Reigning with Soul: Zhanè Monique Debuts ‘Legacy of an Empress’ EP Southern Soul Meets Trip Hop on Zhanè Monique 'Legacy of an Empress' EP Release


One may be surprised to know that a young artist of today is able to deliver a voice that is reminiscent to the distinct sounds of decades past. With the exception of a few notable performers, music today often seems to lack the substance and talent once experienced with industry pioneers. One young performer from Atlanta, Georgia however, is breaking ground with a fiercely contemporary sound that channels the vibrations of classic soul singers and the modern nuances of a millennial generation. The artist’s name is Zhanè Monique, and she is a young lady whose music seems to be well beyond her years.

We recently got an insider look into the debut EP release by Zhanè Monique titled ‘Legacy of an Empress’. The EP consists of 7 distinct tracks that demonstrate the performer’s diversity as a singer and songwriter. ‘Legacy of an Empress’ conveys itself with regal quality just as the name of the project suggests. As the the EP opens with “Young Teen” a short interlude, it swiftly becomes evident that Zhanè Monique is not your average recording artist nor your average teen. She is a gifted performer destined to leave an indelible mark on the surface of the music landscape.

As Zhanè introduces herself to listeners singing the lyrics, “I’m just a young teen trying to fulfill my dreams” it is clear that the talented artist is on a mission and taking no prisoners. At first glance, Zhanè’s head-turning sound strikes a familiar chord. Fans of Beyonce will gravitate toward Zhanè’s execution of vocals which resound in a similar fashion. She delivers passionate vocals with comparable dexterity and range. There are few artists today, especially in pop that can truly hit a wide range of notes much less sing at all; even fewer female R&B artists are exposed to audiences through the mainstream music, so ‘Legacy of an Empress’ is a refreshing glimpse into a new generation of rising artists.


Check out our Insider Look into ‘Legacy of an Empress’ by Zhanè Monique


“Highs & Lows” is a flawless production that emerges with an acoustic feel as Zhanè belts out a mellow tune. The track, which morphs into an eclectic-sounding number expresses unique instrumentals against poetic lyrics.

“Drift” is a progressively modern number with a trendy feel. As Zhanè delivers bold lyrics she pays homage to the “ATL”. The track is an infectious production drenched in flavorful instrumental layers and complex elements.

Perhaps one of the most notable tracks on ‘Legacy of an Empress’ is “Lambs Became Lions” , a powerful number that tells a vivid tale. Using fascinating metaphors, Zhanè delivers a moving experience with a salient message.


Zhanè Monique continues her exquisite story-telling on “Legacy”, a slow-tempo track with distorted instrumentals and deep, soulful lyrics. The track, produced by ZM has a darker feel giving way to her purposeful delivery. The performer demonstrates a vast vocal range on the melodic “Hope”, a powerful track that touches the soul and endears the heart. Concluding the EP with an even stronger finish is “She Can Have You (A World in Chains)”, an unconventional production with captivating lyrics and inspiring instrumentals. Zhanè Monique gives an impressive performance throughout ‘Legacy of an Empress’. The EP is a remarkable blend of R&B, soul, electronic, and alternative sounds with a light hip-hop flair.

Listen to the sounds of Zhanè Monique ‘Legacy of an Empress’ now streaming on Soundcloud

Zhanè Monique is an Atlanta-based singer and songwriter who got an early start in music as a young child. Having performed in her church choir as a youngster, Zhanè is no stranger to the stage. ‘Legacy of an Empress’,  the artist’s debut release chronicles her personal experiences as a teenager growing up. ‘Legacy of an Empress’ is currently available for purchase in your favorite digital music stores. Catch up with Zhanè Monique Online by following the links below…

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Band We Are Doom Debut EP ‘The D’ is Intensely Modern


We Are DoomWhen you encounter a group musicians who happen to go by the name We Are Doom, what you might expect to witness is a post-apocalyptic cataclysm of sorts. Are you scared yet? If you are a boy band you should be. Even more chilling however, is the fact that the opposite holds true for the Colorado-based band. Upon discovering We Are Doom’s latest EP release titled ‘The D’, you will quickly realize that the sounds being performed are anything but destructive. In fact, ‘The D’ is a modern collection of trendy yet, eclectic songs that seem to restore balance to current music climate.

If you find yourself reminiscing about rock music from the 90s and the early naughties, you will enjoy taking a listen to ‘The D’. Punk fan? Alternative lover? EDM much? No issues there, ‘The D’ has you covered. We Are Doom, who describes their style as indie-electronic-alternative hails from Denver, Colorado and delivers a performance that is just about as scenic as the Centennial State itself. Listeners can expect to be immersed in a myriad of genres carefully crafted and fused together to create an original sound.

While electronic music has experienced quite an upsurge in mainstream music and pop continues to reign as King, alternative fans are often left feeling abandoned as their favorite bands venture to adopt unrecognizable styles. Modern rock acts find success while holding on to the nuances of classic rock, and technology has forged the most unlikely collaborations. While Taylor Swift has been crowned a media maven, 1D bids farewell and the rest of us are wondering why the term “boy band” has yet to be retired if they still aren’t actually playing instruments.

Whatever holds true for today’s feisty music consumer, the fact is that music will continue to converge, morph, and reinvent itself. Musicians that are keenly aware of this are likely to succeed and those that are not will inevitably be lost among the “what ever happened to one-hit wonders”. Staying power requires a timeless classic that is created today and still loved tomorrow. We Are Doom seems to have this figured out; not only does this band croon out some remarkable harmonies, they play instruments as too. Performing 8 original songs for the masses, We Are Doom gives music lovers a delectable taste of what is to come.

The Rundown: We Are Doom ‘The D’

Inside the Tracks

‘The D’ opens up with an upbeat track titled “Ignite”. The synth-driven production performs flawlessly with glossy instrumentals and dance-infused rhythms. The convergence of pop-rock vocals, rich music composition, and free-spirited electronic layers make the track an instant favorite for anyone who enjoys uplifting music.

“Ignite” is followed by “Shooting Star”, a mature mix with a distinct presence. Righteous instrumentals and lush harmonies wash over the production with the greatest of ease. We Are Doom demonstrates their vast soundscape very early in the EP as each track delivers its own energy.

Up next, the band performs “Feels Like Paradise”, a fun number with massive appeal. “Feels Like Paradise” could easily be an club hit as it delivers plenty of energy and a mainstream performance. The song’s flirty lyrics intertwine fabulously with the sultry electronic layers.

Throwback fans of bands such as Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Blink 182 will get a kick out of “Harmonixxx”, an upbeat alternative number with reverberating guitars and intense percussion. We Are Doom channels their inner Nirvana on “G.D.S.” another passionate number with punk conventions, speedy riffs, and powerful vocals.

The EP remains set to high-octane on “Sail Away”, another strong number with rock-infused instrumentals and vivid storytelling. The band then softens the edge with “We’ll Find A Way”, a melodic track with pop vocals and heartfelt lyrics. “We’ll Find A Way” is a lighthearted mix with delicate synths and colorful melodies. Concluding with a resounding production on “Spider Webs”, We Are Doom wraps up the EP with fierce instrumentals and driving rhythms that grip the spirit with youthful exuberance.

In summary, ‘The D’ is the type of release that will either have you heading to the club or diving into a mosh pit. The juxtaposition of throwback alternative elements and modern electronic instrumentals provide a fascinating interpretation of today’s young artists and their experiences in the world around them. ‘The D’ is a highly relatable EP that delivers addicting music that is performed with immaculate precision. Though the band considers themselves to be indie, their production style is anything but. Listeners can anticipate polished numbers that are cut to pure perfection, musical dope for the ear.

Listen to We Are Doom Ignite, Streaming Now on Soundcloud

We Are Doom is comprised of Jerry Vargas (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Wesley Pasillas (Drums), Tony Millan (Bass), and Julio Antillion (Guitar). Combined, the band members have almost 10 years of experience as musicians and were for the most part self-taught multi-instrumentalists. Citing influences such as The Hives, The Strokes, Bloc Party, Muse, the Rolling Stones, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and many others, the band formed and decided to develop their own unique style. We Are Doom is based in Denver, Colorado and performs at several different venues across the state. ‘The D’, the debut EP from We Are Doom was released on August 19th and is currently available for purchase at digital music stores. Learn more about We Are Doom by visiting their official website at

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Conner Gilbert Lyric Video Release for “The Prospect” Now Streaming Conner Gilbert “The Prospect”, an Inspiring Performance with Modern Appeal


Conner600x600Singer and songwriter Conner Gilbert recently released the lyric video for his song “The Prospect”. The emotionally-driven performance appeared on his 2009 solo album debut titled ‘The View from Within’. If you are looking for an inspiring song with purposeful lyrics, “The Prospect” will certainly deliver. Reminiscent of early acts such as Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, Conner commands the attention of listeners with epic instrumentals and rock-infused vocals. “The Prospect” is a refreshing production with contemporary appeal. Should you need a diversion from the heavily saturated pop/hip-hop hybrid tracks that are currently soaking up the air ways, “The Prospect” will provide a delightful respite. If you are jonesing for the sounds of Chris Isaak with a contemporary pop-rock flair, you will be pleased to discover the sounds of Conner Gilbert. The young artist’s songwriting resonates with the imprint of the distinguished 1960s and 1990s styles. He has however, uniquely crafted a modernized acoustic style with a distinct vocal performance.

Conner’s lyric video release provides a thoughtful visual to accompany the poetic words which emerge slowly from the track. As the video progresses, viewers are introduced to several landmarks and sights that are gently blurred in the background. As the words appear across the screen viewers are quickly enveloped into the resounding message that Conner has decided to share with his audience. In summary, “The Prospect” is dynamic and engaging.

Energetic guitars strum as background vocals harmonize and Conner sings “You’ll never really know what you mean to me my friend”. Pianos capture the essence of the composition while carefully crafted layers express retro sounds. As the track builds intensity, Conner hits a long note and let’s it linger on as the instrumentals kick out a lighthearted melody. For a fleeting moment, the song winds down, teasing fans with some catchy riffs only to surge forward with an cinematic finish. “The Prospect” is highly-contagious and marvelously uplifting. Conner Gilbert demonstrates effortless sophistication with intricate patterns that seem to flow naturally. The song creates a panoramic journey as interpreted in the lyric video. Conner captures fans, achieving the apex of listening satisfaction with creative insight, strong vocals, and polished instrumentals. Experience the sounds of Conner Gilbert, by checking out his official lyric video, now streaming on YouTube.

Listen to Conner Gilbert Perform “The Prospect” on YouTube.

Conner600x6002Recognized as an accomplished musician, Conner Gilbert is no stranger to performing. After working with several other bands, he has embarked on his solo journey as an artist. As a young musician, Conner gains inspiration from the sounds of the 1960s and the 1990s which can be heard in his songwriting. He released his debut album ‘The View From Within’ on April 24, 2009 which was followed by the release of his single “Here’s To The Days” in January 2011. Regarding Conner’s debut album, Jim Price of the Altoona Mirror says, “Gilbert’s soaring voice and vocal harmonies provide a fresh listen from start to end.” Check out more music from Conner Gilbert and check out his full tour schedule on his Official Website

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TheFascinated Entices with Latest Synthpop Release Running Away from Love Irresistible Rhythms Return with TheFascinated Running Away from Love Release


The_Fascinated_Running_Away_from_Love_SingleSinger and Songwriter Beki Colada has joined forces with musical composer and producer lionel Cohen to revive the fresh 80’s synthpop sounds of yesterday with a millennial spin on the latest release of their singe “Running Away from Love”. Each making up one-half of the duo known as TheFascinated, the LA-based artists are garnering quite a buzz across the indie music sphere for their refreshing and hypnotically enticing sound.

If you are missing the likes of the Cars, Eurythmics, and Depeche Mode, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you can cure your 80s synthpop cravings with the newest release “Running Away from Love” from TheFascinated. Once considered part of the new wave that rolled ashore in the late 70s and early 80s, Synthpop has come full circle once again, emerging with more stylized sounds and even permeating itself into the mainstream with. You would be hard-pressed to ignore the infectious polyphonic rhythms and synthesized elements that can be easily heard in songs like “Running Away from Love”.

Mainstream music aficionados may have experienced brief encounters with the nuances of synthpop as performed by artists such as LaRoux and Lady Gaga who gained commercial success however, a journey back to the 80s will surely reveal a stylish symphony of timeless classic that even modern descendants of 80s babies will have stashed away in their iTunes playlist. With a slightly dark edge-contrasted with playful melodies, “Running Away from Love” is poised to inspire its own sound revolution, capturing a few hearts along the way.

Fusing together elements of rock and distinct electronic layers, TheFascinated introduce a savory mix with driving percussion, ethereal ambiance and captivating energy. Beki Colada’s vocals are a youthful blend of playful and flirty as she croons out catchy verses and chorus. Picturesque melodies intertwine with cooling vibes, and infectious syncopation as the instrumentals take listeners off into a dreamy, retro-infused realm.

TheFascinated Running Away from Love Lures The 80s Back

Listen to TheFascinated “Running Away from Love”, now streaming on Soundcloud

Two worlds collide, creating the newest wave of sound with TheFascinated. Becki Colada, a native of Australia and lionel Cohen, a French-born New Yorker cite musical influences such as Cyndi Lauper, Missing Persons, Duran Duran and Tears for Fears as go to artists as youngsters. The pair teamed up in 2014 to form TheFascinated. Becki rose to notoriety with her chart-topping band Mavis. Having garnered many awards, the band toured with acts like Kylie Minogue and Green Day. lionel emerged from the underground of the noughties with his popular band The Plastic Fantastics. As a solo artist, lionel has snagged over 1 million plays on streaming music stop Spotify. Having produced over 150 alums, his music compositions have been featured in major film and TV productions. Keep an ear to the streets for the nostalgic sounds of TheFascinated and their latest release “Running Away from Love”, now available for purchase on iTunes.

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Alterego Vibe, “Coming Back to Life” Release, A Soulful Reawakening


Alterego_Vibe_PR3 (1)“Coming Back to Life” , the latest single from Alterego Vibe’s album ‘Back To Life’ explodes with harmonizing soulful vocals.  The infusion of the instrumentals along with the vocals capture a passionate, jazzy, R&B, electro blend. Expressing the nuances of an Acid Jazz, every layer within the composition pops.  This original upbeat and sultry track is distinctively fresh and spiritually uplifting. The vocals complement the synthesis of each instrument, creating a contemporary, funky vibe.

Alterego Vibe’s, single “Coming Back to Life” has an intricate and authentic sound easily drawing the essence of the listener into its flow.  The flavor of the sounds unite and explode in a musical kaleidoscope that encompasses the originality of the composition.  The sophisticated sounds are reminiscent of  legendary artist like Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, George Michael, and Incognito but with a remarkably original spin.   “Coming Back to Life” transcends to a spiritually higher level with massive appeal.

Although, Alterego Vibe has been influenced by many great artists, they are definitely a pioneer of an intriguing and  truly sensational sound. The band’s latest single is intoxicating, electrifying and appealing to the senses.  Alterego Vibe takes you on a progressive musical journey with the single “Coming Back to Life”.  One can easily dance and sway to the soul rendering vibes that emanates from this distinctive and inviting track. The band has released the Official Video Clip for the single, now streaming globally.

Video Teaser: Watch Alterego Vibe Performing “Coming Back to Life” Streaming on YouTube

Alterego Vibe has been dubbed as the “Acid Pop pioneers” delivering a “cool mix of Acid Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, and Dance” ( The UK-based band had roots in Italy where where it formed in 2010. Alterego Vibe released their debut EP and appeared on the Italian National Radio. Later transplanting to the UK, the band released “Back To Life”, a project written, recorded, and produced by the band in full. Following the release of the project, Alterego Vibe charted at #6 and in the Top 20 on the Italian and French Amazon R&B/Soul Music Charts respectively. Citing musical influences such as Stevie Wonder, EWF, Incognito, Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai, Michael Jackson, and George Michael, the band’s album “Back To Life” consists of 10 tracks that navigate through the band’s rich harmonies, melodies, dynamic modern pop flair, and their distinct Acid-Jazz groove theory. Learn more about Alterego Vibe by visiting their official website at

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Lynne Taylor Donovan, “Sugar Lake” Contemporary Country/Pop Track


Lynne Taylor Donvan“Sugar Lake” is a contemporary country pop track that easily unites with the dynamic vocals of Lynne Taylor Donavan.  The upbeat and flowing vocals surges through with the bluesy and jazzy guitar and fiddle. The fresh lyrics catches the complex patterns that are so easily expressed by Lynne.  The rhythmic instrumentation and lively vocals interweave and brings forth a brand new country pop flavor.

Lynne’s passionate storytelling style flows with soaring crests and ebbs that is pleasing and endearing to the listener’s ear.  It is the type of track that reverberates in your head and heart, leaving you breathless and consumed. The awesome fiddle infused guitar compliments Lynne’s intricate voice range.  This musical journey is infused with passion and distinct layers of   modern interpretive instrumentation, leaving you fulfilled and transformed.

Based in Canada, Lynne Taylor Donovan is an established international artistic contemporary country singer. She conveys her music in a pure organic form yet with profound musical range and passion; having a definite modern twist with worldwide-appeal.  At the tender age of 16, she had the opportunity to host her own television show in Vancouver, ‘The Lynne Donovan Show’. This marked the beginning of her musical journey which has crossed oceans and continents, making her an international and recognized talented artist.

Lynne, a creative and innovative artist continues to enrich the music scene with fresh, country, pop infused music that appeals to desirous ears. Stay connected to Lynne Taylor Donovan through her Official Website

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Kenny Fame – Soul of a Man (Volume 1) Eclectic Jazz-Rock Infusion


Soul0Kenny Fame international singer, songwriter, poet has a rock, jazzy yet urban mix album ‘Soul of a Man’. The track ‘Ain’t No Biggie’ is a combination reggae and soul, yet with a contemporary blues twist. ‘Broken Valentine’ instrumental reverberates and accentuates lyrics of a broken heart. The lyrics captures a love connection that is one-sided event. The song ‘On the Subway’ the singer captures daily events and personalities encountered on a subway ride. As he watches the riders, his curiosity heightens by envisioning the life’s journey of these riders. ‘She’s a Runner’ a combination of rock, contemporary acoustic guitar that blends with distinctive lyrics depicting lover that refuses to commit. On the track, ‘We Came to Play’ its jazzy rock infused beat stirs the depth of the innermost soul. Definitely easy listening with poignant instrumental selection that easily wraps around your heart, soul, and mindset. An album that encompasses varied genres to entice your inner being.
Listen to Kenny Fame Ain’t No Biggie

Fame is originally from Brooklyn but currently resides in London, UK. His career took off in 2010, after winning a poetry contest at the 10th Annual Black Writers Conference. In 2014, track ‘Artist on the Verge” was selected at the New Music Seminar and he was named Indie Bands Guru. Currently, Fame is a participant in ‘Hard Rock’ competition. Kenny Fame has written for artist Rihanna to One Direction. He has had five #1 songs featured on the Internet Radio. Check Kenny out on his Official Website.

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L’illon Warrior Angel Instrumental – Love Frequency Fresh Pop Music Ecstasy


LOVEFREQUENCY1International singer, songwriter, L’illon recently released ‘Love Frequency” from the Warrior Angel albumL’illon’s Warrior Angel album debuts as the 1st Lucid Pop genre to the public.  ‘Love Frequency” song ‘I Wonder” has a fast-paced tempo that calls your inner being to explode with dynamic energy.  L’illon’s ‘Love Story’ is hot, vibrant, rhythmic, and loving song; which is an inspiration to any listener’s heart. ‘Navigate Me Home’ is an arrangement that both soothes and ignites life, loving, and living. Indeed, ‘Smile Once More’ an   instrumental interlude will make you smile and sway with a loving aura of energy. ‘Untouchable’ has a romantic piano tune that dominates the spirit and quickly draws you into the essence of the song. The compilation of each track embraces a connection to life, living, peace, and love; listeners will be intrigued by the intricate melodies, beats and tempos.  One will come away wanting more of lucid pop flavor.

‘Love Frequency’ is an explicit example of high quality, fresh style of lucid pop.  Washington, D.C. was the birthplace of lucid pop and L’illon is the trailblazer that is giving the public a plethora of this intricate sensual style of music.  Combining a mixture of genres across the decades has birth a dynamic and all-encompassing genre; waiting for the public to take in and flow with. Imagine the syncopation of sounds that will help you reach a harmony and ecstasy of healing, peace, and love through the instrumental sound. Check out additional music, news, and projects by visiting L’illon on her Official Website.

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KickBend “Someday” Single Powerful Vocals and Instrumental


KickBendKickBend international vocalist, musicians, and producers, recently released the single “Someday”, a smooth powerful track evoking an emotional love journey solidify by burst of instrumental interludes. The drums, piano, acoustic and bass guitars intensifies the flow of the song. The raspy-country, yet bluesy vocals frame the setting of the story, love will come, but not today.
KickBend begins with the cello that produces a smooth but ebbing account of emotions. Vocalist soulful voice tells the emotional journey of one searching for love. The intensity of the instrumental interludes builds up to the climax, with electric and acoustic guitar, as well as the drums and piano. The cello smoothly brings “Someday” to its closure. This song demonstrates the crest and ebbs along a journey of love. It makes you want to slow dance, sing, moan, cry, yet it leaves one hopeful.

The track is a powerful yet modern rendition depicting that love is nearby and obtainable. KickBend’s “Someday” was mixed and engineered by Larry Millas at World Stage Studios; mastered by Collin Jordan in The Boiler Room in Chicago. KickBend released “Spin” March 2014 which was engineered and mastered by Erick Nelson Yoder at Horse Drawn Productions in Berwyn, IL. In 2012, KickBend produced “Crumbs” and “Taken” (featured Jessica Robinson); produced by Danny Karabaic at DK Media, mixed by Eric Yoder at Horse Drawn Productions. KickBend’s music style encompasses soul, blues, pop, country and definitely folk. It is a style that internationally people are thirsting for.
Listen to Kick Bend Someday, now streaming on Soundcloud.

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Marcelle Noelle The Witching Hour Tantalizes with Soulful Edgy Sounds


MarchanNoelleMARCHAN NOELLE, singer, guitarist, songwriter, recently debuted her album THE WITICHING HOUR (ACOUSTICS), combining blues and acoustic rock sound.  Her soulful but edgy sound tantalizes the ear, leaving you wanting more. Her unique and refreshing sounds enraptures the beat of your heart.

THE WITCHING HOUR is a smooth, sultry rhapsody, easily igniting depth of soul-filled emotions.  The track is a kaleidoscope of blues, indie, and rock that quickly draws in the listener.  THE WITCHING HOUR acoustics evokes the heart- beat, reflecting on each subtle stage of love.  It encompasses passion, hunger, and drive in the vocal and acoustic deliver of Marchan Noelle.  Surely, one will be taken to a passionate haven as they engage in the rhythmic lyrics.

Listen to Marchan Noelle The Witching Hour, Streaming on Soundcloud.

MARCHAN NOELLE is an accomplished singer, guitarist, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She recently released her album THE WITCHING HOUR (ACOUSTIC) at The California Coast Road Trip Tour parallel with 100,000 Poets for Change, fundraised for charitable organizations. The 100,000 Poets for Change blog has chronicled MARCHAN NOELLE’S prolific performances and YouTube videos show many of her performances during the tour. The track from her album Mystery Man was selected featured on the Women of Substance Radio Podcast. In February, it was named 5 in the Top Indie Songs. MARCHAN NOELLE currently performs weekly at the prestigious University City Walk Hollywood. She recently established 2nd Generation, Hippie, LLC. Keep up with her music, news, and business projects by visiting her Marchan Noelle on her Official Website at

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