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Darcy Jeavons

“If You Were Mine”, the Latest Song from Singer-Songwriter Darcy Jeavons Soars Up the Charts


Darcy Jeavons


A star shines brightly…

When it comes to enlightening music, few stars have the ability to remain a permanent fix, shining their energy and light with brilliant radiance. Ever so often a shooting star in the form of a new artist bolts past, leaving fans just as quickly as he or she arrived, satisfying for only  a short time, the need for positive and encouraging music. All too often these artists are overshadowed by iconic representations of entertainment that are sometimes difficult to embrace,  hard to understand, and in all honestly shallow. Listeners who turn to music in search of deeper meaning gravitate toward the artist whose sound, message, and delivery are luminous; the artist that clearly utilizes music to feed the soul. It is this artist who becomes a mainstay in our listening device; this is the artist that we tell all of our friends about because, they are indeed brilliant.

Meet Darcy Jeavons

Singer-Songwriter Darcy Jeavons is one such star that will be illuminating the music scene for a long time to come. Hailing from Southern California, the artist who received her B.A. in Music from the Cole Conservatory at California State, Long Beach is poised to set the precedence for a new generation of contemporary recording artists and musicians. Her latest single “If You Were Mine” exemplifies Darcy’s longstanding relationship with music, her progression as an artist, and her ability to deliver thought-provoking content to music fans who are longing to find meaningful messages.

With the emotional power of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings”, and the intense vocals of Celine Dion, Darcy Jeavons’ latest song “If You Were Mine” is a powerful expression of faith and love. Her vocal quality conveys beautifully in the track alongside the instrumental accompaniment. The song itself was written as a live acoustic work but later evolved into a fuller sounding production with the assistance of co-producer Steve Lucier, who Jeavons said “added his special touch” to the record. While the musical arrangement leaves a strong impression, it is not overpowering, it is just the right combination of instrumentals to compliment the vocals and deliver a fresh, uplifting sound.

Intertwined with Darcy’s infectious vocals on “If You Were Mine”, is Darcy’s songwriting which meets the caliber of Grammy award-winning artists such as Barbara Streisand and Linda Rondstadt. The lyrics are not only captivating, but they are filled with all of the passion and soul needed to create a musical timepiece, a work of art that goes beyond the boundaries of time. Jeavons’ songwriting is inspiring and most importantly hopeful. “If You Were Mine”, is a breathtaking production that is a must have for adult contemporary and pop music lovers. While this single is just a taste of what Darcy has to offer, she does have an extensive catalog available for your listening pleasure. Listen to “If You Were Mine” now available on SoundCloud. Check out more tunes from Darcy on Reverbnation where is she is currently ranked in the Top 10 Charts for Adult Contemporary Music.

Darcy Jeavons was introduced to music at a very young age. Having learned to play the guitar, she began songwriting at the age of 10. Darcy is known for sharing her passion for music in various venues including sports arenas. She has performed the National Anthem at numerous professional sporting events. While working on crafting her sound, Darcy also gives back by teaching guitar and leading worship locally. She has expanded her reach collaborating with many different artists, musicians, and producers nationally and internationally. Darcy is currently working on a Music Production Certificate with Boston Based Berklee College of Music. Keep an eye out for Darcy Jeavons and, learn more about her on

Music with a message

We love Darcy Jeavons! She is a woman on a mission and has many powerful words to share with the world, so take a listen. Join the initiative on Facebook for “I Am Gonna Tell”, a song written by Darcy Jeavons, with lead vocals by Alani Claire, also featured on Woman of Substance Radio.

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