by a generous audience. From inspiring lyrics to moving instrumentals, ‘The Widowed Earth’ is an all-encompassing project that exudes sincerity. Stimulating the conscious while channeling the subconscious, dos floris creates a mind-bending journey for listeners who should immerse themselves inside of the album. Anticipating the debut of ‘The Widowed Earth’, we share a sneak peek into the album,  highlighting several extraordinary encounters that should not be missed.

Inside ‘The Widowed Earth’

The album opens with “From The Beginning” an eclectic prelude consisting of distinct special effects, preparing the listener for “Rivers”. “Rivers” abounds with compelling harmonies and playful melodies.  Dos floris croons softly, over the picturesque track as it delivers a slightly industrial feel. The track rises with luminescent energy as dos floris has a diverse vocal range.

“Rivers” is followed by “Silence” an ethereal production with enthralling instrumentals and hypnotic vocals. Rolling percussion advances the sound layers as dos floris performs mellow harmonies. Heavier electronic synths alter the tempo of the track as the percussion seems to march in tune with the singer’s heartfelt lyrics. Dos floris lets each note linger on, washing over the track with an effervescent wave.

One such dynamic track to absorb is “All The Kings Horses”, an upbeat song with a relevant message. Utilizing deep metaphors to tell a memorable story, dos floris plays with a series of thought-provoking lyrics, stimulating the mind with unmistakable eloquence. The track builds up and then morphs into a frenzied series of chords and electronic riffs, communicating the intensity of each verse.

“I couldn’t keep myself out of the story but came to realise how connected we are to our natural surroundings and how they can literally heal you”-Dos Floris

Fans, will experience futuristic elements on “Before You Loved Me”, a track that makes a theatrical debut with mysterious ambiance. Singing “before you loved me, there was no one to fear”, dos floris gives a chilling performance. Delicate melodies dance over the track as the vocals trail off into a sequence of calming waves. “Before You Loved Me” is wrought with emotion, drenched in pain, and remarkably genuine.

“Water” is another enchanting number that expresses heartfelt songwriting. A beautiful piano accompaniment accentuates the performance as dos floris’ vocals seem to endure until infinity. “Water” converges with “The Other Side”, a breezy production with inspirational lyrics. “The Other Side” is a mellow number with uplifting energy.

Throughout the album, fans can expect to be engrossed in relevant lyrical content that touches the soul. Dos floris’ voice only makes the messages embedded within each song even more delightful to enjoy as  her voice is most inviting.

“That Day” will draw listeners in with upbeat instrumentals and catchy percussion. Poetic lyrics over the trend-setting rhythms make this track stand out as a timely work of art with a futuristic flair. Dos floris once again uses descriptive lyrics to create an animated illustration through song.

The album turns toward the cinematic with “The Widowed Earth”, a evocative number that captures the spirit with reverberating vocals and an effortless accompaniment. The track has a slightly dark ambiance as it carries a solemn tune.

“Walking In The Night” unfolds with instrumentals that resemble a beating heart. As listeners can hear what sounds like the earth crushing beneath one’s feet, atmospheric sound elements begin to surface. Dos floris gives a soulful performance demonstrating a vast range, building a sonic landscape.

Dos takes listeners into a dreamy realm on “To The Wolves Part II”, a stylish track robust with ambient waves and soothing melodies. A prepossessing vocal performance fuses with orchestra instrumentals to create a dramatic backdrop for the song which is surely stunning, leaving fans in awe. As dos floris sings, “I feel safe in your arms”, listeners are taken to a place of much needed serenity.

The album concludes with “To The Wolves Part I”, another artistic endeavor that touches the heart and mind.  Get a glimpse into dos floris upcoming album release “The Widowed Earth” on YouTube.

Watch dos floris “The Widowed Earth”, Streaming Now on YouTube

In summary, ‘The Widowed Earth’ is a sensory experience with an experimental approach. The eclectic fusion of instrumentals and vocal performance creates a rare experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Through words conveyed with passionate accord, dos floris illustrates a visually stunning work of art. The album emerges from the shadows into the light, warming listeners in a bright ray of hope.

stampa_Florence_4Musician, singer, and songwriter dos floris got an early start in music at the young age of 5, she later learned how to play the guitar as a 20-something. As a multi-instrumentalist, dos floris also played the piano and found music to be an escape from the mundane nuances of school life.  In an interview featured in Know Me Better Music, the artist cited influences such as Tina Turner and PJ Harvey. Her sound has been likened to notable artists such as Tori Amos, Sinead O’Connor, and Kate Bush but the artist describes her own sound as “avant garde, romantic dream pop”. Dos floris’ upcoming album release ‘The Widowed Earth’ has been described as an “an empowering story for young men and women, girls and boys, who may be struggling with an eating disorder.” Dos floris confronted Anorexia, turning away from music, friends and activities for a period of 5 years.

Having overcome the challenge with the help of family, friends, and nature dos floris reemerged with a new outlook and revived passion for music. The artist hopes that girls and boys struggling with an eating disorder will find the strength to overcome such challenges. Dos will also include a personal message  which will be printed inside the CD casing. Dos floris has shown herself to be a positive role model, giving hope to those who suffer in silence and also in the face of the public. After founding her first band, touring and appearing on radio and TV decided to venture out on a solo endeavor, the culmination of which is ‘The Widowed Earth’. The album is scheduled to be released on November 5th, 2015. To learn more about dos floris, follow the artist on her Official Website and check out the links below for more music.

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Xavier Toscano “Never Want To Leave” Music Video Unstoppable Energy


xaviertoscanoXavier Toscano is an energetic international gifted singer composer, song-writer who bridges a multi-genre based sound. Xavier has performed in Europe and throughout the United States and is featured on 17 college radio stations, Music Industry Network stations. May 2015, “Never Wanna Leave” was featured on the Keeping Up with the Kardashian. Xavier’s repertoire of talent includes acting in local theater, commercials for top companies, Sony PlayStation, NASCAR, and the list goes on. His energetic upbeat performances powerfully draws his audience in.  Interwoven in Xavier’s track are bands of pop, rock, R & B, definitely disco with an urban rap flair. It is no surprise that he appeals to a multi-generational audience at so many levels. His energy level is contagious and captivating; so unforgettable which leaves an imprint on your heart and soul.

“Never Wanna Leave” track playfully resonates in your head drawing you in to hear it, sing it, and move with it.  Definitely a track to add to your favorite top ten playlist, one that will keep you dancing and moving.  Xavier has written a fresh popping dance beat with a hint of old school disco 21st century style. This track will be heard from college campuses to dance floor clubs. It delivers unstoppable energy with an awesome set of lyrics.

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Xavier is an artist with CBM Records, LLC . Check out more music and projects at his Official Website at

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Alex Alexander She’s a Dynamite Lights Up the Music Scene


AlexAlexanderMove over One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer and make way for Alex Alexander, a Swedish pop-rock, electronic sensation that is making international waves across the industry. Alex’s latest release fresh off the cut is “She’s a Dynamite”, a single that is sure to have all the girls swooning and screaming his name. Alex Alexander has delivered a quintessential pop hit with all of the makings of a timeless summer anthem.

With stunning looks and vocal chords to boot, Alex gives a powerful performance with phenomenal octaves and radiant energy. Driving pop-rock rhythms push “She’s a Dynamite” into overdrive as synth-infused beats could not be more appropriate for this generation’s dance-crazed music lovers.  Alex delivers adorable lyrics, sure to make any gal’s heart melt while a catchy chorus demands to be chanted.

“She’s a Dynamite” has all of the makings of an international chart topper and Top40 dominator. A clean production presents appropriate elements ripe for the season while the lyrical content is a refreshing burst of carefree energy. The single is an entertaining listen with plenty of dance appeal that touches a wide audience. “She’s a Dynamite” is the perfect soundtrack for a sizzling hot summer, a fun night out, or a custom playlist for that special girl.

Having traveled the world as a solo artist and guitarist since the age of 19, Swedish music sensation Alex Alexander, was described by Guitar Experience as being “one of the best young guitarist right now!”. The award-winning artist has performed all over the world in places such as Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Alex who is affectionately known by some in the industry as “AA”, has been featured on Sveriges National Radio P3 and P4, he has appeared as an actor in film and television productions, and has been featured as model on billboard campaigns.

Alex Alexander not only ranked #6 on Grammy-nominated Al Walser’s Weekly Top 20 Countdown but he was voted as one of the Top 50 Hottest Guys in Scandinavian Pop Music in 2015. “She’s Dynamite,” Alex’s first single is available in over 600 stores worldwide including iTunes and Spotify. Learn more about Alex Alexander by visiting his Official Website at


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