e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting Powder Hide Your Dark Circles

e.l.f. cosmetics

e.l.f. cosmeticsDark circles are such a pain and they are even more of a pain if you are not sure why they have appeared. Some dark circles are caused by lack of sleep, poor diet, illness, and allergies. Other dark circles are tougher to combat and they may also be caused by heredity. The aging process may also cause dark circles to be more noticeable as the skin around the eyes thinks out and the blood vessels beneath become full and causing a blueish tint.

Personally, hereditary dark circles have been the bane of my existence along with many other things since around about puberty and hence my obsession with concealers and subsequent makeup addiction (hey, we all have our vices). The tricky thing about concealers is that in some cases, they may actually make your dark circles look worse. I have found the standard advice to “select a tone 2-3 shades lighter than your own” to be about as useful as two cucumbers placed on my eyes (hint, hint, I’m not impressed by this “home remedy”).

There is far more to selecting the best concealer that will provide a natural look than just choosing one that is “2-3 shades lighter than your own skin”. The skin is full of different undertones, and no two people are alike. There is no one-size fits all solution for concealers and what looks good one one person may look an absolute, certified, hot mess on another.  Here is a quick guide on selecting a concealer color that is best suited for your dark circles:

Red Circles-Go Green.

Dark Purple Circles-Think Pink.

Blue Circles-Hello Yellow.

Thankfully, there are several brands available that offer the above color variations for concealers.

e.l.f. offers the HD Lifting Concealer , a liquid concealer that can be used on dark circles and is also said to “hide imperfections” and give the skin a radiant appearance. Depending on your tone issues, the HD Lifting Concealer is available in 6 different shades.

Sometimes, concealer and foundation powder is just not enough to mask severe dark circles. I picked up the e.l.f. Studio Tone Correcting Powder which is supposed to balance out skin discoloration to see if it would help to improve the appearance of dark circles. The Tone Correcting Powder is supposed to help balance the complexion brightening and neutralizing tones where necessary. The powder is available in a small palette that consists of yellow, blue, green, and pink colors. They are meant to be blended together and applied at the same time. The powder goes on with a lightweight dusting and matte finish. It may not be effective for darker skin tones as it may cause a ashy veil to appear over the skin.

What do you think about e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer and the Studio Tone Correcting Powder? Share your tips and suggestions in the comments below.

Book Review-#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. NastyGal Founder Sophia Amoruso Gives Candid Insight for Future Girl Bosses

GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso Book Review

GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso Book ReviewIf you pass any woman on the street, chances are there is more to her than meets the eye. One thing I find very unique about women is our very own story. I am not talking about the stories that appeal to the outer universe or even the labels that somehow become the narratives of our lives but stories that are hidden deep down within one’s own experiences. I believe that every single girl in the world has a story that needs to be heard above all of the noise. NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso reminded me of this while spending this last week reading her book #GIRLBOSS. I found the book whilst shopping for leisure reads and couldn’t resist the peachy color and stylish cover photography. I polished off a couple of chapters of #GIRLBOSS and was immediately hooked.

Having started my first clothing line in my twenties and later opening and then quickly closing my first boutique (failure is merely a lesson to better prepare you for the future!), #GIRLBOSS was fit for the occasion as I navigate in and out of the office trenches and into business ownership.

Sophia Amoruso shares with readers her journey to owning a multi-million dollar clothing company from its infancy. Quotes like, “when you believe in yourself, other people will believe in you too” strike a harmonious chord for girls needing that extra confidence to grab life by the cojones and take some risks. After all, owning a business inherently assumes risk but, before anyone else can hop aboard the money train, you must believe in you. Business ownership is not for everyone, and Sophia makes this very clear early on in the book.

Aspiring fashionistas and future entrepreneurs will enjoy reading about Sophia’s phases in fashion as well as her stints working hourly jobs before discovering success as a vintage eBay seller. The fashion mogul shares humorous stories and cringe-worthy moments that almost any girl, at any age can relate to. One thing that readers will take away is that hard work, dedication, and persistence almost always pays and does so with handsome rewards. Readers, who may feel stuck in boring 9-5 jobs or low paying hourly positions will learn to appreciate any experiences gained in such areas that will contribute to growth in larger opportunities down the line. Sophia, who affectionately refers to her readers and fans as #GIRLBOSS, gives an unapologetic view of her life as a fashion mogul and does not bite her tongue when it comes to giving all perspectives of the experience.

In between famous quotes and visits with other powerful women in business, Sophia shares lighthearted anecdotes sprinkled with a couple of expletives here and there. In regards to entrepreneurship, Sophia serves it up to readers straight-up without any fluff. The book is an entertaining read that will keep you focused, determined, and inspired to reach your goals.

“While everyone wishes to be a self-made millionaire, self-made millionaires do not make their money alone” – MissGlitter

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Best Makeup for Selfies: Revlon PhotoReady and AirBrush Effect Airbrush and Blur Imperfections


Revlon_Photo_Ready_Glitter_and_StilettosI am still a little bit weird about #seflies and kind of think they are a huge waste of time and somewhat narcissistic. TBH I really don’t get the point of filling up an entire feed on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with selfie pics, they get kind of boring after a while and make people appear really conceited but, I digress. It seems that selfies are just not going to go away, especially if there are even songs written about them. Anywho, all this selfie stuff got me wondering…how do celebrities and makeup gurus get their Instagram photos looking so darn perfect? They seem to have the perfect glow, flawless skin, and perfect complexion. It is fascinating because when you are walking into Starbucks, riding on the bus, or shopping in the mall, most girls do not look like the picture of  perfection. So what’s the deal? Besides the many filters available to blur out imperfections, I wondered what makeup girls are using to ensure that their selfies are always on #fleek?

I scooped up some Revlon PhotoReady Powder and PhotoReady AirBrush Effect to put these two products to the test. The Revlon PhotoReady Powder is supposed to make your skin look #perfect by removing shine and smoothing the skin tone for an even appearance. There are three different shades available: Fair/Light, Light/Medium, and Medium/Deep. I am not sure if these are enough options to cover the diverse assortment of hues that women across the world have but hey! who knows?

I also grabbed some Revlon PhotoReady AirBrush Effect Liquid Makeup. This product is supposed to offer light-filtering capabilities while blurring imperfections for a luminous and flawless finish. AirBrush Effect is available in 12 different shades. Check back for our full review with pics on both of these products as we put them to the #Selfie Test!

Must Have Makeup Maybelline FITme! Matte Good Price, Great Finish


Maybelline_FitME_Glitter_and_StilettosI have been using Maybelline FITme! from time to time, experimenting with different colors and I enjoy using the product. I am definitely a fan of the liquid foundation but recently got hooked on Japonesque Luminous Foundation which I used during the summer. Since my summer hue is starting to fade a bit, I need something a bit lighter and decided switch back over to Maybelline  FITme! liquid foundation and powder for the new season. One of the toughest challenges for a #browngirl is finding just the right shade of powder with the correct undertones so that the skin does not look too light, too dark, too ashy, or too hot messy.

This time around I picked up the Maybelline FITme! Matte+ Poreless #230 Natural Buff to get my week started. This is a really great powder if you prefer a flat, matte finish. I think a matte finish works great for the fall and there is no harm in warming it up with a little bronzer when necessary. FITme! retails for just around $8 bucks and is a good powder to keep in your stash. I am not too sure about the poreless part of the product because I cannot really see my pores just yet but I do have some fine smile lines and I do not think that this product works very good to mask those so I would definitely not apply this product without using a BB cream or good moisturizer underneath to soften the skin.

The powder does not feel heavy when applied with a brush. I do not use the applicator sponge that is included with it because it goes on much heavier. The product is formulated for normal to oily skin and claims to last for up to 12 hours.

Check me out on Instagram to see what look I create with this product. #glamgirl out!



J.P. Edwards EP “Hearticulate” Now Available on iTunes Ed Sheeran Meets Iron and Wine with a Splash of JT


Artistry Entertainment Group singer and songwriter J.P. Edwards released his EP “Hearticulate”, now available on iTunes and Amazon. “Hearticulate” is a dynamic blend of pop and folk elements that when combined, introduce a fresh wave of soothing rhythms and lush harmonies. J.P. gives a heartwarming performance as he demonstrates a wide vocal range, captivating listeners on every track.  Get a sneak peek into J.P.s EP release with snippets, now streaming on YouTube.

J.P. Edwards’ latest EP release “Hearticualte” is described as, “a record for the music lover that indulges in well-written lyrics, nostalgic melodies, and appropriate soundscapes to tie the work together”.

While traveling the country with his family throughout his youth, J.P. discovered writing as a method for channeling his emotions while experiencing changing environments. Having spent a great deal of time refining his art, J.P. is known for giving an honest performance. Through his music, J.P. delivers substance, offering insightful lyrics and dealing fondly with matters of the heart. The Texas native is revered for his smooth vocal performance and innovative style. He promotes the the ideas of, “love, light, and hope”. J.P. seeks to be the voice for “those who cannot speak for themselves”. (Edwards, 2015).

In March 2015, J.P. released his single “World Tour”. His newest EP, “Hearticulate” was released on October 16th through Artistry Entertainment Group. Learn more about J.P. Edwards by checking him out at www.artistryentertainmentgroup.com


Connect with J.P. Edwards Music

Visit www.facebook.com/jpedwardsmusic

Follow on Twitter at www.twitter.com/jipdude

Happy Veteran’s Day from Glitter & Stilettos Honoring Those Who Serve Every Day



Happy Veteran’s Day to all of the heroes that have sacrificed with valiant effort to defend and protect the freedoms of our country. Growing up surrounded by the men and women who have dedicated their lives to service is a constant reminder that every day we walk among unsung heroes. Every once in a while, it is nice to know that you are appreciated and that your work is not in vain. Many people fail to realize what it takes to serve, the many things that have to be given up, the simplest of things civilians take for granted. Few can truly understand what it is like to walk in such shoes day after day and even fewer are brave enough to go forth into worlds unknown, leaving behind the comfort of loved ones to embark on adventures that eventually turn into stories of heroism and bravery etched in time. Thank you America’s servicemen and women for all that you do, you are loved and most appreciated.

L.A. Colors Bold Color Lash Mascara Plus Eyeliner Double the Fun


LA_Colors_Mascara_Glitter_and_StilettosDon’t get me wrong, I am a total makeup fanatic who loves to splurge but let’s keep it real, this girl is definitely on a budget. Launching your own business isn’t cheap and sadly neither is keeping up the high maintenance activities of nail manicures, extensions, and trendy shopping. With my busy schedule, and juggling a handful of wonderful clients, girl, ain’t nobody got time for all that, seriously.

Now, I’m not going to say that coppin’makeup from the Dollar Store is at the top of my to do list but, if they do happen to have some of the good stuff, and they often do, I will snag what I can just to keep up stock. On a recent trip to pick up some art supplies I swung by the cosmetics aisle and was enamored with the collection of nail polish and mascara available. L.A. Colors, I must say has some pretty good polish but I had never tried any of their makeup items. I found a couple double-packs of Bold Lash Mascara and Eyeliner in Jet Black and Ultra Violet that I could not pass up. For about $2 for each pack, the price could not be beat. I figured if the nail polish works decent, the mascara should too. Usually, I do not deviate from my Maybelline XXL but hey, why not live dangerously (hoping I do not get a dreaded pink-eye). In all honesty, these things can happen.

So far I have tried both the Jet Black and Ultra Violet Mascara and coordinating eyeliners, and I am pretty happy with the results. The Mascara went on smooth without irritating my eyes. It did not clump and enhanced my lengthy lashes well. I have worn both Mascara products with and without the liner and I must say without the liner is great for a simple daytime look. The eyeliner, gives a nice edge. I also blended the Jet Black Liner and Ultra Violet Liner to create a contrasting cat-eye which looked pretty cool (look for pics on Instagram).

The products are relatively small, compact and perfect for tossing in your purse for a quick fix or taking on a weekend trip in which you prefer not to lug your entire kit. The pigment in the Jet Black Liner and Mascara is great as well as the pigment on the Ultra Violet Liner. As far as the Ultra Violet Mascara goes, I would like to have seen a brighter hue to make the lashes really pop with that purplelicious goodness but, otherwise not a bad find for 2 bucks.


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NYX HD Finishing Powder High Definition Makeup




Hiding dark circles is a project all by itself. For all the girls out there who have dark circles for one reason or another, know that you are not alone. In an effort to avoid the caked-on appearance of heavy concealers, I decided it might be time to try out a lighter powder. I found the NYX HD Finishing Powder at ULTA and decided to give it a whirl. The price was great so I figured if it didn’t work well, no biggie. The trend seems to be High Definition and translucent which almost seems like a juxtaposition however, I have found some success in using some other defining products in the past such as the Revlon Photo Ready Powder. I opted for the NYX HD Finishing Powder to focus specifically around my under-eye area where my circles tend to be the most pronounced.

The NYX HD Finishing Powder is a light, translucent powder that effectively reduces the appearance of lines and pores on the skin. The powder is available in three shades including: Banana, Mint Green, and Translucent. I selected Banana as my powder of choice and immediately got to work on my dark circles.

The powder really is lightweight but it does have a matte finish. In order for dark circles to appear less noticeable, I have found that there needs to be some illumination happening. Though the finishing powder did have a flat, dull appearance, it went on smooth and did not weigh down my skin or clog up my pores. I would compare the product to dusting a light layer of baby powder on your face. If the matte look is not something you are going for you, you can always brighten it up with some shimmer powder. The matte finish however, does reduce the appearance of fine lines around on the face to give a softer appearance.

I would definitely recommend this finishing powder for anyone looking to soften those tiny smile lines around the mouth but, for combating dark circles, definitely go for some added glitter, shimmer, and shine.

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder Gorgeous Glow-Flawless Finish




On my latest trip to ULTA, I picked up a few goodies to get my skin ready for fall. One of the sweetest finds that I came across was the Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder. I knew instantly that I needed to try this powder because I had been wanting to illuminate some areas on my face that had fallen victim to summer breakouts and subsequent scarring. I have no problem using bronzer year-round. In fact, I encourage it. The problem with most bronzers however is that they are poorly made. All too often I find myself disappointed in how pasty or overly pigmented bronzers seem to appear. The Illuminated Shimmering Powder by Urban Decay is lightweight and made for use on the face or body.

There are 3 options available for Illuminated and they are: Aura, Lit, and Luminous. I selected Lit because it was closest to my complexion. With so many different undertones, it can be hard to locate the right powder throughout the year. The product is packaged in a shimmery box with rose-gold design, metallic lettering, and includes a mirror and applicator brush. There is plenty of powdered packed into the 0.2 oz box so I imagine that it will last for quite some time unless you are like me and use it every single day.

Illuminated goes on smooth without leaving a caked on residue. After a light application, I noticed that my skin took on a healthy, natural-looking glow. I use the powder on top of my blush to give it a nice sun-kissed look. This is hands down the best illuminating powder I have used and I would highly recommend it as a must have makeup staple. I may be tossing out several bum-bronzers that I have picked up along the way if not re-purposing them for other color-combo projects.

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Who is Rebecca Berman New Talk Show The Cooler


Rebecca_Berman_ReporterRebecca Berman is an on-camera lifestyle reporter, video producer and blogger.  Her new show, The Cooler, is in production to be a national television broadcast in 2016.

But who is Rebecca Berman? Well, here is a little tidbit on this budding star…

After graduating with a degree in Communications from American University, Rebecca worked as a production assistant. Cocktail, Arthur on the Rocks and Masquerade are just of the movies she worked on. Rebecca spent most of her post graduation time at MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon. She helped produce elaborate events such as the VMAs, Movie Awards and the after parties for the VH1 Awards. She also worked behind the scenes to plan the launch party for MTV Asia.

After seven years in the entertainment industry, Rebecca decided to slow it down and raise her family. She began a career as a Real Estate agent; where she is still currently thriving in the tri state area.

Her temporary hiatus from the entertainment field did not last. Utilizing her creative personality and production skills, Rebecca landed a local job as a lifestyle reporter on a weekly news show The Local Live. She has reported stories on diverse topics ranging from local restaurants and bars to waste management and Veterans. With Veteran’s Day coming, watch this incredible, award nominated video:

Her new talk show, The Cooler, is a fun, upbeat spin on your regular talk show. She has celebrities, pro sports players and chefs on the show. You never know what will come out of the cooler. She has appeared on CBS’s The Better Show, Bronx Net TV and has been featured in the famous LOHUD paper. There will be  so much more to read about this beautiful lady.

Along the way, Rebecca was introduced to veteran comedian Stacey Prussman. The chemistry between them both was unimaginable. The chemistry and character of these two women was such a hit, they decided to launch a new podcast together. It has been an instant success.

Here is the first episode of the Berman-Prussman Prussman-Berman Show. Special guest is Dion Flynn, who has appeared on Jimmy Fallon over 60 times. He is highly known as Obama on NBC television.

To keep up to date with Rebecca, her recent celebrity interviews, The Cooler and the new podcast, follow her at the following links: