Independent DC Artist Duke Soundcloud Track Release Trap Alive


DC indie artist Corey Miles Brown, also known as Duke recently released Trap Alive on Soundcloud. The producer has worked with several different artists and produces all genres of music. Check out the latest collection of sounds from Duke, now streaming on Soundcloud.


Duke has been featured in blogs and radio stations around the world including international internet stations in the UK, Australia, Africa, and the Czech Republic. Fans can keep up wit hDuke on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Coast2Coast, Reverbnation, and Soundcloud.

Duke is featured on Island Def Jam Media Group’s Release New York’s Finest. The compilation is now available on iTunes.

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Nunaat Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System

Nunaat Brazilian Patauá

Nunaat Brazilian PatauáI stopped putting hair relaxer in my hair 3 years ago and also did my big chop just two years ago. My hair, which was shoulder length at the time was very damaged from a number of reasons and I got completely fed up from dealing with it. When I cut my hair shorter than a pixie, I was pretty disappointed about how little styles I could actually do with it. So, after wearing it as short curly-fro for several months I later started keeping it in cornrows and wearing my famous wigs on top. Once my hair reached a desirable length, I was able to put it in a bun and used various creams, gels, and pomades for edge control. My hair held up great for a while but this year I noticed that it became increasingly difficult to deal with.

A few months ago, I was looking for a solution that would make my hair more manageable without having to resort to relaxing my hair. I liked the idea of not applying chemicals (when I did have a relaxer I only had it done maybe twice a year because my hair is relatively soft and quite thin). Since “going natural”, my hair lacked movement, constantly stayed dry, and always looked dull. Applying all sorts of organic oils and butters only caused my face to breakout, weight my hair down, and stained my pillows horribly at night.

While shopping for beauty supplies at a local shop, I came across the Nunaat Brazilian Keratin treatment and gave it a try. After using the system, my hair was in stellar condition for about a month. I could manage to wear it in many different styles and had a good deal of movement.

In the last two months or so, my hair has started to take on a mind of its own. It is back to being completely uncooperative and as a working woman, I simply do not have the time to fight it into submission every day.

Brazilian Patauá (pronounced pa-ta-wah)

I recently had the opportunity to try out a brand new product from Nunaat called the Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System. Now before the naturals get all out of sorts, “going natural” just isn’t for everybody. I tried it, and it didn’t work so I am happy to explore new products. I was a little bit nervous about applying the relaxer but any and all anxieties left once I applied the Brazilian Patauá Oil Revitalizing Shampoo. After a single application, my hair was extremely soft.

I will say that after applying the relaxer, my hair was still very curly and I experienced a fleeting moment of disappointment, but I did like the fact that my curls were looser and they weren’t completely gone. I was just concerned that the relaxer had not done what I wanted it to do. I was wrong, I ran the blow dryer through my hair and it felt lightweight, soft, and it was very shiny.

If you are thinking about going back to a relaxer treatment, I would recommend the Nunaat Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System and here is why:

  • It does not have harsh smell.
  • It is very gentle
  • The complete system leaves the hair amazingly soft and manageable

Here is what you’ll get with the system:

  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisture Infusion No-Lye Relaxer System
  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Revitalizing Shampoo-sulfate-free
  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Moisturizing Conditioner-detangling and moisture-enhancing,
  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Shine Enhancing Thermal Protect Lotion- includes wheat proteins to protect from damage and breakage.
  • Brazilian Patauá Oil Wrap Setting Mousse (I did not use this because I heat-styled my hair with a blow-dryer after the application). This mousse can be used to create many different styles from straight to curly, roller sets, rod sets, or used for dryer sets.

Nunaat, is described as coming from the heart of the Brazilian rainforest. The brand blended together Patauá Oil and Pracaxi Oil to develop the Ultimate Hydrating Moisture Infusion Care System. The system is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9, which is no wonder the hair felt so soft after applying it.

The product is designed for a range of hair types to include textured hair that is relaxed or naturalistas looking for natural products (shampoo, conditioner, thermal enhancing protection lotion, and wrap setting mousse).


If you are interested in giving this or any other Nunaat products a try, you can find the brand at your nearest retailer by visiting the company’s website at and entering your zip code. You can also purchase products directly at

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Bigmouthben Act Like it Official Video A Motivational Banger




Bigmouthben just released his Official Music video “Act Like It” on YouTube. Directed by Norris Gresham, “Act Like It” is an inspiring song about reaching your goals. Check out Bigmouthben “Act Like It”, now streaming on YouTube…

bmbleaningmoneyBenjamin ‘Bigmouthben’ Graham’ is a recovering drug addict who turned his life around. Following a life-threatening injury, he ended up in a wheelchair and was determined not to be limited by his circumstance. Ben eventually converted his wheelchair to a snack cart and later designed a bike used to carry snacks. Having hit rock bottom and after finding himself sleeping on the streets of Atlanta, Ben was determined to improve his life. After putting in some serious work, Ben along with his lovely wife Tanya Graham are the proud owners of Bigmouthben Convenience Store, located just miles from where he once slept as a homeless person.

Using hip hop as a public speaking tool, Ben uplifts and inspires others to go for their dreams. His single “Dream Again” is currently streaming on Pandora Radio. Bigmouthben’s latest release “Act Like It” is on its way to inspire the new generation. Ben is known for overcoming adversity and has since used his story to uplift others.

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KORR-A-Everybody Get Down Official Music Video


KORR-A recently dropped her brand new single “Everybody Get Down”. Tapping her inner lyricist in the freshly released single and video, the Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter offers up another crossover, dance-worthy hit. The single is available on iTunes at

Watch KORR-A Everybody Get Down now streaming on YouTube


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Artist EsZ Releases BS (Breakfast & Sex) Your guide to a cool summer street look


Hip Hop artist EsZ just dropped another track titled BS (Breakfast & Sex). The Brooklyn-based performer spits a series of saucy lyrics over a catchy club-friendly hip hop beat with hard-hitting bass and playful sound-effects. BS is anything but, with its tongue-in-cheek delivery fit for the freaks at heart. EsZ engages listeners with salacious metaphors as he broadcasts his adventurous exploits between the sheets, telling his audience the only BS he wants is breakfast and sex.

The young artist on the rise gives fans a distinctly unfiltered performance, complete with a parental advisory stamp. Warning: EsZ delivers a wave of youthful energy and plenty of raucous on this uncensored track. Illustrating strikingly, vivid accounts with carefully organized word-play, Erron draws fans into an intriguing labyrinth that is sometimes raunchy, often mind-bending, but surprisingly amusing.


Known for his intricate rhyming patterns and witty tropes, Erron’s competence in story-telling is undoubtedly remarkable. Following a similar trail that has been blazed by earlier hip hop pioneers, EsZ has proven himself to be a diverse artist capable of maneuvering through a wide range of lyrical content without compromising his distinct style.

If you enjoy a mellow hip hop beat with subtle instrumentals with a strong focus on the lyrical content, you will enjoy taking a listen to BS (Breakfast & Sex). The track is friendly for a number of venues, including the club of course and it functions to exude familiar mass appeal.

Listen to EsZ BS (Breakfast and Sex) Now Available


EsZArtist EsZ is successfully navigating the world of music as a millennial to be reckoned with. Connecting with listeners on a personal level he produces works that are relevant to today’s young music consumer while dominating the realm of new media. Though his style has been likened to big industry names such as Kendrick Lamar, EsZ is quickly amassing his own legion of loyal fans. Having released a flurry of tracks over the last year, the music and visual virtuoso has been featured in well-known music publications and has garnered the attention of hip hop lovers worldwide.  

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Chris Cape Worth It (ft. Robsco) Official Music Video Release

Chris Cape Worth It
Chris Cape Worth It

© Chris Cape


We were super excited to hear about the latest music video release from artist Chris Cape “Worth It” featuring Robsco. Check out the video, now streaming on YouTube below!

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