Jarel Portman Runaway Blues-A Definitive Alternative Rock Performance A song that transcends time.

Jarel Portman

Jarel Portman


Musician Jarel Portman released “Runaway Blues” from his debut self-produced album ‘Supersonic’. “Runaway Blues” is an intense rock song with inviting melodies and fantastic harmonies. The song, which is reminiscent to 90s era alternative rock consists of stratospheric waves that rush throughout the performance. “Runaway Blues” is a clever song with a progressive edge.

Jarel Portman offers fans an exhilarating experience which embodies the energy of rock and roll. “Runaway Blues” is a sublime fusion of upbeat guitar riffs, exuberant bass and endless percussive rhythms. The song is emotional, spirited and unrefined. Fans will adore the powerful display of musicianship and technique showcased on the production.

Commanding audiences with a masterful performance, Jarel blesses fans with a gifted voice. He performs cerebral songwriting effortlessly as he sings, “I don’t know why I got so high”…”all I feel right now is these runaway blues…” The vocals are equal parts entertainment and brilliance as they communicate the spirited concept brought forward on the song.

“Runway Blues is the definitive alternative rock experience. Jarel Portman gives an unfiltered look into the complex sounds that have led rock music to transcend the ages.

Listen to Jarel Portman Runaway Blues

‘Supersonic’ is Jarel Portman’s first self-released album. Learn more about the musician by following the links below.


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Shawn Michael Party2Nite Delivers An Infectious Club Fusion & Party Anthem Reinventing Hip-hop


Shawn_Michael_Party2NiteSinger, Songwriter and Rap artist  Shawn Michael just released “Party2Nite” the latest single from his album ‘The Resurrection’. “Party2Nite” is a trendy club track with infectious synths and danceable beats. Shawn Michael introduces fans to a modern sound which fuses together hip-hop and R&B elements into a highly-addictive listening experience. The conventions of “Party2Nite” are patterned to perfection and the song is formulated to resonate with a contemporary audience.

Shawn Michael, who has had a long history with music, dance and the hip-hop genre in particular, channels recognizable elements from the earliest days of rap to it’s present hybridization of various genres and sub-genres. Despite the song’s famously familiar elements, “Party2Nite” does offer a fresh sound that is original, standing out against anything that is currently in rotation.

The track also speaks to the wide influence that electronic music is having on genres such as hip-hop. There are some very noticeable electronic layers interwoven within the track. “Party2Nite” brings out some playful melodies alongside a lightly grooving bass line. Shawn Michael gives fans a moderate throwback on his catchy hook, once again touching base with mature audiences who still dig into the sounds of rap music.


“Party2Nite” is a fun, party song that speaks to a wide audience, bridging generational gaps. The track which conveys more like an anthem iis uplifting, energetic and easy to enjoy. Music fans who enjoyed the sounds of Cash Money circa ‘99 and 2000s will definitely gravitate towards the vibes Shawn Michaels delivers on his latest release. If you are looking for a feel good track that gets the party into gear, “Party2Nite” will not disappoint.


Listen to a sample from Shawn Michael Party2Nite

The Backstory

Shawn Michael

Hailing originally from Greenwood, SC, Shawn Michael got started with music at the young age of 8 years ol. He started performing in school showcases and by the time he was 12 years old entered a talent show in middle school. Shawn was known for entertaining audiences with dance as be popped and locked. After junior high school he garnered the title of Most Talented performer. In the years to follow, Shawn refined his skills and put together a rap group along with a friend. The rap duo was known as Abdul & Double D. He continued to perform under the moniker of Double D when he later joined an all-female dance crew, performing at talent showcases.

shawn_michael_Party2NiteShawn Michael had the opportunity to open up shows for well-known artists such as the late Heavy D, Full Force and Salt-N-Pepa. After a lengthy hiatus from recording and performing, Shawn took to the studio to record a gospel album under the name MSD. Investment issues paused the project and Shawn then went on to become a single father to his daughter. While on a break, he observed the evolution of hip-hop and decided to resume his work. Following a complete branding overhaul, the rap artist and actor is ready to do what some think is not possible. According to Shawn Michael, “It’s now his time and he wants it all”. Learn more about artist Shawn Michael by following the links below.


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L.HUNT Desert Rose Album-Love, Loss and Redemption A Rock Opera of True Love



‘Desert Rose’, a musical story by lyricist and producer L.HUNT is a masterful production that tells a visually stunning tale. The album which consists of 19 tracks delivers intricate storytelling from a rare vantage point. L.HUNT takes fans on a remarkable journey through each carefully produced work. ‘Desert Rose’ is dramatic, theatrical and captivating. The album is considered to fall within the genre of Rock Opera and fans of musical theater, rock and classical music will be in for an absolute delight.

The Rock Opera album opens its grand performance with the Prelude titled “In Search of a Rose”. The acoustic production is delivered with a handsome monologue delivered by a youthful male voice. ‘In Search of a Rose’ tells a unique story that is simply beguiling as it travels through time. Although the Prelude is fleeting, fans will immediately succumb into the hypnotic instrumentation presented on the score.

Following the desolate and longing discovered on “In Search of a Rose”, L.HUNT serves up “The Song of the Desert”,  a beautiful composition that officially opens ‘Desert Rose’. “The Song of the Desert” is a lighthearted production that delivers delicate instrumentals, deep piano melodies and dreamy winds which blow gently throughout the score.  

A timely composition titled “An Exhausted Land” emerges from ‘Desert Rose’. A dramatic piano accompaniment and soft rock vocals tell a moving story on the song which is accented by sound effects and heart wrenching news stories. “An Exhausted Land” places listeners directly inside the living room of one of the story’s characters. Rumbling horns and a painful wave of chords wash over the song while leaving chills behind.

Another emotive performance on the album is “High Towers & Railway Spikes”, a pensive song with an intense message. “High Towers & Railway Spikes” is a dynamic listening experience that rises and falls with sonic waves, contrasting layers of sound throughout the score.

L.HUNT changes the tone of the project with the track “Rubble Rabble” (Voices w/o Sense). “Rubble Rabble” is a production that embodies the American ethos. The song is raw but full of personality and slightly dusty.  As characters in this moving performance exchange in a fascinating dialogue, fans are given a view into what appears to be the wild-west. In a scene that is opened up with harmonicas, fiddles, and the sounds of trains chugging across the tracks, listeners are seemingly taken back to another time period.

Moving into the performance is “Driftwood (I Know the Rains Will Come)” an alluring duet with soulful horns and thunderous instrumentals. “Driftwood” performs like a broadway play, offering a call and response dialogue. Another intricately produced track, “Driftwood” conjures up images from decades past when an outsider’s fate was determined by a close-knit community just before going before a guillotine. “Driftwood” places listeners on the edge of their seats as they eagerly await what is to come.

“Black or White” is another bone-chilling composition on ‘Desert Rose’. “Black or White” is a muggy track that appears to be the calm after a storm. The hybrid of sound on “Black or White” is engrossing as dramatic strings whine along with lingering piano chords. Following the drifting waves feel to be what could only be described as a sandstorm. “Black or White” delivers changing waves which range from soft and subtle to rough and aggressive instrumentally. The song is full of weight both alluring and frightening at the same time.

Following “Black or White” is “I Misplaced the Place (Doubling Back)”, a song that reflects inward. “I Misplaced the Place (Doubling Back)” is a fantastically modern-sounding production that speaks to the wide range of styles L.HUNT presents on ‘Desert Rose’. As dramatic as the previous cuts on the album, “I Misplaced the Place (Doubling Back)” connects with fans through very personal storytelling.

L.HUNT forces listeners to dig even deeper into the story of ‘Desert Rose’ with the song, “(I’m Not) Finding the Way Home”. “(I’m Not) Finding the Way Home” is a friendly production which happens to continue an incredible journey. The song conveys the emotions of the character in such a way that listeners are entangled with the story themselves. The composition rouses the imagination while creating beautiful visuals through music and songwriting.

A soul-infused production on ‘Desert Rose’ is “Dust, Rust & Broken Glass”, which emerges from the album with epic disco vibes and female dance vocals. “Dust, Rust & Broken Glass” has a distinct retro feel that permeates the track. Gentle waves flow throughout the song which in contrast to its title feel carefree and uplifting. Despite its lively presence there seems to be a great deal of pain hidden within the characters playing on “Dust, Rust & Broken Glass”. The song which offers some playful melodies is placed in juxtaposition with dark lyrical content, creating an often chaotic scene that is full of anxiety and frustration.

Following the mad crazy fun fest showcased on  “Dust, Rust & Broken Glass” is “She is Woman”. “She is Woman” presents a lovely contrast which not only makes use of vivid storytelling but lavish metaphors. The conversation which takes place between the characters through song provides a stern warning which will be heartily accepted.

Another legendary track on the album is “Until When?”. “Until When?” delivers a cool essence that can be felt as the piano sings in harmony with the strings and in tune with a deep grooving rhythm. “Until When?” draws fans into a different realm than they have experienced on the previous album compositions. The track is an instrumental one that will touch the mind and senses.

As “Until When?” fades, “Parched” soon appears with a bringing with it a series of heavy-laden instrumentals and stretching melodies. Delicate snare drums, sultry horns and weather-beaten piano chords march slowly over this downtempo song. As the lead sings, “I am begging you to stop this burning”, it is evident that the character in this rare journey has been through an ordeal and is desperate for relief. “Parched”, despite its will to surrender exudes the will to survive and the hope for salvation.

“The Sun, a Shield & a Sanctuary” sounds the alarm literally and metaphorically through bold instrumentals and stunning sound effects. “The Sun, a Shield & Sanctuary” awakens the spirit with inspiring lyrics and intoxicating synths. The song captures a myriad of emotions through its score. Listeners will journey along to experience doubt, confusion and resolve.

Listeners continue the journey with “I Will Wait”, a song which embodies a distinct foreign feel. Another reflective production, “I Will Wait” shares a very personal point of view through rock-infused vocals, the gentle strumming of guitars and fluttering winds. “I Will Wait” exudes hope and determination.

The show moves along on “Death: A Jagged Shadow”, an extraordinary performance which offers varied tones, textures and personalities all adding their own two cents to the song. Choppy melodies and luminescent chords are deceptive on “Death” A Jagged Shadow” as the songwriting and musical accompaniment seem to contrast each other.

Moving further beyond “Death” A Jagged Shadow”, listeners will encounter “She Blossomed”, a stirring performance that is scored by powerful female vocals which extend across a vast range.”She Blossomed” conveys intense passion through every note. The song will remain with listeners causing them to believe that the impossible is somehow possible. L.HUNT again captures the nature of the west through graphic imagery and descriptive metaphors. Listeners find themselves on the brighter side of the spectrum after taking an unforgettable journey.

“Finding the Way Home (Reprise)” is another memorable number and reprise for the earlier song “(I’m not) Finding the Way Home)”. The performance on  ‘Desert Rose’ evolves full-circle as it prepares for a momentous conclusion, illustrating how each character in the story figuratively and literally finds their way home. Comparing life and love to a rose, L.HUNT creates a marvelous work of art that is solidified through electrifying instrumentals and a passionate vocal performance.

‘Desert Rose’ wraps with a gritty performance on “In the Light (A Sun That is Not Harsh)”. “In the Light (A Sun That is Not Harsh) performs like a country music song. The production offers a phenomenal finale for fans who have embarked on such a wondrous journey. Like all of the songs on ‘Desert Rose’, “In the Light (A Sun That is Not Harsh) challenges listeners to engage with not only the music and vocal performances but also the intricate story behind ‘Desert Rose’.

The Story behind L.HUNT ‘Desert Rose’


The story of ‘Desert Rose’ as presented by L.HUNT takes place in the desert of Southern California. According to L.HUNT’s website, the production is a “musical story of an oppressive society, a cast of morally decrepit characters and one man’s struggle-against all odds-for true love” (www.notesmitstudio.com). Read more about the concept behind ‘Desert Rose’  by following the link below:


L.HUNT on ‘Desert Rose’, has developed and produced an exceptional body of work.  In fact, the entire album took an entire 2 ½ years to produce. While the album showcases pristine musicianship, there are some very raw moments that slice into the very core of humanity. It is evident that ‘Desert Rose’ is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that will remain with fans new and old. The album is an overwhelming production that is rich in lyrical content and complex instrumentation. ‘Desert Rose’ is as challenging to listeners as it is entertaining and cannot be digested in one sitting. Despite the immense nature of the project,  L.HUNT seems to execute a vivid display of artistry with the greatest of ease.

The artist, lyricist and producer who creates Rock Opera, presents a complete theatrical experience fit for the stage. From striking scenes to dramatic ironies, animation and visual soundscapes, the album slowly unravels and transforms into an epic voyage, L.HUNT’s ‘Desert Rose’ draws fans into a prism of sight, sound and rugged emotion. The album is a revealing piece of work which evidently draws on various musical influences and a diverse range of perspectives. The sound waves which travel through the project vary organically from rock to country, from soul to jazz, classical and beyond. ‘Desert Rose’ is a beautiful saga with many dark moments however, embedded within the story is a message of brazen determination and endless hope. Experience the sounds and visuals of ‘Desert Rose’ by L.HUNT, follow the links below.

Listen to ‘Desert Rose’ The Complete Album Audio

Now for the Visuals

L.HUNT released a series of music videos to accompany the singles on ‘Desert Rose’. Click the link below to view the Official Videos on YouTube.

Watch: Music Video Singles from L.HUNT ‘Desert Rose’ Album


“L.HUNT, by his varied artistic works, explores the relationships between music, written word, theatre production and art in a non-traditional and personally unique way” (www.notesmithstudio.com). Learn more about L.HUNT and check out more of his work by following the links below.

Check out the latest project from L.HUNT Life Work: Passage One-The Question

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Trazmo Movin On Enticing Tropical House Vibes A Cutting-Edge Production with Danceworthy Rhythms



French DJ and Producer Trazmo just released “Moving On” an energetic tropical house track on Music Revolution. The track is a breezy-sounding production with sleek melodies, sweet female dance vocals and infectious rhythmic layers. In terms of house music, “Moving On” creates its own unique lane though it’s most enticing elements will be familiar to electronic music fans of various genres.

While “Moving On” delivers a slightly retro feel circa 90s house, listeners will quickly ascertain that Trazmo is introducing a fresh wave of ear-pleasing vibes for an ever-evolving audience. Creating a soothing sensory experience, “Moving On” offer some emotional lyrics but does not fall short on the groove theory. The synth-driven house production is equally as danceworthy as it is thought-provoking.

Listen to Trazmo “Moving On” now streaming on Soundcloud.

Trazmo offers fans a clean, seamless production. “Moving On” is an entertaining track that is warm and inviting. The mix has a catchy beat that is delivered with smooth energy. Instrumentals on the track are carefully layered to capture a myriad of elements while flowing together with enjoyable ease. Trazmo who has been in the game for 10 years, showcases his talent and skill like a seasoned pro with a knack for what is hot and new.

If you enjoy the sounds of groups such as Major Lazer, DJ Snake and Martin Garrix, you will love  the sounds of Trazmo.

Hailing from France, Tramzo is an up and coming artist who specializes in Electronic music. He has been making music for over a decade. “Moving On” is his latest release on Music Revolution. Learn more about Trazmo by following the links below.

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DANJUL EP Origin of Times-The Ultimate Dance Pop Experience Igniting the Flames of Hope and Raw Determination

Danjul Origin of Times

Danjul Origin of Times

LA-based Singer-Songwriter and Performer DANJUL is making waves with the release of his EP ‘Origin of Times’ which is available for download on the popular streaming music site Soundcloud. ‘Origin of Times’ is the first ever EP for the talented artist. Keeping in mind that the project is DANJUL’s debut release, to say that ‘Origin of Times’ is amazing is simply an understatement. ‘Origin of Times’ is the quintessential pop experience for the modern musicscape. DANJUL showcases a vast range of diversity as an artist on the 8 track EP which was officially released on November 29th, 2017.

If you happen to be late to the party, there is still time to revel in the sounds of DANJUL who has already garnered critical acclaim for the EP and it’s singles. For those that have not had the opportunity to engage with DANJUL’s latest project, we will share a couple of highlights that should hopefully push you over the fence and on to the right side where one artist is quickly changing the music game, setting the bar incredibly high and standing out as a radiant light.

The EP in Short

‘Origin of Times’ opens with a hypnotic introduction that is comprised of angelic vocals, spoken word, and entrancing instrumentals. The intro piece is an introspective body of work that sets the foundation for what fans can expect on the subsequent tracks. As ornate piano chords dance hauntingly along the track while deep, brooding strings allure, listeners are given a glimpse into DANJUL’s rise to prominence and what it has taken to get there.

Must Add Tracks for  Your Playlist

“Origin Intro” is followed by the first full-track which is “City of Chaos”, a synth-driven production with a futuristic feel. DANJUL delivers enticing vocals over industrial-infused synths and frenzied electronic waves. Instrumental elements on the track capture the hectic nature of “City of Chaos” while the energy of the song is contrasted with DANJUL’s dynamic personality as conveyed through his vocal performance. “City of Chaos” is a high-energy listening experience with a catchy dance beat and infinite metal/rock vibes.

The next song on the EP, “Chapter of Love” carries a different mood. The song, which opens with dreamy melodies and what sounds like pages in a book being flipped, garners attention with an emerging sound. “Chapter of Love” progresses from a slow-tempo production to an epic dance tune that churns out like a Step Up film soundtrack. “Chapter of Love” embodies a nostalgic ethos, channeling the vibes of the 90s and 2000s club music while delivering a distinctly modern approach. On “Chapter of Love”, DANJUL delivers a smash hit with a relatable message and nonstop grooves. DANJUL released a music video for “Chapter of Love” and the response to no surprise has been overwhelmingly positive.

Check out the visuals for DANJUL’s single “Chapter of Love”

Watch DANJUL Chapter of Love

DANJUL inspires fans on the track, “The Path”, an sonically-pleasing track with smooth vocals and addictive rhythms. As DANJUL sings, “come on follow me, walk the path”, fans will be moved to hop on board as this song exudes nothing but positivity. “The Path” is another dynamic production that delivers explosive energy and bold personality. The song is one that will ignite the dance floor while encouraging the modest to remove their outer shell.

Following “The Path”, “Story of She” marches unapologetically forward with resounding percussion, compelling melodies and soulful harmonies. DANJUL tells a heartfelt tale that will likely hit close to home on an emotional level with music fans. Between raw electric guitars and heavy bass, playful melodies, and DANJULS’s inspiring vocals, “Story of She” brings it home with dreamy waves, lingering in the minds of listeners.

‘Origin of Times’ takes fans on a foreign feeling excursion on “Magic Carpet” a bass-driven, synth-induced trip courtesy of DANJUL who entices listeners with seductive lyrics and dreamy vocals. “Magic Carpet” performs with a tapestry of sonic layers woven to perfection with flawless precision. Throughout the song, “Magic Carpet” morphs from an electronic dance execution to a series of orchestrated melodies before leaving fans to behold what more is to come.

Continuing to embody musicianship while creating a detailed soundscape, ‘Origin of Times’ reemerges with “Tower”. “Tower” is a telling story which is punctuated by mesmerizing strings, delicate melodies and ambient waves. DANJUL reminds the fans of his craft about exactly what it has taken to get to where he is. “Tower” is a touching song that uplifts the spirit. Fans will take heart in the very personal perspective delivered by DANJUL on this track as he continues to energize the soul and awaken the mind.

‘Origin of Times’ concludes with “Maddhatter’s View”. A righteous finish for a stunning showcase of artistry, ‘Madhatter’s View” contains a myriad of elements which have been long missing from popular music: genuine musicianship, unparallel vocals, and ingenuity. “Maddhatter’s View” is a song that is incomparable to anything you’ve ever heard. While it contains some retro nuances it is also extraordinarily modern. DANJUL creates a sensational listening experience that is both organic and stimulating.

Listen to DANJUL Origin of Times.


DANJUL shines with brilliance on his latest EP ‘Origin of Times’. The EP is a masterful collection of sonic grooves that uplift and inspire. While DANJUL delivers some throwback nuances from an earlier era in dance music, he also presents a wide range of future sounds that have yet to be tapped. As a songwriter, DANJUL is ingenious, delivering relevant themes in an authentic and fearless manner. As a singer and performer, DANJUL serves up a youthful sounding voice with a vast vocal range, and warm presence.

The artist exudes individuality  and conveys an infectious personality through his performance. ‘Origin of Times’, which is the first EP that DANJUL has ever released, is an engaging listen that is certainly worth adding to your music collection. The EP offers a myriad of sounds for music lovers who appreciate a wide scope of genres and their respective characteristics. While DANJUL’s sound is very much incomparable, if you like the vibes of artists such as Jason Derulo, Jake Miller and Nico & Vinz, you will enjoy the sounds of DANJUL. Learn more about singer and songwriter DANJUL by following the links below.


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Dee Hemingway Music Release Lies Resonates with the Betrayed Touching on the Harsh Reality of Life, Love and Broken Hearts

Dee Hemingway

Dee Hemingway

“Lies”, the latest release by singer and songwriter Dee Hemingway is a spirit-filled performance that takes no prisoners. Sung over a gritty and rock-infused track, Dee Hemingway tells a story that many individuals can relate to. Her sultry vocals send “Lies” out to the masses with possessive energy and remarkable clarity. The song rocks as hard to the core as it digs deep into the soul to express the utmost level of frustration and the indomitable will to overcome the pain of heartbreak.

Dee Hemingway has the type of voice that true artists are made of. With a powerful range, fans are able to capture and interpret the feelings contained in every single note. Dee speaks to listeners with bold assertiveness and infectious confidence. She presents a descriptive tale through words that is neither glitter nor glamour, yet her performance on “Lies” illuminates.

While the lyrical content on “Lies” examines the pain of heartbreak, betrayal and deception, one should gain inspiration from Dee’s approach to moving on, standing up to the betrayer and taking control of the situation. While discussions of infidelity are often taboo, Dee goes there. Not only does she take on the topic with grace and distinction, she inspires the betrayed to be empowered to walk away with dignity and say “enough” with your “damn lies” as she belts over the raw, electric guitar.

Every once in a while the delusional need to be reminded about the harsh realities and life, love and relationships-they are not all what they are cracked up to be. Dee Hemingway not only brings this truth to light but lands a solid one-two punch into the gut of unfaithful, heartbreakers all over and she does it with soul. “Lies” is a must add track to your ‘dump that loser’, ‘drop that zero’ playlist next to Blu Cantrell’s “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops)”.


Listen to Dee Hemingway Lies

Dee Hemingway Lies

Originally from Augusta, GA and now based in Sacramento, CA,  Dee Hemingway has been described as the “quintessential entertainer”. Hailing from the home of the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, Dee Hemingway is a mezzo-soprano vocalist who is known for performing all styles of music. She is never one to miss a musical opportunity. Considered the full package, Dee even designs and sews her own stage costumes which enable her to get into character while performing on stage.

The singer studied many different genres such as Blues, Soul and Rock music, gaining inspiration from various idols. She is also formally trained in music so her voice is pure and unaltered.

Having a musical preference of Rock, Soulful rock with a Blues edge, Dee is recognized for her highly-entertaining and interactive showcases. Now touring nationally, she has shared the stage with numerous entertainers domestically and abroad. Across the U.S., she has also worked in management and promotions for other music endeavors. As a result, she has acquired a growing list of contacts and connections, also having mentored other performers along the way.


Dee Hemingway_Lies


In 2015, Dee performed at Sherry Gordy Presents-Take The Stage in Las Vegas. Right now, the singer and songwriter is touring as a backing and featured vocalist for National Blues Artist Brad Wilson and The Rollin’ Blues Thunder Band. In March 2018, the band is expected to open for the legendary Buddy Guy in Arizona.

In addition, Dee is featured as a backing vocalist on an upcoming project by Hunter & The Dirty Jacks a Blues/Rock band which is scheduled for release through Spectra Music Group Spring 2018.

Outside of performing with the aforementioned bands, Dee is also touring across the country performing Blues, Rock and Soul covers as well as original songs with her own band. Dee Hemingway is a member of Musicians Urban Local 6 in San Francisco, the Sacramento Blues Society and the Black Rock Coalition based in New York. Learn more about Dee Hemingway by following the links below.

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Jennifer Hope EP SINspirations A Dark but Relatable Journey Melodic, Hypnotic and Evocative Songs



LA-based singer and songwriter Jennifer Hope just released her newest EP ‘SINspirations’ on Cleopatra Records. ‘SINspirations’ is an extraordinary display of artistic prowess and bold imagery. Throughout the 4-track EP, Jennifer introduces weighty lyrical content that speaks to an enormous audience whether realized or not through a combination of original song and famous renditions.

The EP includes one of Jennifer’s original songs ‘#1 Deadly Sin” as well as three other popular renditions of titles performed by artists to include Nine Inch Nails, Bruce Springsteen and Linkin Park. While experiencing ‘SINspirations’ firsthand is the best path to understanding just how amazing an artist Jennifer Hope is, we captured a few highlights just on the heels of the EP’s January 12th release below.

Jennifer Hope SINspirations-Peering into the Music

The first song on the ‘SINspirations’ is “#1 Deadly Sin” is a haunting track that captures the soul with lingering essence and bone chilling vocals. Jennifer Hope performs with a vast vocal range, her crisp voice adding to the icy vibes on the solemn production. ‘#1 Deadly Sin” is a dark song with a poignant message. The song firmly takes hold of listeners while hypnotising them with mysteriously playful melodies and deep brooding piano chords. This particular track was inspired by Lucifer, a primetime series on the FOX network. Appearances on “#1 Deadly Sin” include Jeff Babko (Jimmy Kimmel Live Band Pianist/Keyboardist, Arranger and Composer). The project was co-produced by Jennifer Hope, Jonathan Bruns and executive produced by Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, James Blunt).

“Hurt” another compelling track on the EP  and originally performed by Nine Inch Nails, garners attention with its powerful songwriting and heavy instrumentals. The track is incredibly evocative as Jennifer Hope pours intense emotions out on every note. “Hurt” sonically illustrates a deep sea of pain that many fans will likely relate to whether outwardly or within the confines of their owns secrecy. Jennifer Hope delivers a reflective body of work that is magnificently inspiring. Through her rendition of “Hurt”, Jennifer hoped to “retain the freedom, energy and raw emotion of the performance” which is considered a “one-take performance in Eddie Van Halen’s 5150 studio” (jenniferhope.com).

Jennifer offers fans a different vibe on her rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”, a guitar-driven song with colorful vocals. “Dancing in the Dark” which includes some male vocals by way of Christopher Webb has a brighter tone, though the performance is equally as heart-wrenching as “Hurt”. “Dancing in the Dark” delivers vivid imagery through each lyric while padding each one with warm folk melodies and moving harmonies. Though the artists notes that “Dancing in the Dark” is an unlikely choice for her repertoire, she envisioned placing her sound with the lyrical content (jenniferhope.com). The song was co-produced by Jennifer Hope and Pete Strobl.

In her rendition of Linkin Park’s “My December”, Jennifer Hope serves up a sweeping performance. “My December” is a phenomenal finish to the musical journey that Jennifer embarked on with ‘SINspirations’ The singer cultivates a series of emotions that are undeniable as she performs flawless vocals, conveying the agony which lies within the popular hit. The song was released for download to help raise funds in honor of Music For Relief,One More Light Fund in Memory of Chester Bennington. Following its reception, the song was released for wider distribution. “My December” was produced by Jennifer and also features Dolce Wang (cello) and Tommy Reeves (piano).

Get a glimpse into ‘SINspirations’ by Jennifer Hope. Check out the video below.

Watch Jennifer Hope SINspirations Now.


‘SINspirations’ is a powerful passage into areas that few dare to explore for one reason or another. Through eloquent songwriting, intricate stories and dark tales, Jennifer Hope gives a voice to those who simply cannot speak. ‘SINspirations’ is a spectacular body of work that is only enhanced by Jennifer’s enthralling performance.The gifted performer delivers  a feely EP that might leave you feeling both pensive and slightly uncomfortable. The fact is that some of the most uncomfortable conversations must be had in order to make even the slightest difference. Jennifer Hope is talking and we are listening.

While the songs on the EP were inspired by film and television imagery, they will resonate with listeners on a very personal level. The EP is moody, emotional and channels characters that are familiar both on-screen and in real life.

Jennifer Hope is a Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter who is known for her unique vocals which encompass ethereal and dreamy pop essence. She is recognized as an alternative singer and songwriter who besides delivering her own original songs, has captivated audiences with popular cover songs. Jennifer places her own spin on the renditions, giving the songs new life. The singer’s style is a fusion of dark and light, pain and pretty as her soft vocals entangle listeners in the most mystical manner.

No stranger to the music industry, Jennifer Hope has previously released music on her own label Mystic Dreams Music in addition to Cleopatra Records. Two of her projects, the LP Velvet Fire and the EP X-Tremities were sponsored by the notable Eddie Van Halen and produced by renowned Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, James Blunt).

Following the death of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, Jennifer released her rendition of the chart-topping hit “My December” to raise funds to support Music For Relief, One More Light Fund in Memory of Chester Bennington, a charity founded in honor of the fallen star and world-renowned musician. Her recent alternative EP, ‘SINspirations’, was released on January 12th, 2018. The EP features Jennifer’s original work to include “#1 Deadly Sin”. ‘SINspirations’ is currently available on iTunes and all of your favorite digital music stores. Learn more about Jennifer Hope by following the links below.

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Celeste Buckingham BARE Album Exposes Raw Talent A Global Force in Music with a Powerful Presence

Celeste Buckingham

Celeste Buckingham

‘BARE’ the newest release by Swiss-American singer and songwriter Celeste Buckingham will leave you with chills. The album which is not the first for the young, but accomplished talent is a righteous show of force.  Celeste delivers a pristine performance and soul-stirring rhythms. She commands attention from the very first track on ‘BARE’ and continues to maintain a strong grip until the last cut fades out. There are simply not enough words to describe the experience of ‘BARE’ and do it justice but we will certainly try. The truth is, you will have to listen for yourself however, we present our finest attempt to capture the essence of ‘BARE’ which has left the girls at G&S going gaga for Celeste Buckingham.

The Music

The first track on the album “Paradise” is an instant hitmaker. Celeste asserts herself as a force to be reckoned with while performing flawless vocals and sweet harmonies. She has plenty of attitude to boot and kicks doors down at the same time. “Paradise” performs as an unapologetic anthem. The song has a distinct message that speaks volumes as the singer-songwriter croons, “this ain’t paradise, it’s as cold as ice though there is magic in your bones, I don’t understand”. Celeste doesn’t back down and the energy on this track is empowering and inspiring. Besides her amazing vocal performance, the instrumentals are equally as possessing.

“Addict”, another song on ‘BARE’ emerges with heavy bass-driven beats and funky synths. “The song presents as a chaotic track which embodies the frenzied lyrical content introduced by Celeste who spits a fury of rap bars. You can feel the emotional roller coaster she is taking fans on with the execution of every single lyric, verse and hook. “Addict” is without a doubt an intoxicating production that makes it cool to be slightly “unhinged”. We are perfectly okay with losing our minds with Celeste who sings, “losing my mind and I kind of like that”. So do we Celeste, so do we. Just when you thought the bar couldn’t get any higher with “Paradise”, “Addict” makes a slam dunk.

Speaking of the highly addicting sounds of Celeste Buckingham, you will want to continue indulging in musical libations on the track “Intoxicated”. The track is incredibly emotional as you can feel the heart and soul pouring out of Celeste’s vocals. The song has an inspiring message that fans will relate to. Digging into the conflict of addiction using gorgeous metaphors, “Intoxicating” is an uncut view into the ethos of a musician, the essence of an artist.

Celeste turns down ever so slightly on “All This” a track that slays with a clean beat and slicing lyrics. Celeste transitions between tight, gritty vocals and soft, lingering melodies. “All This” is another emotive track that exhibits frustrations which are of course relatable to the masses. As Celeste sings, “all this”, listeners can capture the exasperation in her voice. She does a wonderful job creating a contrasting listening experience. Celeste performs in such a manner that fans are able to journey with her, feeling every note from start to finish.

Celeste demonstrates her diversity as a singer-songwriter on “Rose” a guitar-driven song that presents with acoustic nuances. “Rose” is a stunning performance that speaks to the elements of a traditional ballad. Celeste continues to showcase her wide vocal range while giving fans a different, softer perspective. “Rose” has a more somber feel, the track is moving and feels very personal.

“Go Away” another uptempo track on the album returns to the bold vibes heard on the previous tracks. Celeste delivers a dance-worthy performance on “Go Away” while incorporating some reggae-infused vibes. The message on the track is self-assured and authoritative. Both women and men will find the courage and confidence refreshing in this particular track which happens to take a firm stand. Celeste has released a music video for “Go Away” and it is fire. Check out the visual display below.

The Visuals

Watch Celeste Buckingham “Go Away”

The next track that Celeste blesses fans with on ‘BARE’ is “Selfish”. “Selfish” is a reflective track that explores a myriad of introspective moments. The song offers catchy, synth-heavy elements which inspire subtle head-nods. “Selfish” is a slower tempo production which provides the space for Celeste to display her diversity as an artist. “Selfish” is certain to bring out the feels for fans who enjoy a song with meaningful lyrics.

Another moving track on ‘BARE’ is “Immature”, which communicates a direct message while speaks to the challenges of various relationships. Celeste says all of the things that everyday people are thinking without a care. She lures fans in with soft and alluring hooks before snatching them up with the intense “Why are you! Why are you! Why are you!” refrains.

Approaching the album’s close is “Trip” a sultry song that delivers soulful harmonies and exuberant melodies. “Trip” has a distinct R&B flair as carried through Celeste’s passionate vocals. The song is an easy listen and embodies the throwback nuances that mature audiences frequently crave.

‘BARE’ closes out with the heartfelt performance on “Time is Ours”. The song is punctuated by a series of hypnotic piano chords which roll endlessly over the track as Celeste sings a profound tune. “Time is Ours” is an uplifting song that captures the ear with lingering presence and strong emotional appeal.

Celeste Buckingham, on ‘BARE’ has served up a dynamic listening experience for music fans. She delivers a wildly modern sound while delivering her own distinct style. Though her sound is reminiscent to artists such as P!nk and Jessie J, she has truly created a lane of her own. Every single song on the album exudes strong emotion which is noticeably conveyed through Celeste’s vocal prowess. She delivers songwriting content that is relevant and relatable to a wide audience, void of generational boundaries. ‘BARE’ is deep, soulful and infectious but, in retrospect cannot be categorized into a single genre. The tracks on the album range from those that include pop influences to others that encompass hip-hop,  R&B, soul and rock elements.  While ‘BARE’ exposes the best of Celeste Buckingham, our guess is that the album is only an introduction of what is to come.

While Celeste’s musical and performance style is unrivaled, fans who enjoy listening to artists such as Julia Michaels, Sia, Alessia Cara or Zara Larsson will gravitate towards the sounds of Celeste Buckingham.

Listen to Celeste Buckingham ‘BARE’ on Soundcloud.


A Global Force in Music


A dominating force in European music, singer and songwriter Celeste Buckingham claimed her position by the young age of 17. Celeste who is a native of Switzerland rose to prominence after appearing on SuperStar a European program.

The global phenomenon known as Celeste Buckingham released her first full-length album in 2012 titled ‘Don’t Look Back’. The album produced the chart-topping single “Run Run Run” which was later awarded the title of “Best Czech & Slovak Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards. By 2013, Celeste descended upon the US with sights set on her next takeover.

Renowned for her distinctive style and unduplicatable presence, she has garnered attention on a global scale. Celeste’s style has drawn comparisons to performers such as Adele, Etta James, and Joss Stone to name a few. Celeste states, “I never follow a specific genre. The music that I like to write and perform is raw and organic with a lot of soul and even a little bit of jazz” (celestebuckingham.com).

Celeste, the artist who considers herself to be a songwriter first, started collaborating with musical director Earl Cohen (Lady gaga, Pharrell, P!nk, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, David Bowie) to kick off her North American album in 2014. Celeste co-wrote all of the songs on the project. She was nominated as “Best New Artist” at Radio Disney Music Awards, a major score for the international artist.

Celeste Buckingham is not just leaving her mark in music however, she also devotes time to philanthropic projects and charitable endeavors. She takes up causes to include supporting children with Autism, speaking out against gender discrimination and working with children’s organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America and CARE.org. Learn more about Celeste Buckingham by visiting the links below.

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BUCK50ENT New Single “Rollin” ft. CDolla$, Get Right Sour and OG Kaylyles A Dope Hip-hop Track with Mainstream Appeal



Camden, NJ-based BUCK50ENT presents “Rollin” a new single featuring artists Get Right Sour, CDolla$ & OG Kaylyles. “Rollin” is a dope hip-hop track with mainstream appeal. The song is reminiscent to Drake during his initial foray into rap circa 2010. The collaborators on the production have put together a fun song with an endearing message as they sing “the sun was shining what a beautiful day, I got a bad lil mami sitting next to me. And we rollin…”

“Rollin” could legitimately be a non-stop summer jam as it is delivers a great beat, introduces some catchy bars and a memorable hook. The total vibe on the track is chill and easy which makes it a great soundtrack for cruising the streets of your city or as BUCK50ENT suggests rollin.

As for the lyrical content and delivery of bars on the cut, they are seamless and without flaw. The trio has tapped into current sounds while performing infectious cadences that are precise and coherent unlike the newer form of “mumble rap” that has recently gripped the mainstream.

Fans of both hip-hop and R&B will enjoy the sounds on “Rollin”. The track encompasses chill energy while including familiar hip-hop elements making it an overall trendy track. Listeners will not have to struggle through this song as the metaphors and references are current and relatable. The trio complements each other well in combination with some distortions including screwed up vocals and various electronic elements that are used to enhance the experience.

“Rollin” has an addictive beat with a soft grind but nod-worthy demeanor. It is not a heavily synthesized track and has minimal use of auto-tune. The song includes fun melodies and decent harmonies. Production on the track is clean and will most certainly evoke similar response that might happen when listening to a Khaled mix.

Rollin” by BUCK50ENT ft. OG Kaylyles, CDolla$ & Get Right Sour

Listen to “Rollin” on Spotify

BUCK50ENT nailed the ultimate hip-hop track on “Rollin” and it is certainly worth a listen if not an add to your growing music playlist. Learn more about BUCK50ENT by following the links below.

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Official Music Video for Jake Ward Not Too Far to Reach

Jake Ward

Jake Ward

We recently did a review on the latest music release from musician Jake Ward “Not Too Far To Reach”. The Official Music Video for the song is now out. “Not Too Far To Reach” is Jake’s most recent hit on Texas regional radio. Check out the video below.

Watch Jake Ward Perform Not Too Far To Reach



Jake Ward is Country Music performer based in Corpus Christi, TX. He is known for blending classic country and contemporary rock genres to create his unique sound. Read our Full-Review on “Not Too Far to Reach”. Learn more about Jake Ward Music, by following the links below.

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