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The Rocking45s Band

The Nasty on The Rockin45s and their Single ‘Love Song’


The Rockin45s BandWhat do you get when you mix the classic sounds of the Eagles with a dash of Kid Rock’s brazen lyrical prowess? Let us introduce you to the Rockin45s, a band that really needs no introduction at all unless of course you have been living on some isolated island in the middle of nowhere. the Rockin45s is a lively band that not only sparks the party with popular cover songs but, they are also known for delivering their own variety of foot-tapping, finger-snapping original music. For over 11 years, the band has been a staple in the party scene, appealing to a broad scope of audiences who enjoy a wide range of musical genres and styles. While on a steady roll, with no intentions of taking a break, the Rockin45s have released their latest song and video ‘Love Song’ which is already creating a major buzz online.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the release of ‘Love Song’ is a surprising twist to the constant musings of hopeless romantics that are often a bore or just plain unrealistic. Getting down to the nitty gritty, the Rockin45s hold no reservations with this envelope-pusher, while bearing it all. If you thought Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ made the ladies sweat, and wiggle with delight,  you absolutely must take a listen to ‘Love Song’. You might be left with your mouth agape feeling a tiny bit uncomfortable or possibly titillated. Afterall, great love songs tend to have that effect, do they not?

The song has an infectious rock feel to it with a lazy country ambiance but, it is also a fun and weightless listen; perfect for a party after everyone has had a few drinks. Although the band has been rocking the party for over a decade; they bring a certain breath of youthfulness and invincible rebellion to their music. Because of this, the song screams of mass appeal. Even though the band incorporates many of the conventions of rock into their music, it is evident that they have spearheaded their own unique sound.

The song lyrics follow the flow of a country song but, they are piping hot! The band tells us “This ain’t no love song; this is a let’s do the nasty on the rug song”. Early on, we are more than aware of where this song is going. Although the lyrics border along the lines of risqué, they are delivered in such a candid way that it is impossible not to relate. The Rockin45s provide a realistic look into the minds and thoughts of men and women who are often blinded by romanticism and fairytale depictions of love and force them to keep it real.

Bands, like the Rockin45s are the ones who inspire 15-year-old boys to pick up guitar lessons or, form garage bands with their friends. With the vibe of an 80s hair band, and the energy of a new age rock crew; the band which hails from Farmingville, New York currently has the Country, Rock, and Pop Charts locked down in the Number 1 Position on Reverbnation. The band consists of Matt Nappo on Guitar, Mike Scarione on Vocals, Mike Barone on Drums, and Bill Capozzi on Bass. Known for their energetic sound, and flawless covers of chart topping classics, the members each bring years of experience to their collaboration. affectionately known as “America’s Favorite Party Band”, the members cite musical influences such as Led Zepplin, The Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, and many others. Learn more about the Rocking45s on their official website

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